5 Best Cordless Framing Nailer of 2021 ( Ultimate Buying Guide )

best cordless framing nailer 2020Cordless framing nailers have revolutionized in nailing. You can accurately drill so many nails by a simple press and more conveniently. These are the perfect choice nailers for occasional home-improvement and such light activities.

The best cordless framing nailer provides you with convenience when using as compared to the corded models. However, if you don’t acquire one of the best nailers, you could as well miss out. To simplify your search, I have researched for top cordless framing nail gun that will provide incredible performance. Check out their reviews here.

Our recommendation for the best cordless framing nailer is OrionPower OGG-3490CH

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Top Pick Cordless Framing Nailer

OrionPower 3490CH 8.16 lbs Gas-powered
Hitachi NR90GR2 8 lbs Lithium Ion battery
Lithium Ion battery 7.7 lbs Cordless-electric
Bostitch BCF30PTM1 8.1 lbs Lithium Ion
Dewalt DCN660B 4.8 lbs Lithium Ion

5 Best Cordless Framing Nailer 2021

OrionPower OGG-3490CH

Best Cordless Framing Nailer

For many constructors, the versatility of any tool is a key factor. Considering the high cost of basic construction tools, you will need tools that perfectly handle several duties with little modifications.

In that context, the Orion power brand has got you covered with this gas powered model. Besides perfectly handling framing, you can also use the tool for sheathing, decking, siding and crating. The nailer can work with full round head as well as clipper head framing nails.

Talk about coming in a complete package. This nailer is a masterpiece. Accompanying the cordless nailer is a 12 v charger, 2 rechargeable Li-ion batteries and a four-unit Orion power cells. Your nailer remains charged and powerful.? Safety isn’t compromised either; a convenient carrying case, one pair of foam earplugs and a safety glass comes in handy. You further get to hex wrenches for repairs and setups.

The nailer is so powerful in operation. The nailer is powered by a combination of two-hour rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries that fire up to 4000 shots per charge. A propane fuel cell technology further offers an additional 1200 shots per charge. This is able to drive up to 3.5 inches long and 34-degree paper strip collated framing nails.

You will love the nailer’s operability and portability. Intensive large constructors should not shy away because it is cordless. I have seen this model serve in heavy constructions effectively. You won’t encounter cables or hoses whatsoever. The nailer is so lightweight with weights of up to 3.7 kg only. With a magazine load capacity of 48 and a cycle rate of 2 nails per second, nailing gets that simple


  • Affordable compared to other nailers of the same caliber.
  • It is versatile and can handle several types of work
  • Powerful with abilities to shoot up to 4000 nails per shot
  • Lightweight ensuring operability
  • It is convenient as you don’t have to struggle with cables and compressors


  • Regular change of canisters is tedious and costly
  • Doesn?t come with so many special features

Hitachi NR90GR2


Best Cordless Framing Nailer 2021

With Hitachi products?you should always be looking forward to well researched and designed power tools. The tool is so versatile. Besides framing, you can further, subflooring, fencing and much more. There is not another cordless framing nailer that is going to combine utility with traditional nailing power like this model.

The gas framing nailer comes with a unique air spring drive system .this system will compress air to drive each nail resulting in zero ramp-up time. This simply implies that the nailer doesn’t need time to recharge before going another cycle. This will give an increased driving speed resulting in a faster nailing experience.

The nailer comes with a brushless motor that offers a higher efficiency that will consequently result in longer runtime specs. This will increase its durability. You also don’t have to carry out maintenance so regularly.

Its ergonomics are on point. This nailer is designed to give you comfort while not compromising performance. The size and shape are good for maneuvering between spaces during nailing. The handle is wrapped in an elastomer compound to reduce vibration and offer grip.it is just 7.9 pound in weight buddy.

The nailer is so powerful. It will offer a combination of rechargeable batteries and fuel rods .this will offer you strengths that can drive 3.5-inch nails up to 4000 shots per charge.

There are special features that you can look pat when talking about this design. The easy two-step nail loading system has been hailed by many. This is one among the few nailers that will alert you when power levels. The tool also comes with several accessories.


  • Have several special features making it easy to use
  • It is very powerful with the ability to power up to 4000 shots per charge
  • Its ergonomics are on point
  • It is lightweight at just 7.9 pounds
  • It relatively small-sized thus can maneuver through tight spaces during work


  • Will suit only round head nail

Hitachi NR90GC- Best Cordless Nailer

Best Cordless Framing Nailer 2020

This is just another high-quality gas powered model from Hitachi. It has features similar to the code model. It has however been designed to offer a more comfortable experience. They don’t take after each other’s aesthetics though.

The nailer is ergonomically designed which makes it easy to maneuver through spaces during work. The nailer is lightweight with weights at below 8 pounds. This will ensure that you don’t tire fast moving around with the nailer during operation. The nailers also possess a collapsible hanger where you can simply hang it when you need to focus your hands elsewhere.

This powerful nailer is powered by a combination of a fuel rod and a cordless battery offering very powerful strokes. The battery can shoot 3-inch nails with up to? 4000 nails per charge with the fuel rods 1200 nails per charge.it has a nail cycle of 2 with a magazine that can hold up to 47 nails. This magazine is so special because it has an E-Z view that lets you spot when you are running out of nails at a glance.

