Best 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saw Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

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Sliding miter saws are the perfect tool to make accurate cross-cuts in a matter of seconds. They make your sawing experience much faster and smoother. If you’re one for DIY home projects or often work on renovations, you should invest in a 7 ¼ sliding miter saw.

The market is flooded with options to overwhelm buyers, which is why we have researched and prepared a guide with the best 7 ¼ sliding miters saw reviews and how to go about selecting them. 

How To Select A Sliding Miter Saw

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before buying a sliding miter saw. Let us look at some of the standard deciding features.


Depending upon the project you’re taking on, you may require different levels of accuracy. In general, higher accuracy gives better results.

The only reason people may choose to go for less accurate models is the price. Higher accuracy miter saws may break your bank. If your work doesn’t require incredible accuracy, a cheaper model may do the job.

Some saws also feature laser guides, making them more accurate.


While we all prefer more durable products, you should first evaluate an expense like this. Durable models are usually heavier and more costly. 

If you plan on using your saw every other day, it makes sense to spring for an expensive miter saw. However, if you will not be using it very often, there won’t much wear and tear. In such cases, a less durable model will also serve the purpose, saving you some money.


If you plan to take up more extensive, more complicated jobs, you will need a robust and high-quality motor. 

A miter saw with less than 15 amps of power will work perfectly fine for more casual projects.

Dust Collection

Most of the sliding miter saws come with a dust collector. It helps minimize the dust flying around. This way, your workstation remains clean, and there is no breathing hazard.

The dust is forced down into a basket in these models, making for a hassle-free cleaning process. 

Certain products come with air-blowing hoses. While these are effective in cleaning the workspace, they will end up creating a mess around it.  


If you’ll be using your sliding miter saw on the go, you need one that is lightweight and you can carry around without much hassle. 

Lightweight models, however, tend to be less durable. Depending upon requirements, you will have to decide if you want a sliding miter saw that is portable or one that is durable.

Cutting Ability

If you’re looking for a saw that gives precise cuts at various angles, you’ll need a sliding miter saw with positive stops. 

Stops are predesignated positions on the miter saw. The manufacturer and aid preset them in making precise cuts while simultaneously saving time spent readjusting. 

You should also look out for saws that lock well. It will ensure that the material you cut stays put and hence give cleaner cuts. 

Blade Size

There are no adjustments for saw blade sizes after you purchase. Each saw is for a specific blade size, so be careful when buying your sliding miter saw. 

While bigger blades make deeper cuts and are quicker, they are fragile compared to smaller blades. They also take up more storage space. 

Some other features to look out for are lasers, digital displays, and dual bevels. However, these are secondary characteristics. Your final decision should base on your requirements and budget.

Advantages of 7 ¼ Sliding Miter Saw

Let us look at the benefits of using a 7 ¼ Sliding Miter Saw.


Sliding miter saws help in making sleek cuts at a fast pace. Their high-quality blades can cut through thick pieces within seconds.

Multiple Angles

These saws allow you to make various kinds of angled cuts on your workpiece, unlike standard saws that require additional tools.

Ease of Usage

Sliding Miter saws are not just versatile but incredibly smooth and easy to use. Even beginners will not need much time to master this skill.


With sliding miter saws, you can make precision cuts. No matter the material at hand, these saws will give you accurate cuts at all times.

Purpose of a 7 ¼ Sliding Miter Saw

You can use a sliding miter saw broadly for three kinds of cuts; regular cross-cuts, angled cuts, and bevel & compound angle cuts.

Regular Cross-cuts

Sliding miter saws do a great job of making regular cuts. That is because they are compelling and stable. They can easily be set on a workbench without worrying about them falling.

They are also very easy to line up. Some saws come with laser guides to show you where the blade will cut the board. Slider saws are also advantageous when it comes to cutting very wide boards.

Angled Cuts

Angled cuts are typically known as miter cuts. The angle is formed by turning the saw to one side or the other. Sliding Miter Saws can generally move around 50 degrees to the left or right. However, the range may change depending upon the blade and cut you are trying to make.

Angled cuts are great for woodworking projects. When building furniture, you may have to miter some boards together. 

Trimming, too, requires angled cuts. Other DIY projects such as flooring will need you to use the sliding miter saw and cut things and angles.

