Best Jigsaw Blades [2021] Reviews & Buying Guide

best jigsaw blades

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Bosch T5002 blades

  • The T-Shank interfere..
  • The steel of the blade…
  • The design of the blades..

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DEWALT DW3742C blades

  • The blades are really….
  • 6-TPI and 10-TPI are…
  • Whereas, 18-TPI and…

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bosch t30C blades

  • A reusable safe-keeping..
  • 30 piece set
  • precise, fine, clean..

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Amongst the fundamental aspects that can decide how great a jigsaw can work, are its blades. This can make ‘choosing’ your machine a little complicated because of the large variety of blades.

But don’t worry! 🙂

We have gathered the Best Jigsaw blades out there in the market. To save your time from a lot of unnecessary squabbles. Besides, the products of this list are reliable, durable, and well-reviewed.

There are many factors that one must understand even about these blades. For instance, sharpness, design, the reputation of their brands, Differences of mountable blades (T-Shank or U-Shank).

With our easy-to-read guide, we will explain and provide you insight about not only these factors alone. Perhaps, we shall speak about the materials which the blades can cut. For example, plastic, stainless steel, thick or softwood, and plywood.

Let’s start, Shall we!

Through genuine analysis and comparative researches, we can make your selection worthy and easy. By discussing the versatility, durability, and convenience of the blades.

best jigsaw blades

Best Jigsaw Blades 2022

Let us share with you Top 9 best jigsaw blades in the 2022 list along with their Reviews and quality-based Features.

Bosch T5002
  • 10 Unique blades
  • great for metal
  • User-friendly
Dewalt DW3742C
  • Weight is 8.5 ounces
  • 14 pieces compatible with other
  • Transparent storage
Black+Decker 75-626
  • U-shank
  • 24 blades
  • Durable and strong
Bosch TC21HC 
  • Tough brute storage
  • Compatible with T-shank jigsaws
  • 1 year warranty
Task Tools 09962
  • Universally compatible
  • Tungsten carbide
  • High-carbon steel blades
Workpro W124142A 
  • Durable storage case
  • Strong blades
  • Strong blade material
Horusdy 97760
  • Comes with storage box
  • 40-strong blades
  • excellent cutting ability
Bosch T30C
  • T-Shank for stability
  • 30 unique blades
  • A reusable case
Gunpla OT429
  • Compatible with T-shank
  • Mini-saw blades
  • Blades in blister packing

1. Bosch T5002 – Best Jigsaw Blades for woodworking:

Bosch T5002 jigsaw blade
  • weight is 1.12ounch
  • Assorted T-Shank
  • High Carbon Steel
  • different sets of blades
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  • 10-Unique blades for versatility
  • Great for metal and wood cutting
  • Compatible with many brands
  • Adaptable and User-Friendly.
  • May be cut slow with very heavy metals
  • Blades can get lost without the storage case

First on the list is the T5002 T Shank Jigsaw blades. An ample choice for metal and woodcutting. Although, the cutting capacity varies it is not going to disappoint.

The variation is because of 10 unique blades that come with a storage case. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about dropping or misplacing one of your precious blades. However, the type of blade is T-Shank, which is sharp and cuts deep.

In order to understand the details and the wide range of quality of these blades. We shall review its major and minor features, below.

The Adaptability of the Bosch T5002

The Bosch T5002 T-Shank jigsaw blades  provide a budget-friendly option. Plus, The blades are compatible with almost every decent machine out there in the market. For instance, DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, Makita, Hitachi, Porter-Cable, and Craftsman jigsaws. This makes the T5002 very affordable and user-friendly.

The Durability of the Bosch T5002

First and Foremost, these blades don’t need a screw setting in the mounting hole, to lessen the breakage. In addition, durability increases with a plastic case, which is meant to preserve your blades. Furthermore, a storage case that will also enhance the vitality of your blades.

Bosch T5002 Major Features

  • The T-Shank interference multiples the strength.
  • It is compatible with jigsaws which are T-Shank Mountable.
  • The steel of the blade is made of High-carbon which enhances the life and resistance of the blades.
  • The design of the blades is focused to provide durability and precision. hence, it’s called a Durable Precision Design.

What will you get more?

