Top 7 Best Cabinet Table Saw of 2021

Best Cabinet Table SawAre you aware that choosing the right cabinet table saw can be hard to make? Especially, you must make some informed decisions before purchasing your equipment. Although it isn’t that there are a million options for cabinet table saws, but the fact is that most options are look-alike, whether the high and low-quality gears, thus making it hard to differentiate between them. Remember, only the high-quality cabinet saws can offer excellent wood cutting services to severe woodworkers.

Yes, a legit cabinet table saws should offer high-quality performance, stable services, and for a long time. As a professional woodworker, you need a piece of equipment that can cut through the thickest wood pieces without straining even at all.

Best Cabinet Table SawsBesides, a high-quality cabinet table saw doesn’t produce unnecessary vibration that would otherwise make it difficult to work with it all day long. When you keep that in mind and the cost of the cabinet table saws, you must come up with an informed purchasing decision before materializing such a worthwhile investment.

Your main goal is to own a saw that matches your wood cutting requirements and doesn’t cause unanticipated challenges. Keeping that in mind, we have picked the top 7 cabinet table saws for your woodwork site you can buy today. Now, could you be looking for the overall best cabinet table saw in our list, then it is none other than the SawStop cabinet table saw. The good news about this cabinet table saw is that it is a perfect option for both craftsmen and hobbyists. Besides, the SawStop cabinet saw (a 3 HP cabinet saw) offers excellent performance and an excellent safety system that ensures maximum safety when in use.

Top 7 Cabinet Saws you can purchase today

Best Cabinet Table Saws 2021


  1. SawStop PCS31230-TGP252

SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet SawThe SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 features a three-horsepower motor, thus making it the most potent cabinet table saw. Besides, it the quieter model amongst the mid-range cabinet table saws in the market. It includes a 52-inch certified T-Glide fence system made from high-grade steel metal that offers an expansive working surface and accurate measurements. You can also use it together with your eight-inch dado sets and even the ten-inch standard blade. The saw also features a brainy safety system that can detect when the skin is in contact with the blade, causing it to stop automatically. Besides, the presence of aluminum brakes further minimizing the severe impact of injuries. Whether you are looking forward to customizing your SawStop, the presence of high-quality accessories available for this model makes it easy to customize. For instance, the availability of the overarm dust collection system makes it possible for your SawStop to efficiently trap and evacuate fine dust particles that would otherwise interfere with your breathing. This dust collection system is 99% effective in collecting any dust below and above the table. Besides, the optional integrated mobile base makes it very easy to move with your SawStop to the various work site. The SawStop operates in a 220-volt power source, which is the standard power supply in most workshops.


  • Makes the most accurate woodcuts.
  • Has an intelligent safety mechanism
  • Easy to customize


  • It is among the most expensive cabinet table saw
  • Demands you purchase other useful but expensive accessories.
  1. The Powermatic 1792001K PM2000

Powermatic 1792001K PM2000, 3HP 1PH Table SawThe Powermatic 1792001K PM2000 also qualifies to join the top 7 best cabinet table saws list. It includes a 3 HP motor (a 1-phase) with an Accu-fence system and a route-R lift. The Accu-fence is an innovation in the market, and also its large body design makes this saw an exceptional woodwork gear for every serious woodworker enthusiast. The exceptional performance, high reliability, and other incredible patented features make this saw an ideal tool for both professional, novice, and hobbyist woodworkers. The recent advancement and refinement of the trunnion mechanism in this table saw has further made it among the best devices from Powermatic devices. For instance, the conically shaped worm gear drives have a perfect surface area that offers a smooth feel of the tilt adjustment and height. The adjustable backlash makes it very easy for the users to control the mechanism back to the original factory feel. The most outstanding feature about this 1792001K PM2000 saw is that it has an almost zero-vibration performance due to its sturdy and durable construction; hence a long term woodwork equipment.


  • Comes with a retractable caster system, thus making it more convenient for moving.
  • Has almost zero-vibration compared to other similar models, mainly due to the cast iron casing
  • .Includes a poly-v belt drive system that facilitates the table to run smoothly and quietly.
  • Its dust collection port is compatible with a four-inch hose vacuum system.
  • It has a four-year warranty covering the entire system.
  • For commercial and heavy-duty purposes.


  • Features a smaller dust collection port compared to other similar model table saws.
  • Some found it relatively heavy to move around or lift up
  • It can occupy a large space in a workshop.
  1. Grizzly Industrial G1023RL

Grizzly Industrial G1023RL Cabinet Table SawAlthough the brand name may sound a bit scary, the Grizzly Industrial G1023RL is actually one of the most friendly-looking cabinet tables saw in the market. It includes a standard three horsepower motor making it powerful enough to perform almost all woodcutting tasks available for you. It has a heat-treated solid cast iron table, thus making it strong enough to accommodate any weight. The table is perfectly flat, thus making it possible to make the exact cuts you need. Besides, the table features some extension wings measuring 40’ by 27 inches, making it possible to place any wood size on it. Other additional features include the serpentine belt drive and enclosed dust collection system.  The quick-release blade guard offers a quick change between the splitter guard and the riving knife. Moreover, the arbor movement is further amazingly easy, particularly due to the super-large handwheels. Magnetic safety is also included as the standard safety measure.