Bevel & Compound Angle Cuts

Bevel and compound angle cuts are made by turning the saw to either side and then angling the path of the cut. These cuts are superb for complex angles. 

These are not required very often, but whenever you need to make such cuts, your sliding miter saw will be of great use.

Precautions While Using A 7 ¼ Sliding Miter Saw

While using a sliding miter saw, there are a few tips to keep in mind for a safe experience. 

  1. Always wear eye protection, such as safety goggles, to keep dust and fragments off of your eyes. 
  2. Keep the sliding miter saw and accessories away from your skin. Wear gloves at all times.
  3. If working for longer durations, use hearing protection. 
  4. Put on masks or respirators if you’re involved in demolition work or grinding. It ends up producing airborne debris. 
  5. Never let power tools come in contact with water. It may lead to electric shocks.
  6. When using demolition hammers or hammer drills, take frequent breaks. Always use both hands and wear cushioned gloves.

Best 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saw Reviews

Let us examine the features, pros, and cons of the best 7 ¼ sliding miter saws. 

1 DEWALT 20V MAX 7-¼-Inch Miter Saw, Cordless

DEWALT 20V MAX 7-¼-Inch Miter Saw, Cordless

This DeWalt tool is a cordless model and boasts a substantial 20 volts lithium-ion battery. It is pretty lightweight – just 36 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and store. 

It is very convenient and easy to use. The LED lighting improves visibility, making it simple to use when cutting. The saw also has a miter detent plate made of stainless steel, which has ten positive stops and is fully adjustable. They ensure accuracy and increase productivity.  

This saw houses a large bevel scale that makes it easy to adjust and get the perfect bevel angle. It also comes with a dust collector to keep your surroundings fresh and make cleaning up easier. 

It comes with a cam locked miter handle for speed and accuracy. The saw’s machine base has fenced support for enhanced durability and accurate cuts.

The miter saw also comes with an integrated XPS cross-cut positioning system so that you will not have to keep adjusting the cut line for visibility. It also ensures that you can make cross cuts with complete accuracy.


  • Oversized bevel makes bevel angle adjustment simpler
  • Lightweight and compact making it easy to store and carry
  • Cordless
  • Improved visibility due to a cross-cut positioning system
  • Improved cutting accuracy with supportive fence
  • Improved accuracy due to integrated XPS cross-cut positioning system


  • No laser
  • Needs charging

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2 Ryobi 10 Amp 7 ¼ Sliding Miter Saw

Ryobi 10 Amp 7 ¼ Sliding Miter Saw

This Ryobi miter saw is a small tool that packs a powerful punch. You can work with all materials like baseboard and crown moldings with this compact saw. 

It can make miter cuts up to an angle of 45 degrees. You can also use the saw for a single angle is seen is a single bevel saw, so you will have to fix the workpiece each time.

The see-through blade is pretty advantageous as you can see your cut line for enhanced accuracy. 

Another stunning feature is the LED light. It is perfect for those who work in insufficient lighting or struggle with poor eyesight. The saw comes with a horizontal as well as vertical handle.

The price is modest, making this saw an excellent pick for those who want to use a miter saw for hobbies.

However, this saw may not work well for left-handed users.


  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • It comes with a dustbag, hex keys, and clamp
  • LED light for improved visibility
  • Easily accessible depth adjustment


  • Only suitable for right-handed users

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3 CRAFTSMAN V20 7-¼-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Kit

CRAFTSMAN V20 7-¼-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Kit

This sliding miter saw comes with an unbelievable engine capacity of 3,800 revolutions per minute. You can use it to cut baseboards, hardwoods, two-dimensional wood, and other trimming purposes.

The edges of this saw are very sharp and give highly accurate cross-cuts. This saw can cut at angles of 45 degrees up to  90 degrees. 

This Craftsman sliding miter saw also comes with an LED light. It is the perfect machine to precisely cut lines due to it being pretty lightweight.

It has dual polished steel rails that enable the saw to make cross-cuts as wide as 8 inches. The saw is powered by a 20V MAX 4 ampere-hours high-capacity lithium-ion battery.

The battery life of this cordless saw is quite impeccable. The saw is capable of making up to 585 cuts through a 3 ¼-inch MDF baseboard before its battery runs out. The fast charger replenishes the battery within an hour. 