The blades aim to cut wood and different varieties of metal (ferrous or non- ferrous). Therefore, there are total 10-blades included in the Assortment.

bosch blades

Let’s first cover the metal jigsaw blades types, that is; (2) T118A basic for metal and (2) T118B basic for metal. Afterward, we have the wood blades, which are; (2) T101B for clean wood, (2) T114D speed for wood, T119B0 basic for wood.

Expert's Advice
“Overall a worthy brand and blade set. That can boost your performance and the efficiency of your jigsaw.”



2. DEWALT DW3742C – Best Jigsaw Blade for Plywood:

Dewalt DW3742C jigsaw blade, best jigsaw blade for plywood
  • Model is DW3742C
  • Weight 8.5 ounches
  • size 14 pc
  • wood and metal application
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  • Blades made of hard HCS & Bi-metal material
  • 14 pieces compatible with other jigsaws.
  • Transparent storage case to increase durability
  • Can bend a little soon.
  • Better performance with selected jigsaws only.

Second, on the list, we have DeWalt DW3742C. This jigsaw blade is popular for its Plywood efficient cutting. However, this does not mean that it’s not good with other materials. It functions nicely with wood and metal as well.

This set comes with a rich package of various Dewalt jigsaw blades. Total (14) pieces with 6,10,12,18 and 32 Teeth-per-inch long jigsaw blades. Which are convenient for multiple tasks. Plus, these blades heighten the cutting range when it comes to varying materials.

These blades are indeed promising and can improve your work quality. They come with a storage case to keep your valuable blades secure. Besides, this can increase the overall life of your blades.

The Adaptability of Dewalt DW3742C

DeWalt DW3742C’s compatible nature is worth paying attention to. These blades are compatible with all the DeWalt Jigsaws and Bosch jigsaw blade charts. Though, they should have a T-shank mountable blade type.

The Durability of DeWalt DW3742C

The performance of your blades also depends on their condition. They must be kept clean and safe. This can be accomplished with the storage case that comes with the blade set. Which surely will improve the life of your blades and make them durable.

Each blade is marked with the material its meant for, this will save your time. In addition, you won’t mistakenly use that blade for other materials which can cause damage.  The case is transparent, as a result, you won’t be confused between old and new blades.

Dewalt DW3742C Major Features

  • The blades are really strong because of Bi-metal HCS construct.
  • Cover which can be locked from both sides makes these blades safer.
  • 6-TPI and 10-TPI are 4 inches in length.
  • Whereas, 18-TPI and 32-TPI blades are 3 inches in length. Which are good for metal and woodwork.
  • One important point to be mentioned is that these blades also work great with Pine and Plywood.

Have Something Extra?

This blade set comes with (14) pieces of unique blades. Blades are 6,10,12,18 and 32 teeth-per-inch. In total, 5 different sets of blades. It also comes with a storage case.

6 & 10 tooth-per-inch blades are which are 4-inch long made of HCS substance. 12 tooth-per-inch which is 3-1/2 inch long, is also made of HCS material. Whereas, 18 & 32 tooth-per-inch that are 3-inch in length are made of Bi-metal material.

Expert's Advice
“This set is versatile and comes with promising quality by DeWalt. These blades are strong and can be great for your projects.”



3. BLACK+DECKER 75-626 – Best Jigsaw Blade for Aluminum:

black and decker jigsaw blade, best jigsaw blade for aluminum
  • U-Shank style Blade
  • Weight 3.2 ounches
  • size 24 pack
  • Material = Multi
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  • U-Shank Compatible with other jigsaws
  • 24-blades for multiple cutting
  • Scrolling blades for tricky cutting
  • Durable and strong
  • Can be slow at times.
  • No storage case

The Black and Decker jigsaw blades 75-626 Assorted are known for their sharp and fluent cutting. Especially, for wood and metal. Unlike other, this blade set is U-Shank compatible, without holes. U Shank jigsaw blades are strong and can cut materials with precision.

The jigsaw scroll blade standard will enable you to cut smoothly on edgy and complicated wood projects. Nevertheless, the woodcutting blades can be used for pretty much any general cutting. However, the metal blades can cut aluminum, non-ferrous metal, and the metal itself.

The Black+Decker blades are best jigsaw blades for aluminum, coping & for numerous cutting projects because these blades are compelling and powerful.

The adaptability of Black & Decker Assorted Blades set

Compatible with all U-shank blade type jigsaws. Which makes this blade set immensely versatile. Furthermore, this set provides blades for both rough and smooth woodcutting blades.

