Best Jigsaw for Coping in 2022 – How to Use Jigsaw for Coping?

best jigsaw for coping

Our Top Picks

rewards for best overall

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4

  • LED light
  • 3x battery
  • Keyless blade

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reward for premium choice

Dewalt DCS334B

  • Brushless motor
  • 3200 SPM
  • Lesser Vibrations

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Black+Decker BDCJS20C

  • Battery & Charger
  • Variable trigger
  • Lightweight

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A jigsaw is a fantastic thing for cutting something in proper shape. It contains an electric motor with a saber saw, which is also known as a reciprocating saw. Here we are going to discuss the best jigsaw for coping; a coping jigsaw is quite firm and allows you to cut bevel and also to change any angle while cutting.

A dome shape base is firmly used by carpenters and other DIYer’s to cut the material in any of the required shapes. Most carpenters use this coping jigsaw for back beveling irregular shapes.

The main issue comes when you come to the market for the purchase and get confused with the variety of jigsaw without knowing which one would be perfect. In this post, you will get to know the jigsaw with its features, specifications, pros, and cons.

best jigsaw for coping

Best Jigsaw for Coping in 2022

Let’s have a look at the Machine which Experts choose for you.

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4
  • Built-in dust blower
  • LED light
  • Tool-less blade
Dewalt DCS334B
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • High SPM 3200
  • Lesser vibrations
Black and Decker BDCJS20C
  • Battery & charger
  • Speed variable trigger
  • Lightweight
Bosch JS260
  • Durability & performance
  • 3100 SPM
  • Pre-installed dust blower
Porter-Cable PCC650B
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Aggressive cuts
  • 3-orbital settings
Bosch JS470EB
  • Barrel-grip design
  • 3100 SPM
  • Variable speed function
Skil 4495-02 
  • Molded tool rest design
  • Variable speed
  • 4 position orbital settings
Tarose T101AO Blade
  • Multi-purpose cuttings
  • Great for coping
  • Fine build quality
Bosch T244D blade
  • Strong & Durable
  • Budget-friendly blades
  • High-precision design

01. Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 Jigsaw Machine  Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 Jigsaw Machine

The Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 has a powerful battery of 18V, and even it can’t handle 20 V. The jigsaw has a built-in dust blower that keeps your workplace neat and clean all the time. It is beneficial for professionals as well for home users. It’s quite easy to use, and because of being cordless, it can be used anywhere the person wants to shape the material.

The best part of this jigsaw is its keyless blade change system and also for having various orbital action settings. The LED light makes the vision clear and allows you to do the flawless cutting. The Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 comes with a lifetime guarantee through which you can replace the broken part or can repair it with paying a penny, but there is no guarantee or warranty for the battery, you have to buy it on extra expense.

This cordless jigsaw works perfectly for plastics, plywood, and ceramics but is not good for hardwoods or metal. This product is perfect for doing Coping but is quite unstable for professional tradespeople or at construction sites. It is ideal for DIYers and for those who keep on doing something innovative for their home.

The versatile design of this jigsaw is so comfy and perfect. The ergonomic grip of D-shaped handles fits in your hands well, so that the chances of getting harm is about to zero percent. The blades are so convenient and make bevel cut or also cuts at the angle of 45-degree. There are six blades to enhance your ease and comfort while doing the cutting of different shapes.

The jigsaw is very lightweight and portable that it’s quite easy to do work with it at ay space or place there is no boundary of cord and switch. The tool can generate a no-load speed of 2400 SPM so that you can work easily without getting fatigued or tired.

Features of Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 Jigsaw

  • Three orbital action setting
  • 45-degree cutting
  • Keyless blade change
  • LED light
  • 3x battery
  • On-tool blade storage
  • Built-in dust blower to keep your place neat and clean
  • LED light to make precise and accurate cuts
  • Lifetime warranty of repair and replacement of broken parts
  • Tool-less blade change that makes it comfier to use
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle in D shape that keeps the hands safe and make it easy to handle the jigsaw
  • Batteries and charger are sold separately, with an extra expense.
“When it comes to the best, we suggest you buy this jigsaw for coping. There are many cordless jigsaws in the market, but Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 is one of the best. The best part of this jigsaw is its cordless and being cordless; you can get it to anyway. It’s highly portable, which means it can be used at any location without having any restriction of cord in the way.”



02. Dewalt DCS334B 20V Max XR Jigsaw 

Dewalt DCS334B 20V Max XR Jigsaw

Next, on the list, we have the DeWalt DCS334B. That is a cordless Jigsaw with a massive 20V MAX battery that can keep you going for hours. Especially in coping projects. If you glance at it, it’s motor we assure you won’t be disappointed.

It features a powerful Brushless motor delivers efficient performance for longer runtime. That can provide a wholesome of 3,200 Strokes per minute, which is excellent for tricky coping assignments. In fact, you will hardly face any hurdles in cutting tiles and other tough components. Thus, making the DeWalt DCS334B fit for the job.

Further, if we explore the DeWalt DCS334B’s other features, we would see that it also provides a means to control that considerable power. It features a variable speed dial and trigger. That means you will be able to cut both hard and delicate materials according to their nature, just by controlling the blade speed. Plus, for sophisticated coped joints, 4-position orbital action lets you adjust for optimal cutting of a variety of materials.