You will find a battery, a charger, a carbide-tipped blade, a blade wrench, a dust bag, and a material clamp within the saw kit. 


  • Cordless
  • Side carry handles
  • Intense engine
  • Lightweight
  • Three years limited warranty
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Not suitable for extensive construction

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4 DEWALT DCS361M1 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw

DEWALT DCS361M1 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw

Coming from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the construction world, this DeWalt saw has a professional level of quality. 

This saw includes a battery that’s so powerful; it can give up to 275 cuts of 3 ¼-inch pine baseboard. The battery is a 20-volt lithium-particle battery. 

It is a very easy-to-use tool. The framework is inventive, and the miter saw has positive stops. These stops are flexible, exact, and the switch moves quickly. 

This saw is not very lightweight, but it is pretty safe. The hard plastic composes the cutting edge protector.

Some may find that the hand grasp is not well padded, but other than that, it is an ideal choice for use around the house.


  • Cordless engine
  • Long battery life
  • Compact and portable
  • Smooth and precise
  • Progressed XPS cross-cut 


  • Hand grasp not padded well enough

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5 Evolution Power Tools R185SMS+ 7-1/4”

Evolution Power Tools R185SMS+ 7-1/4

This Evolution Sliding Miter Saw is great for lighter projects. It comes with a 20-tooth multi-material cutting sharp edge. It is incredibly lightweight and is ideal for any kind of material.

This saw’s cutting limit is up to 6 millimeters thick, and it works on hardwood, pine, wood, plastic, aluminum, and even hardened steel. 

The laser detection guide offers exact cuts that are also relatively accurate. This saw is perfect for smooth sliding and movability. 

The slope can tilt up to 45 degrees with great precision. The ergonomic trigger works well for both right-handed people as well as left-handed users. 

The saw boasts of an incredible 10-ampere Hi-torque motor along with an advanced cutting-edge framework gearbox. 


  • Maximum cross-cut limit up to 2×8 inches
  • A dual side rail system
  • 80-ampere power
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • Ideal for framing cuts and crown molding
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Not stable

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Summing Up

The DEWALT 20V MAX 7-¼-Inch Miter Saw is the top pick for the best 7 ¼ sliding miters saw 2022. It is a highly smooth and efficient tool to use and to use is portable yet very powerful. 

The LED lighting and the XPS cross-cut positioning system ensure precise cuts right where you want them. It is also a very stable machine. The positive stops are another advantageous feature that provides better control and precision. 

It is also a very durable miter saw that comes with a cam lock miter handle for accuracy. The dust collector is another added perk that makes your life all the more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Can I use a Miter saw to cut laminate flooring?

Cutting laminate flooring may seem a little intimidating, but it is not all that complicated. You can use a miter saw to do the job. It is the ideal tool since it can make accurate 90-degree cuts or any other angle, for that matter. 

All you need to do is make a mark on the laminate, and the miter saw will do the rest of the job. Remember to ensure that the blade size is sufficient to cut the width of the laminate in one go.

For cutting laminate flooring, you can use both sliding and non-sliding miter saws.

Question 2: Are cordless miter saws worth it?

Cordless miter saws are pretty helpful. The best part about them is that they are portable. If you like to keep your miter saw handy, cordless ones are the ideal pick for you. 

They are just as powerful as corded saws. They can make equally deep and precise cuts without having to be plugged in. 

Cordless miter saws are also pretty safe. You do not have to worry about accidents from messy cables flying around.   

Question 3: How do you use a miter saw for beginners?

When using a miter saw, take all necessary precautions and follow these steps:

  1. Measure your boards and make marks. Draw a straight line where you want to cut.
  2. Push the boards against the fence. Hold the piece with one hand away from the blade.
  3. Bring down the blade to ensure that the kerf is on the other side of the piece you want to use. Do NOT push the trigger at this point.
  4. When you are content with the placement, lift the blade back up and press the trigger. Hold back till the saw reaches its full speed.
  5. Gently lower the blade and move it through the board to make the cut. 
  6. Once you reach the end of your cut, release the trigger. Please do NOT lift the blade back up till it has stopped entirely.

Voila, the job is done!

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