Plus, scrolling blades along with thin and medium metal piercing blades as well. This increases the number of tasks that can be achieved with these blades.

The Durability of Black & Decker Assorted Blades set

These blades are quite durable and strong. For instance, normally cutting wood is not an issue for these blades. They remain firm and will not bend easily. Due to their durable nature, these blades can cut aluminum and also non-ferrous material. To sum up, these blades are reliable and that’s the reason they are in the Best Jigsaw blades list.

Major Features of Black & Decker Jigsaw Blades

  • Generally, they are excellent for woodcutting.
  • They can cut through neat and deep with aluminum and non-ferrous metals.
  • Scrolling blades are one of the major qualities of this set. These scrolling blades are great for working on tricky cutting projects.
  • Universally compatible with U-Shank jigsaw.

What’s Included More?

The Black+Decker 75-626 includes 24 blades which can be bought at a budget-friendly price. Includes, metal blades, wood cutting blades, and scrolling blades. Proportionally assembled in a 24-blade pack.

Expert's Advice
“A great set for woodcutting. Different blades for your unique projects. Very budget-friendly.”



4. Bosch TC21HC Blade set – Best Jigsaw blades for Laminate Flooring :

Bosch TC21HC Blade set
  • T-Shank Contractor Jig Saw Blade Set
  • Weight 1 pounds
  • corded-electric
  • materiat is Carbide
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  • Features Progressor-tooth-count blades and Reverse-tooth-count blades.
  • Tough brute storage case for blades.
  • Compatible with almost all T-Shank Jigsaws.
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty against errors.
  • Storage Case can be too hard to open because of toughness.
  • Little expensive.

The Bosch 21-piece, T-Shank Contractor Jigsaw blade types set is great for almost all major cutting projects. It offers noticeable results in normal wood cutting, metal cutting, and other materials as well.

Furthermore, they feature reverse-tooth and progressive-tooth-count blades. Wonderful for normal home-use and projects. For instance, remodeling and installers.

This set included Bi-metal, high-speed steel, and High-carbon steel. Which makes these blades efficient and can boost the performance of your jigsaw.

Blade storage is provided with a Heavy-duty storage case. Whereas, the T-shank design enables the user to have control and makes the blades stable. The Bosch jigsaw blades set is friendly with approximately 90% of other T-Shank jigsaws in the market.

The Adaptability of Bosch TC21HC Blades

This blade set can be used for all general-purpose cutting. For example, remodelers, installers, or any professional project and also this will help you to use for professional machines too. The progressive-tooth-count blades can cut through smoothly in thin or thick substance. Besides, Persisting break resistance is provided by High-carbon steel material.

The T-Shank design makes it easy for controlling the strokes of your blade and monitoring Its overall performance with your Jigsaw.

Moreover, the two-progressor blades are fine for particleboard and metal, as well as embedded nails. The carbide-tipped blades can easily pierce fiberglass, plexiglass, and plasterboard material.

The Durability of Bosch TC21HC Blades

T-Shank design provides a firm grip and keeps the functionality stable. Whereas, rigid blade body decreases blade bending. Which ensures straight and intense cutting. Plus, the set includes a tough brute case that keeps your valuable blades safe. This overall maximize the durability of the blades.

Blades made from Bi-metal, High-Speed steel, and high-carbon steel multiplies the efficiency and stability of the blades.

Major Features of Bosch TC21HC Blades

  • Features reverse cut jigsaw blades and progressor tooth count blades.
  • High carbon steel for utmost strength.
  • Fit in almost all T-Shank compatible jigsaws.
  • In furthermore, the durable precision design which doubles accuracy.
  • Smooth cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals because of high-speed steel blades
  • It comes with a bonus storage case.

Extra Some Included Items

Primarily, the set includes a total of 5 pieces of  T101B for cutting clean wood, 5 pieces of T144DP for wood, 2 pieces of T345XF progressor blades for multiple materials, and general-purpose.

Bosch TC21HC Blade set

Additionally,  5 pieces of T118A basic blades for metal, 2 pieces of T123X progressor for metal, and 2 pieces of T141HM1 special blades for Fiber and plaster. Furthermore, a strong storage case is also included.

