Top 8 Best Benchtop Planers [2020-2021] – Buyer’s Guide

Best Benchtop Planers 2021

Anyone can easily acquire some wooden pieces from a nearby store, fix legs on it, and claim to have made a table for their home. However, a skilled individual who is looking forward to a professional look at their furniture can recognize the critical role that a benchtop planer plays in their workshop.

Whether you use your benchtop thickness planer on a daily bases or only during a rainy Sunday, your main objective is to have a smooth surface on your wood. Our listed best benchtop thickness planer, can not only save you thousands of dollars from hiring an industrial planer at obviously escalated costs but also achieve your work perfection happily.

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Top 8 Best Benchtop Planers Reviews (2020-2021)

1. DEWALT DW735X 13-Inch Two Speed Benchtop Thickness Planer

Best Benchtop Planers

The DEWALT DW735X 13 is designed mainly for professional planer workers. It comes at relatively higher prices that range from $ 600 to $700, thus reflecting the superior quality services it offers from its advanced features.

One of the most attractive characteristics of this best benchtop planer is that it has an adjustable speed, thus giving you exclusive control of your planning task. For instance, you can easily change the feed speed, thus optimizing the cut-rate to around 96 and 179 CPI.

This benchtop thickness planer comes with a 13-inch width capacity and 6 inches for that of depth capacity. The extra-large depth turret allows to reshuffle back to the most constant thickness used. Great for you. Isn’t it?

Having three knives cutters, the DE Walt has its knives designed to last longer due to the durable materials used in making them. These knives are easy to replace when a need arises. It comes with a powerful 15 amp motor that makes over 20,000 revolutions per minute.

However, for the safety measures, a reliable protection cover is installed, which has an automatic carriage lock that restricts any movements unless when in use. The DW735X leads on the list as the best Benchtop planer, mainly due to its adjustable speed and free from spinning effects.

However, this best benchtop planer for fine woodworking is quite expensive, but high quality services are guaranteed. Most of our customers who bought cheaper planes have always expressed interest in paying an extra amount but get quality work outcomes.

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2. WEN 6552T Benchtop Thickness Planer

Best Benchtop Planers 2020

If you place excellent value for a benchtop thickness planer, then the WEN 6552 13 inch is for you. It has a 15 Amp motor that makes over 25,500 cuts per minute, thus increasing its efficiency significantly.

Another fantastic feature about this device is that you can adjust its cut depth from 0 inches to 3/32 of an inch. Moreover, the fan-assisted dust pole can effectively remove sawdust and clips from your workplace, thus maintain clean working conditions. The carbon steel double-edged blades ensure smooth cutting on both sides simultaneously.

For smoother finishes, the granite table is designed in such a way never to warp. Additionally, the durable materials used to make the granite table ensure it can last for an extended period without necessitating replacement. This best benchtop wood planer has received exceptionally positive reviews from our customers, particularly from its affordable pricing.

However, a few individuals have raised concerns about it having chipped blades and snipping occasionally. The machine gives back your money value hence more suitable for infrequent /casual users rather than for professional workshops.

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3. DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer

Best Benchtop Planers 2021

Due to its superior quality services, such as being user-friendly, this wood planer has received excellent reviews from our customers. It produces the smoothest surfaces that don’t require any further sanding procedure.

Its three cutting knives do make it not only the unique benchtop planer but also the most efficient thickness planer you can get in the market. Out feet, tables play a significant role in snipping prevention, not to mention the extra-long cutter head that uses the lock head mechanism, thus eliminating snipping.

Additionally, the reversible knife-edges make it possible to cut through the entire wood before you can think of changing. A great deal. Isn’t it? Although this machine is quite heavy, weighing about 80lbs, it is possible to take it with you to your working place comfortably.

It has firm handling extensions, thus making it comfy to work. The only drawback of the machine it’s quite noisy, but for sure the nature of the work involved deserves it. Always wear noise protectors while in a noisy environment.

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4. WEN 6550T Benchtop Planer – Best Value

best affordable benchtop planer

The WEN 6550 has significantly lower prices as compared above models. This top rated benchtop thickness planer has multiple noteworthy features, such as having a granite feed table.

