Top 5 Best Finish Nailer of 2021 ( Reviews & Buyer’s Guide )

If you are looking for the best finish nailer, you must be engaging in a project requiring harder and thicker materials that needed bonding. Jobs that brad nailers will not comfortably do.

Best Finish Nailer 2021This is because finish nailers have more holding power necessary for doing the heavy work.? Whichever task you are undertaking, finish nailers are absolutely the right way to go.

The market is crawling with all types, making it that much harder to pick out the best one for you. So as much as you are in a hurry to get your work done, shopping for a finish nailer without enough knowledge of the available products will prove problematic.

Ultimately, the best cordless finish nailer is one that best suits your needs. One that will give you great satisfaction after spending your money. Below is a list of finish nailer reviews I have narrowed down for you to pick from.

Finish Nailer Reviews- Comparison Chart

Hitachi Nt65ma4 Air Powered 4.2 Pounds
Bostitch N62fnk Air Powered 10.3 Pounds
Senco 4G0001N Air Powered 9.1 Pounds
Dewalt D51257K Air Powered 7.6 Pounds
Paslode 902400 Battery-Powered 4.5 Pounds

Top 5 Best Finish Nailer Reviews For 2021

Hitachi Nt65ma4 15-Gauge Finish Nailer

Best Finish Nailer

The Hitachi Nt65ma4 15-Gauge is an incredible nailer with an air duster that makes cleaning up your workspace quick and easy. After a long day’s work you need not worry about clearing up, the duster has you covered. It allows the air compressor to bypass the air system within the nailer.

It has an adjustable exhaust with the 360-degree so it is easy to direct contaminants like dust and debris away from you and the workplace hence there is no interference with your work. And with this feature, you have an added advantage because the unit does not require frequent cleaning.

With the simple flip of a lever, you can switch the firing mode between sequential to contact firing. Your work becomes much smoother and easier with this feature especially when you are in a rush to get the job done. A lot of folks have had a problem with actuation based on the nail finishers they used but with this one you are spoilt for choice.

With its 34-Degree slant, you do not need to pause the work you are doing to check on the progress. With this angle, you get a clear view of the ongoing work hence enhancing usability and comfort. The time you take on the project will be greatly reduced by this small feature.

Stick type-The Hitachi’s stick was specifically manufactured to handle heavy duty work like cabinetwork, heavy moulding, and furniture construction.

Tool-free depth adjustment dial-Depending on the type of work you are doing, you are free to adjust the force of delivery. This will also depend on the nail size. Trying to control the force by your own hand will be tasking but fortunately, this particular nail finisher takes care of that for you.


  • Bonds materials safely and securely together.
  • Suitable for heavy duty application on any type of project.
  • Has a 34-degree slant for clear visibility when nailing
  • Magazine fits up to 100 of between 1 and 2.5-inch nails hence reducing a number of times for refilling.
  • Works with all collation types


  • It is fairly expensive.
  • Largely made of plastic which is not the best quality.

Bostitch N62fnk-2 15 Gauge Finish Nailer

Best Finish Nailer 2021

This finish nailer produces 400 inch-pounds of driving power. By all standards, this is more than enough force to drive nails into the thickest and hardest of wood. Quite a number of people have a problem driving in large nails but with this force, you can easily work with 2.5-inch nails.

One of the most astonishing characteristics of this product is its warranty. With a seven year limited warranty, a majority of people will be drawn to this finish nailer because they are lest assured of a good run before it is deemed useless.

The Bostitch’s magazine has one of the most versatile characteristics in the market. To begin with, it holds a capacity of 130 nails. With this number, you heavily cut down on the reload time. Secondly, the magazine is easily removable making it much more manageable. Furthermore, it has an open view design that enables you to see the number of nails left so as to prepare for a refill.

Ergonomic handle-This is probably the most advantageous feature. The handle is made of comfortable material and ergonomic shapes to accommodate your fingers. For all those who have to work long hours, this nail finisher is for your benefit. It also comes with felling marks that give you a good grip on the handle.