Expert's Advice
“The blades of this set are well designed, unique and sharp. They are great for multi-purpose projects and can surely be what you need.”



5. Task Tools 09962 – Best Jigsaw Blades for Wood:

Task Tools 09962 Universal shank jigsaw blade
  • Includes 20 blades
  • Blades measure from 2.8-Inch to 3.6-Inch in length
  • weight is 4 ounces
  • materiat is steel
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  • Universally compatible fits in any jigsaw
  • Tungsten Carbide improves durability
  • High-Carbon steel blades
  • Variety of blades.
  • No storage case
  • Slightly similar blades

Now on the list is Task Tools 09962. Full of features different and with variety. This blade set has made to this top jigsaw blade list for its quality and compatibility. If features universal jig saw blades which are great for cutting wood, plywood, and composites.

Furthermore, it features distinct blades that can scroll cut and can also cut in a curved manner. This feature is what makes this blade set best. You will feel rich with 20 blades provided you in a pouch.

Applicable on numerous materials, you can cut into plywood, metal, wood, and drywall with this blade set easily. Durable shape and sharp blades for accurate and error-free cutting.

The Adaptability of Task Tools U-Shank Blades

Firstly, the greatest advantage which makes this blade set not only compatible but really user-friendly is, the blades can fit any jigsaw. That’s why it’s called universal shank jigsaw.

Secondly, what increases the versatility of this jigsaw blade set is its blades and their design. Each of them serves their specific and special purpose. For instance, a High-carbon steel jigsaw blade for wet wood and hardwood. High-carbon steel is strong and can be used for composites as well.

Besides, scroll blades add another feature which is to cut on curved and tricky projects with precision.

The Durability of Task tools U-Shank Blades

The durability of Task Tools 09962 blade set is worth noticing. It features an elegant Tungsten Carbide design which enhances the sharpness of the blade. Further, it also makes them extra solid and reliable. Nature of the blade, for example, High-Carbon steel adds more durability to the products.

Major Features of Task Tools 09962

  • The Durable design features Tungsten Carbide.
  • The universal compatibility which enables these blades to be mounted with any jigsaw.
  • Blades and their high-carbon steel built to strengthen the cutting force and depth. it comes with 20-exceptional blades.

What’s included more?

There’s a lot of stuff that comes with the package. However, it includes 2×3 inch 6 TPI, High-Carbon steel blades for wet wood and hardwood.

Plus, 2×3.5 inch’ 10 TPI, High-Carbon Steel jigsaw blade especially for cutting composite wood. Moreover, 2×75 inch’ 10 TPI, High-carbon steel blade for scroll cuts in plastic and thin wood.

In furtherance, there are blades for plywood and wood made of High-carbon steel 2×3 inch’ 10TPI. Finally, two Bi-metal blades for thin metal, plastic, and sheet metal.

Expert's Advice
“Versatile and innovative. Sharp and durable blades, good for cutting tough materials.”



6. WORKPRO W124142A – Best Jigsaw Blades for Hardwod:

WORKPRO 25- Piece T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set
  • 25-Piece Set
  • Part Number W124142A
  • weight is 12.8 ounces
  • materiat is HCS/HSS/BIM
Check Price
  • Durable storage case
  • Blades that are strong and for many materials.
  • Can fit into most jigsaws
  • Strong blade material
  • Difficult to manage if storage case is lost

Now on the list is WORKPRO 25-piece, T-Shank Jigsaw blade set. Which deserved to be on this top jigsaw blades list.

That is because of the fact that it is highly compatible. The reason, it can fit into the majority of jigsaw models. Furthermore, it has a design that provides stability.

The blade set has a wide array of applications and can be used on numerous materials. For instance, from plastic to metals. Plus, it comes with a storage case for your convenience.

The Adaptability of Workpro 

You can estimate the adaptability of these blades from this feature. That these blades can be used on multiple jigsaws without any issue. The only thing which you need to remember is that it’s for T-Shank blades.

In addition, it can also be used on various materials. Including, wood, plastic, and metal. In furtherance, plywood, softwood, thin metal, pipes, OSB, fiberglass, laminates, and aluminum all can be cut with the blades of this set.

The Durability of Workpro

Firstly, the best factor which improves the durability of these blades is the storage case. The storage case is made of fine material to protect and improve the lifespan of your blades.