Such a high quality table guarantees you of a durable, smooth, and wear-free surface with an excellent outcome such as leaving not even a trace of a mark on your woods or boards.

Its fan aided dust pot ensures dust and other shavings come out quickly and well-directed in a single direction, thus making cleaning much more comfortable. Although blades are quite sturdy, they usually have a shorter lifespan, and sometimes they develop chipping, particularly when cutting relatively harder woods.

Although this best affordable benchtop planer weighs almost the same with De Walt (roughly 80lbs.), its design makes it more of a hobbyist than professional, thus making it suitable for Saturday afternoon worker who does like spending on their wooden projects.

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5. Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Benchtop Planer

best benchtop planer reviews

The Makita 2012NB 12-Inch is another best benchtop thickness planer. Just like the first pick, this too gathers high reviews, mainly due to its quick set up.

It is quite less noisy as compared to the DE Walt machine as many people positively commend about its low noise levels. Again it is less bulky as compared to the first one, weighing 62 lbs. And this makes it sincerely portable.

Note this benchtop wood planer has both the reversible, cutter locking mechanism as well as disposable blades. It has received positive comments from its exceptional build display, although criticized too, mainly due to minor sniping issues.

Remember, optimum care is required when handling the machine to avoid machine breaking immediately after delivery. Some customers had complained of machine arriving already broken when they bought it online.

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6. PORTER-CABLE PC305TP Bench-top Planer

Best Benchtop Planers

Although there is no such problem with this model, Porter-Cable PC305TP isn’t that much liked by many people. It has two reversible knives much portable since it weighs only 62lbs.

However, it has the lowest RPMs and relatively fewest cuts per minute, ranging from 8,000 to 16,000, respectively. So far, no one has complained about its finish quality. However, it is known to throws dust almost everywhere.

This benchtop wood planer is quite less expensive and ranked among the best. The only downside about it is that many argue that it’s particularly suited for hobbyists who have little or no experience and can tolerate the snipe generated.

It requires optimum attentiveness to avoid producing snipes. Perfect for the weekend woodworker who won’t care much about flawless precisions and is much willing to trade at that lover price tag.

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7. Cutech 40200H-CT 13″ Spiral Cutterhead Planer – Professional Model

best benchtop planer fine woodw

The Benchtop planer has exclusively all features that a professional woodworker would look for in their workshop. Well equipped with a 15 Amp motor and for heavy duty guide poles and addition of two more heavy duty screw posts that supplements its stability when in use.

It weighs around 88 lbs. That also adds to its durability as it seats on solid rock as you work. The cutter head snipe rocks, as well as the internal gears, ensure you can adjust its height for efficient usability.

The infeed and outfeed tables are particularly important when planning longboards. Moreover, it comes with a uniquely designed spiral cutter that has 26 double-sided tips that created the most effective dust and sawdust removal mechanism.

Note these tips are easy to swap and also changeable when a need arises, such as getting damaged. Definitely, for the best Benchtop Planer, the Cutect 40200H-CT is the best choice for you.

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8. Delta Power Tools 22-555 Benchtop-Planer

Benchtop Planers Reviews 2020

This benchtop planer, the Delta Power Tools, is a perfect standard machine for fine woodworking. It comes with two disposable knives that are not only easy to change but also dual-edged.

It has over 18,800 cuts per minute, thus making it an efficient machine as compared to other planers. It weighs about 58 lbs, which makes it the most portable and lightest benchtop wood planer on the list.

this best benchtop planer for fine woodworking works much efficiently with pinewood, but in the case with harder woods, it struggles to pull through the wood to the feeder.

Snipping is quite huge, particularly on harder woods, thus forcing you to put additional feeder tables to eliminate the problem. It has an incredibly low noise level.

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Benchtop Planers Reviews

The Best Benchtop Planers Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for professional and high quality woodworking projects? If yes, then acquiring a planer is something you ought to be very keen on.