  • Professional cabinet table saw with a sturdy three horsepower motor.
  • Compatible with a dado blade up to 13/16”.


  • Operates only in a 240-volt power supply system
  • Not easily movable.
  1. Baileigh TS-1248P-52

Baileigh TS-1248P-52 Professional Cabinet Style Table SawAre you really looking for the cabinet table saw beast? Then Baileigh TS-1248P-52 is your answer! This is particularly due to its large size such that you will need some help when locating and setting up your saw. One of the most amazing things about this Baileigh table saw is that it has a Leeson five-horsepower motor making it a compelling device. Besides, it operates under a 220v single-phase electricity supply, thus making it suitable for most workshops. It has a table measuring 30 inches by the 48-inch table to support a 52-inch rip cut maximum. It also features industrial –strength rip fence rails and a digital readout display that shows the working blade title angle. The powerful horsepower motor makes it very easy for you to cut even the most difficult to cut wood thickness. However, you will need an additional movable base for moving it around your work site due to its huge weight and size.


  • Includes a five horsepower electric motor, making it powerful enough to handle serious wood cutting tasks.
  • Features a solid cast iron table, thus making it very strong.



  • It runs only on a 240-volt power supply system
  • Heavy making it challenging to move it around.
  1. JET 708675PK XACTASAW

JET 708675PK 10 inch Deluxe XACTA SawAccording to the various client reviews made online, the JET 708675PK Xactasaw Deluxe is a superior cabinet table saw that includes a large cast-iron table offering a firm ground. The table measures 42’ by 28’, thus offering large space to comfortably place your large pieces of wood. The ten-inch table is also welcome by many users and designed with heavy-duty cast iron and the trunnion mechanism that results in a near zero-vibration, amazing stability, and astonishing performance. Moreover, the operating mechanism is mounted on an entire steel cabinet, which means that it is relatively easy to alight your saw miter slot from the cast iron by loosening the four hex head screws. All screws are easy to access from the exterior. The left tilting design is something you will definitely love in this cabinet saw as it allows safe bevel cuts and burns free cuts. The blade tilts away from the guarding fence when in use as it has a left tilting machine. The presence of a 3 HP powerful motor makes it a mighty machine for cutting thick pieces of wood without getting worried about choking.


  • It includes an on-board fence and a Miter Gauge storage.
  • Produces almost negligible vibrations than other same size cabinet saws.
  • Has a tilt away blade that prevents kickbacks from hurting you.
  • Runs quietly and smoothly due to the v-belt motor.
  • Safety fence guard works perfectly with a tilted blade.
  • Easy to adjust and change its blades.


  • Sometimes, the table isn’t flat as it appears in the picture.
  • Not durable than to other identical priced cabinet saws.
  1. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K

Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table SawThe Powermatic PM1000 1791001K is one of the most accurate saw you will find on the market today. It features a 1.75 horsepower electric motor making it a relatively powerful machine. Another welcome feature about this Powermatic is its ability to work on the normal wall current voltage of 115v. thus saving you the extra cost of purchasing a 220v power supply gears to install into your worksite. Although it has a solid and weighty construction, it is extremely sturdy to support any weight. Besides, it boasts of a dust collection hose that offers an unobstructed path for maximum dust tapping and collection. The presence of a strong miter gauge makes it possible to support 60-degree angles from both sides. This means that you have a wide range of flexible options hence possible to make a wide range of cuts.


  • Features a solid construction making it possible to make accurate cuts.
  • Runs on a standard 115v wall current.


  • The 1.75 horsepower motor can somehow make it feel like an underpowered machine.
  • Not easily movable around your workshop.
  1. Shop Fox W1819

Best Cabinet Table Saw 2021With a triple belt drive system, a three-HP motor, and a large cast-iron table with wings, this Shop Fox W18193 cabinet saw comes in a tank like the design. The exceptional T-slot miter gauge includes a fence extension and a flip stop. Besides, it has a four-inch dust collection port and the Camlock T-fence guard. It has a different rip capacity of 29.5 inches. The blade guard assembly ensures maximum safety through an anti-kickback pawl, a spreader, and a shield (polycarbonate). The Shop Fox W18193 also includes a miter fence and a flip stop providing excellent support for the work-piece you are working on, particularly the longer pieces. The flipping option makes it possible to cut longer-pieces of wood at the width of your choice.


  • It has a fantastic T-slot miter gauge for supporting longer-pieces of wood.
  • The blade guard assembly offers maximum protection through an anti-kickback pawn installation.


  • Not very powerful to handle thick pieces of wood.

What are some of the considerations you should make when purchasing a new table saw?