Secondly, the material of the blades themselves plays an important role in stability. For example, High-Carbon steel, High-Speed steel, and Bi-metal are very strong substances. Which overall increases the strength.

Major Features of Workpro

  • It is a T-Shank Blade set and is compatible with many jigsaws.
  • It has a total of 25-pieces which cut numerous materials.
  • Moreover, it comes with a storage case for your blades.
  • The blade material is tough, HCS, HSS, BIM.

Extra items

The package includes 25-Unique blades. Among them, (5) are T-144D which are for hard/softwood and plywood. Next, (3) T123X which is for metal, pipes, and sheet metal.

Following, we have (5) T118A which are for sheet metal. Subsequently, (2) T345XF good for metal and blade cutting. Then we have (2) T127D for aluminum.

Lastly, we have (5) T101B for wood cutting and (3) T101AD for laminates or laminate flooring. This all will be safe in the storage case which comes with it.

Expert's Advice
“Versatile, strong, and efficient in cutting. A good choice for DIY projects.”



7. HORUSDY 97760 – Best Jigsaw Blades for Plastic:

HORUSDY 97760 jigsaw blades
  • High Material
  • Fast Cutting
  • weight is 8.8 ounces
  • materiat is HSS / HCS
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  • Comes with a storage box
  • 40-distinct and strong blades
  • Excellent cutting ability
  • Rapid, efficient and plunge cutting
  • can cut only certain materials.

Horusdy blades are best jigsaw blades for woodworking and metal set, as the experts name suggests a good selection for different work. Premium quality cutting with HCS and HSS blades. Precise cutting of metals with these sharp and robust blades. Variety of cutting rapidly with rapid cuts, plunge cuts, and efficiency cuts. Plus, the cutting materials can be thin sheet metal, aluminum, hard, and softwood.

The Adaptability of Horusdy Jigsaw Blades

This blade set is remarkably adaptable and dynamic. Firstly, it can fit almost all jigsaw models but DeWalt and Bosch specifically. It can cut in unique patterns to make tricky projects easy. For instance, efficient cuts, plunge cuts, and rapid cuts. However, these factors altogether make this blade set a considerable selection.

The Durability 

These jigsaw blades are constructed with the finest material. High-Carbon Steel and High-Speed steel. These two increase the overall strength and reliability of the blades. Plus, the storage case which comes with the package. It can also increase the health of your blades.

Major Features of Horusdy Jigsaw Blades

  • The best feature so far is its ability to cut in different modes.
  • Rapid cut or plunge cut, this adds feasibility to the project.
  • Next, the blade material is strong and firm.
  • Following, it comes with a protective storage case.
  • Lastly, it can fit in all jigsaws.

What will you get More?

The box consists of (10) T1181 blades, (10) Wood T101D, (10) PC T114D, (10)PC T101BR blades. Which altogether, make 40-pieces. Plus, a storage case for all these blades.

Expert's Advice
“Different blades for all sort of projects and materials. Surely, worth a try.”



8. Bosch T30C – Best Jigsaw Blades for Metal:

Bosch T30C blades
  • 30 piece set
  • precise, fine, clean cuts in wood, metals etc.
  • weight is 11.2 ounces
  • Part Number T30C
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  • T-Shank interface for stability
  • Compatible with 90% Jigsaws
  • 30 unique blades for different materials
  • A reusable safe-keeping case.
  • Difficult to store blades in the case as per some users
  • Not good for hard-metals

If you are looking for a blade set that smoothly cuts metal and wood, then these blades are worth your attention. Bosch T30C 30-piece T-Shank wood and metal cutting jigsaw blades are strong and durable. Furthermore, there are multiple blade types for cutting various metals and wood.

Thus, making these blades a considerable choice for your projects and tricky woodworks. Plus, it has stability and grip because of its T-Shank design. In addition, It can fit most of the jigsaw machines.

The Adaptability of Bosch T30C

The versatility of this blade set is impressive. Firstly, it is compatible with 90℅ jigsaw makes and models. Secondly, the t-shank mountable type boosts its all-around adaptability. It can effortlessly cut wood, smooth wood, and basic metal.

Moreover, the blade set can finely cut plastic as well as precisely. Besides, metal and clean cuts in wood, this blade set is an excellent choice for everyday DIY projects.