It comes with special features that make your work easier. The time-saver two-step loading process really makes this nailer special. The nailer will also be able to notify you when the charge gets low. You will also love its 6-nail lockout to prevent dry firing. You know how irking that can get.


  • Fast charging taking only an hour before full charge
  • Lightweight weighing only up to 7.7 pound
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Durable with its heavy-duty construction
  • It is user-friendly with no compressor noise


  • Made for clipped nails


Best Cordless Framing Nailer Reviews

When it comes to Bostitch nailers, you are in for an unbeatable power to weight ratio. Imagine what power an 8.1 pound nailer could offer you. Consider the capabilities of a high capacity, 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery. I bet you can figure out that. Are you interested in a versatile but 100% battery operated framing nailer? This nailer could probably make the right choice for you. You can further use it for fencing, sheathing and deck building.

The cordless framing nailer has a tool-free selector switch .this switch will enable you to change firing modes; namely sequential and bump-fire. These modes will simply describe the nature of drilling upon which a nail comes into contact with a surface during stroking. If nails are drilled directly upon stroking, its bump-fire. If they come into contact first then drills, it’s sequential. These modes are solely responsible for accurate fastener placement and faster application speed.

It has a brushless motor and engine design. This system includes two speeds for optimizing its performance. This is also where the power to drive the 3 .5 inch fasteners is harnessed.

The framing nailer accepts clipped and full round head nails in 30-degree paper tape collation. There is no type of nail that is discriminated by the nailer thus you don’t have to acquire another machine.

It is always good to talk about the special features on each nailer. This nailer boasts of a stall release lever that resets the driver blade in case of a jam in the nail path. It further possesses a dry fire lockout system. Your nailing gets flawless.


  • Accepts both clipped and round head nail
  • Supports sequential and bump fire firing modes
  • It is lightweight weighing up to 8.1 pounds
  • Enable easy driver blade reset
  • Has a dry fire lockout system


  • Battery drains faster because it is the sole source of power

Dewalt DCN660B

Best Cordless Framing Nailer 2021

This is one of the latest of this brand. This one is for those people interested in a 100% battery powered Framing nailer and with the latest technology and design trends.it comes in an attractive yellow color and very sturdy.? Well, what are some of these features you probably haven’t met before?

The nailer is very powerful as a result of DE Walt 20 V max battery pack. The 5 amp hour battery will give you up to 2200 nails per single charge. The 2 amp battery will give you up to 800 nails per single charge.it has a brushless motor design that maximizes the runtime and durability.

The nailer supports both sequential and contact actuation modes for accurate fastener placement and faster application speed. The nailer also has an in-line magazine that offers orientation in tight space.

Some of the modern features are the multifunctional LED lights that will assist in the illumination when necessary. This can either be either in the workspace or in tool diagnostics. The nailer has a toll free depth adjustment for precise countersinking of nails. Stall release lever that resets the driver blade to clear nails in cases of jam.

The dewalt cordless framing nailer comes with a trigger that is able to switch either sequential or contact actuation modes at a magazine angle of 20 degrees. Besides, the tool is handy, attractive and very comfortable.it has a 16 gauge fastener.


  • It is lightweight weighing 6 pounds
  • It is able to support both the sequential and contact actuation modes
  • Has a high aesthetic value
  • Can be used even in dark environs with its LED light
  • Its trigger based operation is easy to handle


  • Battery drains faster because it is the sole source of power

How To Choose The Right Cordless Framing Nail Gun

Going into the very finer details of these nailers can be very time-consuming. This is the main question you should always consider when choosing a codeless nailer; of what benefits are you forgoing the hose? The nailers nailing properties should, however, always take center stage.as long as your nailer is not able to drill your desirable types of nails; it is worthless.

Special features

Your Best Cordless Framing Nailer should come with various specific parts that will make your work easier. I am referring to things such as nail size adjustments. Are you able to set and maintain consistent chain depths? Consider acquiring a nailer that comes with accessories such as protective clothing. You should be able to switch the contact and sequential nailing mode easily.

Type of canisters

This will refer to the strip unto which you load your nails into the magazine. A magazine that can hold several nails will let you work longer hours before replacing. If you would like more nails, consider a cordless nailer with the coil style frame as it can hold more nails. If that isn’t a problem for you, a stick style magazine will work for you as well.


This is generally about the design. The cordless nailers are modified in such a manner that every component of the nailer falls inside its body rendering it apparently heavy and large. Heavier nailers will render you tired faster. Besides; you will need a nailer that balances with the extremes of angles and heights. You will need a nailer with a better runtime and less compression noise.

Building codes for your locale

Does the area you are going to use the tool to have building codes? These are regulatory laws that determine things such as the types of nails you can actually use. This, however, affects city residents mostly. If you acquire a nailer that operates on prohibited nail types, you could get in trouble!

Final Verdict

Cordless deigned tools have predominated the current tool market for sure. The cordless framing nailer isn’t an exception. Are you passionate about convenience, productivity, versatility, and efficiency? You can’t afford to contemplate about acquiring one of these cordless framing nail gun.

Despite being highly priced with regular canister replacements; they guarantee the value for your money. And guess what? These tool designs have developed in the recent past. You stand to get so much more from the latest in technology and designs. The nailers are, therefore; more durable, compact, and attractive, lighter, you name it… If you can get all that and still drill nails so fast and more safely; should you really be looking any further.

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