Let’s be honest with the fact that a cabinet table saw or any other table saw for your woodworking tasks isn’t a cheap investment to ignore essential details when placing your order. Indeed, purchasing a table saw is an investment that might cost you several thousands of dollars, which means you need to make informed buying decisions. Your money’s value is the work efficiency, saving time, and precision work you get in return. Since cabinet table saws are professional tools designed for both novice and skilled woodworkers, you must make sure you get the ideal machines suitable for your work. Whether it is your first time purchasing a cabinet table saw or an experienced buyer, it is essential to understand the critical features of the machine you are about to buy. So how do you make an informed buying decision? Below are several key specifications you should consider before reviewing the top cabinet saws models in the market.

Power rating.

Remember, the reason you need a cabinet table saw is that it can cut through thick and long wood pieces repetitively. However, this is only attainable if your cabinet table saw has a powerful motor that can power the blade without forcing it to stop when cutting through thick wood pieces. If you are looking for a saw that can easily cut through denser woods, consider a cabinet saw with at least three horsepower.

The accuracy and precision of your machine.

One of the most significant advantages of cabinet table saws is their ability to cut high precision cuts even in thicker pieces of wood. Remember, a typical cabinet table is a bid, massive, and powerful machine to enhance its ability to make accurate cuts in thicker woods. However, an ideal cabinet saw should include features that minimize vibration; otherwise, there is no need to spend heavily on a machine that doesn’t work according to your work needs.

Cabinet saw stability

A typical cabinet table saw is a cumbersome machine. Once your device is derived from your workshop, the main question you are likely to ask is how you will be moving your machine to another worksite. Note that an ideal saw should be of reasonable size and weight or movable gears to ease its movement’s around the workshop. Since a typical cabinet table saw can weigh several hundreds of metal pounds, they are generally stable on the ground but not that easy to move from one place to another. A portable device is what you need if you will be relocating from your workshop to another; otherwise, think about a different type of saw.


Although most cabinet table saws include a standard blade size, note that a slight variation in the blade size can render your cabinet table saw useless for your woodwork needs. Therefore, it is critical to review the blade sizes that a particular cabinet table can support and suitable for your woodworking projects before placing your final order.

Dust collection and extraction features.

Generally, saws produce lots of dust when used, particularly when sawing through thick pieces of wood. Similarly, expect lots of wood dust from your cabinet table saw, and this means you need to choose a model with proper dust extraction and collection system. Remember, too, must cause a dirty workshop. Bear in mind that not all saw models have efficient dust collection systems, which means you must be very keen when purchasing your cabinet saw.


Your safety is the most crucial consideration to make when purchasing a cabinet table saw. Note that cabinet table saws have a rotating blade, which can be a risk factor if all safety measures aren’t taken into place. Although most cabinet table saws offer adequate protection features, remember some products are of inferior quality. An ideal saw should have an easy-access switch off button that you can instantly press if things go wrong. For instance, a hands-off kill switch is a better safety option.

Best Cabinet Table Saws 2021

Here are some of the main safety measures to adhere when using a cabinet table saw

Are you aware that cabinet table saws are the most frequently used woodworking gears in a typical commercial woodshop? Although these machines make our woodcutting jobs more manageable, they are full of risks and can result in several injuries or fatalities when handled without due diligence and care. Statistics have shown that more injuries are reported among cabinet table saws users than those using other woodworking tools.

Below are some of the surest woodworking tips to observe when working with your cabinet table saw.

Although cabinet table saws pose a considerable risk factor, never fall into the trap of fearing that a cabinet table saw will cause an injury to you. When operated according to its safety guideline, there no damage can happen. By applying your common sense, you have already minimized the chances of causing injuries.

  • Never turn on your cabinet saw while the blade is still engaged in a piece of wood/stock. Ensure the blade is spinning freely.
  • Always be in safety gear such as hearing protection, safety glasses, appropriate clothing but never wear loose-fitting clothes or jewelry while running your cabinet table saw.
  • Always work in a clean environment free from excessive cutoff and sawdust since these can hinder your work performance by impairing your ability to make clean, secure cuts.
  • Check the safety features of your cabinet table saw first, even before switching it on. For instance, check if the blade guard, riving knife, and the anti-kickback pawls are in the right working condition.
  • Ensure to disconnect the power source’s primary power source when making internal adjustments or changing the blades.
  • Ensure you are standing in a position you maintain a proper balance and avoid standing in front of your saw blade to prevent knockouts from possible kickbacks.
  • Never try to make changes or reaching the blade while it is still spinning, even if there is a fence, but instead wait until the blade stops before you try to make any adjustments.
  • Avoid projectiles by installing the correct blade inserts.
  • Never try a free-hand cut when the machine is still on, but instead, use a miter gauge or fence to guide the wood being cut. Remember never to use the two types of equipment together.
  • Check for foreign objects such as nails, staples, loose knots, and screws in or on the wood before feeding it into your saw.

 The Final Verdict:

If you are determined to pick the best cabinet table saw from the above options, and especially that offers exemplarily woodcutting services in your workshop, then we highly endorse the SawStop PCS31230-TGP252. It features a smaller footprint that provides exceptional stability and also has a tank-like design that helps minimize vibrations to almost zero while in use. Get the value for your investment by owning a high-performance cabinet table saw.

Make the SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 your first option when shopping for your best cabinet table for your 2021 woodwork projects. It won’t frustrate your efforts.


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