The Durability of Bosch T30C

There are several attributes that make the blade set reliable and firm. For instance, the durable precision design which boosts its ability to cut and also enhances its health.

Furthermore, these jigsaw blades are made of High-Carbon Steel which makes this blade difficult to bend and harder to break. In addition, you also get a reusable storage case to keep your blades safe from dirt and dust. Together these features improve the overall durability of this blade set.

Major Features In Bosch T30C

  • The blade set comes with a total of 30 unique blades.
  • Plus, these blades can cut numerous types of material selectively.
  • Moreover, the blades are made of solid high-carbon steel which is really hard.
  • The interface of the blades is T-Shank based which makes it compatible with a wide array of jigsaws.

What’s will you get more?

Bosch T30C blades

The blade set comes with ten T101B blades (4 inches long; 10 teeth per inch), five T101D blades (4 inches long; 6 teeth per inch), five T118A blades (3 inches long; 24 teeth per inch), five T118B blades (3 inches long; 14 teeth per inch), and five T144D blades (4 inches long; 6 teeth per inch).

The good thing is all of this comes packed in a clear plastic tube. In addition, the set also features a reusable case for safety.

Expert's Advice
“This blade set is great for regular projects. It is strong and versatile because of its T-Shank Interface.”



9. Gunpla OT429 – Best jigsaw Blade for Curved Cuts:

Gunpla OT429 Blades
  • 15 Pieces Pack
  • weight is 8.8 ounces
  • Part Number OT429
Check Price
  • Compatible with T-Shank mounting type
  • Mini-Saw blades for precise cutting
  • Blades packaged in blister packing
  • HCS material made blades.
  • No storage case for blades
  • Only compatible with T-shank jigsaws

Gunpla 15-Piece Jigsaw is last but not the least on the page, it is exceptionally good. Premium quality blades made from High-Carbon Steel. They provide efficiency for Curved Cuts, Rapid Cuts, and Plunge Cuts in Hard and Soft Woods, OSB, Plywood, and more.

The teeth are sharp and which doubles the cutting precision. Mini-saw blades can cut sheet steel, aluminum, and other hard material.

Well packaged with double blister packaging. So, your blades remain intact and unharmed.

The Adaptability of Gunpla OT429

The blades have various cutting abilities. For, instance, Rapid and plunge cutting. Also, the tooth design is upgraded for improved cutting precision.

Gunpla jigsaw blades’ shanks are flawlessly sized for their users to pursue any work with any risk of accidents or wounds. Which makes these blades safe and user-friendly.

The Durability of Gunpla OT429

HCS blades are so carefully crafted. That they are durable and heat-resistant. Consequently, your plastic material will not melt and will stay as brand new. Plus, the blade material is rigid and strong. That it won’t break or bend easily.

Furthermore, the blister packing will prevent the blades from getting dirty. They will also assist you to stay organized.

Major Features in Gunpla OT429

  • The blades are made of HCS material which makes them strong and sharp.
  • In addition, reinforced teeth improve precision.
  • The blades can be used for clean and precise curved cutting.
  • Ideal for hardwood, softwood, laminated boards, fiberboards, and plastic.

What’s Included More?

The Package simply includes 5x T244D and 5x T118A.

Expert's Advice
“A good set of jigsaw blades for accurate and precise cutting.”



An Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Jigsaw Blades

In our special “before you buy” jigsaw blade guide, we have carefully gathered information regarding all the important factors that you need to understand. A big chunk of a jigsaw machine’s quality and specialty is its blade. Now, we arrive at the question that how to find the best jigsaw blade?

In terms of strength, durability, versatility, and design. You need not worry because we have done our homework. In order to, assist you in deciding about this vital component.

Therefore, in our above-mentioned review list of the potentially excellent blades available in the market. We have explained them in three target-areas of attention. Adaptability, Durability, and major features. Similarly, in this guide, we will discuss it in detail. Let’s start!

best jigsaw blades, infographic of jigsaw blade

The Adaptability of the blade

Before you make a selection. You must know that the range of a blade’s adaptability. To be precise, how much it can cut? How deep and with how many jigsaws is compatible or which materials can it cut? Ask yourself this question before you decide. The adaptability of a jigsaw blade depends on its ability to cut materials and of different types. Furthermore, the material of the blade which enables it to cut.

Blades adaptable with the materials and their nature can be understood below.