It comes with four profile tips for working with different types of materials. For all workmen, this greatly improves convenience when working.

It also features an advanced jam-clearing system that easily prevents jams. Apart from preventing it also aids in clearing jams. Anyone who has experienced this can tell you first-hand how frustrating jams can be especially when you are working against the clock.? But with the Bostitch finish nailer puts your worries at rest.


  • Open design allows you to check the nail capacity at a glance.
  • Ergonomic handle for increased comfort while working.
  • Four profile tips for convenience.
  • Depth control for quickly adjusting the depth of the drive


  • Exhaust does not orient 360 degrees.

Senco 4g0001n Finishpro- 15 Gauge Finish Nailer

Best Finish Nailer 2020

The Senco 4g0001n is well constructed with magnesium housing. This not only makes it lightweight but also durable. Weighing at 4.5lbs this heavy duty tool is quite maneuverable thus reducing chances of hand fatigue when at work.

With its Depth of drive feature, you can accurately and evenly adjust the depth drive without sparing it a glance. You are required to adjust depth drive depending on the thickness of the material so as to match it. You do not want to end up exerting more body force than necessary when you can easily use this feature.

A number of nailers are angled but this is one feature we cannot ignore because of the time and effort it spares you. Yes, having a clear view of your work and working at the very same time is convenient on all levels. This is especially when you are working in awkward positions.

The Senco nailer can accommodate both bright and galvanized tape collated nails of up to 2.5 inches which makes it a versatile tool. As a workman, you will not be limited to the type of nails you will use with this nailer. Matter of fact you are spoilt for choice as a lot of products do not have this option.

The nailer produces a high power between 70-120 PSI. This is, in fact, a requirement for getting nails through the wood. Longer nails or tougher wood may prove to be a challenge when working. This is where the feature comes in handy because it allows you to drive through nails of up to 2.5 inches with tape collation. Impressive, right?


  • High-performance pressure to penetrate tough wood.
  • Magnesium alloy makes it lightweight and durable.
  • Slanted magazine for clear viewing of ongoing work.
  • Versatile range of nails is permitted.
  • Misfire and double nailing resistant.


  • Tape collation is not as common as wire or plastic.
  • It is fairly expensive.

Dewalt d51257k 16 gauge finish nailer

Best Finish Nailer 2021

Dewalt specifically created the Sealed Lube Dual Technology feature for one main reason. This technology makes oiling optional. You do not have to keep running around looking for oil to grease the tool because it is custom made to function without. It is advisable though to oil it once in a while to improve its efficiency and its maintenance.

I am yet to see another high ranking product with this kind of offer; 1000 Free nails! This nail finisher comes with 1000 2-inch nails that are absolutely free. If you are a beginner you probably have not gotten an opportunity to buy nails as you jump start your project so this will come in handy.

The handle is built with a comfortable material for good grip. As you work you will find that your palms will sweat a lot. So instead of continuously pausing the work to wipe off your hands, take comfort in the fact that with this finisher you will comfortably work with wet hands.

A lot of manufacturers have not paid attention to the warranties attached to their products but these ones have. The finisher comes with a three-year limited warranty. Also, it has a one-year service contract excluding O-rings, bumpers and driver blades. On top of all that there is a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Whether the size of the nose is an issue for most people or not am sure but this nailer sure has a small one. Agreed, it is not the smallest in the market but it’s still relatively small. But not too small that it cannot drive nails properly though. It still does and with the same accuracy as any other product out there.


  • Rear exhaust adjusts to 360 degrees.
  • Price to performance ratio is excellent.
  • It comes with free nails.
  • Nailer is of high-quality construction.
  • Made of durable and long-lasting material.
  • Sealed Lube Dual Technology allows it to function without frequent oiling


  • Difficulty in driving in 2.5-inch nails.