Although almost all benchtop wood planer you find in your local lumberyard can plane your woods, remember having fun in your work plays a significant role in your work satisfaction. Below are some of the factors you ought to consider before purchasing your Benchtop planer.

The portability of the machine.

From the above reviews, all of our planers are relatively lighter and weighing from 58 to 80 lbs. This makes the machine more portable from your truck to the job site comfortably or from the backyard to the garage. Easily to install or already bolted on a wooden slap.  You can easily customize your planer table to additional features like wheels. However, remember if you bolt it on a heavy to lift tables such as stones, then you reduce its portability, and it is, therefore, to consider buying a lighter surface to operate on.

The machine cutting depth.

All of our machines have the best and deepest cutting depths ranging from 3/32’’ and 1/8’’ with our best planer exceeding these standard depths. However, you can decide not to use the maximum cutting depths to avoiding snipping like a hood. Remember, the deeper the cut, the smoother the surface, so if you are confident with deeper cuts, the better. Additionally, the cutter head locking mechanism not only makes your work faster but also eliminates snipes virtually.

Dust discharge direction.

Best Benchtop Planer 2020Remember, dust is a must while working on wood projects. However, the issue is how your planer can assist you to curb this trouble. For instance, most of our planer comes with a fan aided dust port that makes easier to vane the dust in a particular direction. However, if your planer does have such a feature, you can buy additional attachments such as dust hoses and hoods.

Wood Feed rate.

It means the number of wood that the benchtop planer can handle correctly within a minute and determined according to the measurements you recorded say either in minutes or feet. For the maximum planer, it can complete approximately 28ft per minute while the slowest 24 ft per minute. It is equally important to note that the slower the placer, the more accurate and smoother the finish outcomes, thus saving you any extra time for sanding.


Remember, each planer has a different finish outcome from others. Some will give you only a standard. A better planer should provide the best quality services in the market, thus minimizing the sanding time and resources.

The nature of your work. Is it for work or fun?

Some planer is particularly suitable for hobbyist while others for professional woodworkers. Depending on your taste, choose the appropriate planer that won’t betray you latter one during your woodwork experience.

The machine outfeed or infeed?

The infeed and outfeed tables are very crucial on your planer since it holds in place the wood as it enters or leaves the planer. For instance, extended tables on both sides can significantly reduce sniping unless if you are unnecessary wiling to rig out your schedule. In simple terms, go for that planer with longer our feed and in feed surfaces.


Yes, your Benchtop planer must have at least two knives and three in exceptional planers. Most blades are changeable and disposable; thus, no worrying about their lifespan and flipping is as easy as drinking water. Remember, an expert is required to sharpen these blades, so no need to try to sharpen them by yourself.

Motor speed.

Most of our Benchtop planers can operate on either slower and the faster speed. The slower rate produces a much smoother finish surface, although you can spend more time on the same project, unlike the faster rare.

Noise level production.

There are two choices available, loud and louder. Since these machines deal with hardwood materials, much power is required, and this is the reason for much noise production. As stated earlier, always ensure you wear ear protection devices, although neighbors or nearby people can appreciate quite models.


The more powerful the planer, the better it is. Note a powerful benchtop planer for fine woodworking can handle almost any type of wood, not just the soft ones like the pine alone. For instance, a hesitating motor won’t result in a smooth finish. All our planers have over 15Amp engines with the ability to generate RPNs, which ranges from 8,000 to about 10,000.

Size of boards

Almost all of our Benchtop planers can create an 11-13 full ft. And six deep. It, therefore, means that you can handle several boards simultaneously without waiting every time. To avoid work duplicity, always mark the surface that has already been smoothening using your marking systems.

Final Verdict About Benchtop Planer

Remember, even professional benchtop planers sometimes experience problems to maintain a consistent cut on the entire board. Snipe results in annoying deeper cuts, particularly on the trailing board edge.

Some of the reasons that cause snipe to occur is a poorly supported board either when entering or leaving the planer, especially in an angled direction. To minimize or avoid these snipes, always ensure the board is well held and perpendicular to the cutting knives. But our listed best benchtop planer of 2020 will give you smooth woodworking experience for sure.

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