  • High Carbon Steel:

These are flexible and inexpensive blades mostly used for making curved designs and are recommended for woodwork. These are strong, no doubt.

  • Tungsten Carbide Blades:

They are used for cutting stainless steel, fiberglass, and ceramics. These are strong and have a big usage-range. Also, these blades can cut plastic and hard-metal.

  • Bi-Metal Blades:

They hold the power of both high-speed steel and carbon, they are used for cutting metal and hardwood. Plus, these blades are way more flexible and can stand against the workload.

  • High-Speed Steel blades:

You can find these blades in plenty of blade sets. These are great for cutting metal sheets and other materials. The thing to appreciate is their sharpness and toughness.

Now that you know the blades and their adaptability. Next, you may want to know that what makes these blades sharp, strong and so distinct. A pivotal role is of the TPI (Tooth Per Inch) in that regard.

The Tooth-per-Inch drastically affects the performance of the blade. This is the second characteristic, which after the material you will have to know. You can only witness their effects when you are using them on materials. Such as woods, metals, and plastics. However, without further delay let us explain for your convenience!

  • Ideal Tooth per Inch for Wood:

Normally, 4 to 6 Tooth per inch blades is perfect for wood cutting. As per the expert’s view that range is fast and cuts wood smoothly. However, if you will use or want to use a 10TPI blade. It will cut intensely but will slow you down. You are free to choose the TPI for your blade. Just keep in mind that if your preference is speed than 4 to 6 TPI is the ideal range for wood. Whereas, if your choice is more power with patience than you can increase.

  • Ideal Tooth-per-inch for Metals (hard)

Jigsaws are not the right machines for hard metals. Hard metals are very tough and a jigsaw is a tool for DIY projects which feature cutting. Nevertheless, if you are determined to cut those heavy metals, then 20TPI is the minimum range. Subsequently, you can select 24TPI blades which will yield better results.

  • Ideal Tooth-per-Inch for Plastic

Plastic is so far easy to cut. It doesn’t really matter if you use blades with more TPI. However, 10 to 16 TPI is the best range for cutting plastic. Do keep one thing in mind that Plastic is not that hard. So you will need to cut it slow and steadily.

Now, that you know about the details which are important for the blade’s versatility. The next we shall discuss is about the durability and reliability.

Durability and Reliability

The durability of a jigsaw blade is dependent on the material it is made of and the care you can give to them. The more safe, clean, and neat they will be, the greater will be their health. Furthermore, strong material will prevent it from bending and getting damaged.

  • The Storage Case:

The blade sets which feature a storage case significantly improves its durability. The blades remain safe and secure. Moreover, they remain clean.

  • The Material of blades:

HCS, HSS, or Bi-Metal blades. These strong substances greatly increase the reliability and durability of the blades. Besides, Tungsten carbide is also one of the toughest materials that blades are made up of and can last long.

Now, that you know about the durability characteristics too. Next, we will discuss the difference between the Jigsaw blades types, their Shank, and also differences.

  • Shanks and their Types

There are majorly two types of Shanks. The T-Shank and the U-Shank. There are jigsaws which are T-Shank compatible and there are those which feature U-Shank. However, T-Shank is strong and is generally compatible with a variety of jigsaws. On the contrary, U-Shanks are also strong but are specific.

  • The Difference between T-Shank and U-Shank

Starting with the T-Shank blades. They are readily available in the market. T-Shank mounting type is generally available in all top-notch jigsaw machines. They are a worthy option and are durable.

Following, We have the U-Shank which is classic. The mounting type can be identified as a “U” shaped cut on the machine.

Types of Blades

There is a wide variety of blades and their types. The ones made with premium material are slightly costly but are more promising. However, it doesn’t mean that others are less beneficial. Some of the popular materials used in making jigsaws are tungsten, carbide, carbon steel, steel, and bi-metals. The following are the best jigsaw blades with optimum construction.

  • High-Carbon Steel blades
  • High-Speed Steel blades
  • Bi-Metal Blades
  • Tungsten Carbide blades.

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Final Words

To sum up, we have listed, reviewed, and read the top market best jigsaw blade sets available. Plus, with our, before you buy a guide, we have explored every aspect which deserves your attention prior to your purchase. Hoping, this article would make it easy for you to choose. We look forward to providing you more latest and updated data on your favorite tool and its parts.

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