Paslode 902400 16-Gauge Finish Nailer

Best Finish Nailer

To begin with, this nailer can run on either a rechargeable battery or fuel cell. As big an advantage as this is, there is also an added bonus. It has a long battery life. You will be able to put in a lot of work before it requires a recharge or changing of the fuel cell.

With the fuel cells being a little bit more expensive, you will be relieved to see that changing cells will not be so frequent. For those working long hours this feature is ideal for you. You will be pleased to learn too that the fuel system is quite simple and easy to install.

Tool-free depth adjustment-This is a feature we have come across a couple of times. And like all the other products with the flick of a finger you are able to adjust the depth drive to suit the width of wood you are working on or the size of nail you are working with.

Have you ever found yourself continually driving into the wood whereas you were out of nails? This nailer will prevent you from doing just that. It has a nail lockout system that prevents you from shooting blanks, so to speak. As soon as you are out of nails the nailer stops firing, alerting you that it is time to reload. You consequently end up saving a lot of time.

When you have to keep on switching between different tools you will find the adjustable belt hook feature extremely helpful. Not only does it have a belt hook but an adjustable one.

Where you place the nailer is absolutely up to you as this will depend on a lot of factors. Most importantly is to hang it where you will easily reach for it without much hustle.


  • Easy to install fuel system.
  • Nail lockout that prevents blank driving.
  • Comes with an adjustable belt hook for convenience.
  • Long battery life.
  • Charging is minimal and far in between.
  • Tool-free adjustable drive depth.


  • Requires the use of Paslode brand nails.

How to Choose Best Finish Nailer

If you are looking to invest in a good quality finish nailer you will need adequate information about the products available in the market. Finding the best nailer that best suits your needs will prove exhausting if you have no idea what you are looking for.

As a result, I have prepared for you a list of what you should have in mind when choosing the best finish nailer.

Nail Sizes

These come in quite a wide range of variety. From 15 to 16, all the way up to 23-gauge nails. Think about the type of project you will be engaging in then select the nail size that best suits you. The most common range is the 15-gauge nail size because it handles a variety of uses without being excessive.

Straight Vs Angled Nailers

All magazines are different. Some are straight and others angled. The difference between the two is that straight nailers load straight while angled nailers load at an angle.

Aside from that straight nailers use thinner nails and are less expensive whereas angled nailers have tighter corners, use thicker nails and shoots more accurately.

Cordless Nailers

Cordless nailers are more advantageous compared to cord nailers. First and foremost they are portable. You need not worry about where to plug in when you are up and about attending to your duties.

It is an ideal feature for everyone whether you are working away from home or inside the house. Home contractors and construction workmen are all catered for.

The only disadvantage is that you will have to keep an eye out for gas, propane or compressed air. It would be such a calamity to run out of power in the middle of a project.

Selectable Trigger

This means you are either using sequential or contact firing. It is advisable to pick a nailer that leaves it up to you to decide the type of firing you will work with.

Contact firing is quite popular but sequential firing is safer and easier.

Dry Fire Lockout

An amazing feature if you will spend a huge chunk of your time rapidly firing. It prevents firing when you are out of nails. As frustrating as this can get, blank firing is sure to damage your nailer.

When you enable the dry fire lockout you will be able to tell when it is time for a refill.

Exhaust Mechanism

Working in a dirty environment is bound to discourage anyone and get you out of the working groove you are in. As such, ensure that the finish nailer you are to puck has a mechanism that takes care of this.

The said mechanism directs dirt and debris away from your work space and away from the worker too. It also prevents the nailer from overheating which can also be uncomfortable.


Yes, when picking a nailer you should consider some of the big names in the industry like the ones listed above

Final Verdict

Whether you are looking for the best finish nailers or confused about which one to pick this article covers both grounds sufficiently. The information above will help you make the right decision as you endeavor to add more best tools to your collection, and in this case nail finishers.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional in the field, this detailed report offers you ample statistics that you can compare and contrast and at the end of it all come out with the answers you need.

I only hope you will get your money’s worth.


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