Moreover, few of the extra features include Integrated LED lights for dim light areas and late-night work. Additionally, an All-metal, lever-action keyless blade change allows for quick and easy T-shank blade changes and a built-in dust blower as well. Hence, making the DeWalt DCS334B profoundly reliable, innovative, and one of the best Jigsaws that can be used for coping and mitred joints.

  • Features a powerful Brushless motor
  • High Strokes per minute. 3,200 for cutting numerous materials.
  • Integrated LED Lights for a late hour or dim light environments
  • Lesser Vibrations
  • No Lock-on button
  • No Vac attachment
“the DeWalt DCS334B comes with all the vital features and functions for professional coping projects. The joints can be easily cut even if they are in the darkest corners, the LED will ensure that you don’t lose track of the cutting line. All other features togetherly deliver maximum performance for satisfying results.”



03. Black and Decker BDCJS20C 20V MAX Jigsaw

Black and Decker BDCJS20C 20V MAX Jigsaw

Now on the list, we have the Black+Decker BDCJS20C, which also is a cordless Jigsaw similar to the DeWalt DCS334B. Perhaps, with its own optimum features and technological enhancements. Black+Decker BDCJS20C is brilliantly portable and convenient to carry around.

It features a 20V max battery for non-stop cutting and longer duration. You can get an idea of the motor by looking at its SPM. It delivers a whopping 2,500 strokes per minute. For cutting, a variety of materials. Though it may seem less powerful, it evidently comes with a package of innovative features to reciprocate that factor.

Further, it has a variable speed trigger installed for increased control and precision. We know that accuracy and management are vital for coping mechanics, So Black+Decker BDCJS20C has taken care of that aspect.

Plus, the 45° bevel shoe capacity for angled cuts in both directions, making it easy to cut tricky coping linkages. Also, if you are punctual and prefer a little bit of a more safe approach, you can have it through the Tool-free blade change. That will enable you to shuffle those hot-blades without touching them directly.

Additionally, other features portray how advanced the Black+Decker BDCJS20C is, for instance, an integrated dust-blower. That will keep your workstation clean and tidy by blowing away the chips. The Jigsaw accepts both U and T shank blades. Lastly, it can deliver numerous cuts, including detailed cuts, precision cuts, following curved lines, and plunge cuts.

  • Battery and charger included with the kit
  • Speed variable trigger for more control
  • Light-weight and portable Jigsaw
  • Compatible with both, T & U shank blades
  • Dust-blower installed for clearing chips and dust
  • Stroke length is a little short
  • No LEDs for late-hours
“Black+Decker BDCJS20C is known for its design and additional features generally. Besides, it also has a lot of positive reviews. This Jigsaw is equipped with multiple advanced and innovative functions that can cut through a variety of materials. It is light-weight, budget-friendly, and is compatible with many blades. Thus, making it an excellent selection for coping jobs.”



04. Bosch JS260 – Best Jigsaw for Coping

Now we have the Bosch JS260. Which is manufactured by Bosch that is famous for its high-end and advanced Jigsaw series. This Jigsaw is corded contrary to the previous two we mentioned on the list. However, it comes with a steady 120V motor that delivers substantial cuts and SPM. It functions on a 6.0 amp motor that can provide 3,100 strokes per minute.

This Jigsaw is budget-friendly and comes with a full package of essential features, usually for coping with relation to kitchen projects and others. Foremost, is the Variable speed, we have to mention this outstanding feature because it is crucial for coping joints. This feature includes a dial for max speed and accelerator trigger to control the cutting pace.

Further, if we take a close look at the specifications, we will see that this Jigsaw competently features both T-shank blades. Plus, Multidirectional blade Clamp for the outstanding grip of T-Shank blades. However, you might not be able to use U-shank blades, but that’s ok. It has much more to offer.

Moreover, the additional features include, for instance, Toolless blade-change system. This feature is one of the advanced ones and provides fast insertion and removal of blades that can save a lot of time and is safer than other options. The built-in dust blower improves your precision, and the Heavy-gauge steel footplate is promising for metal and woodcutting.

  • Enhanced Durability and performance
  • Top-handle steady grip
  • Strong 6.0 amp motor with 3,100 SPM
  • Pre-installed dust blower
  • Heavy-gauge steel footplate for sturdiness
  • Slightly less Blade control
  • No LED for late-night work
“the Bosch JS260 is a considerably competent and advanced Jigsaw. That comes with the guarantee and assurance of Bosch. This Jigsaw is equipped with pretty much all necessary functions for typical joints that you might experience during coping projects. Hence, making it one of the affordable and compatible tools for cutting ceramics and tiles.”



05. Porter-Cable PCC650B Jigsaw machine

Porter-Cable PCC650B Jigsaw machine

Here on the list, we have another cordless Jigsaw, but this time from Porter-Cable. The Porter-Cable PCC650B is an exceptional machine with a 20V long-lasting Lithium battery pack. The Jigsaw can last relatively longer than its competitors.

Also, The motor delivers about 2,500 strokes per minute. Nonetheless, that is not a deal-breaker because the Porter-Cable PCC650B has plenty of efficient features that compensate that factor.

The Porter-Cable PCC650B is a genuinely smart Jigsaw for beginners. It is simple yet has all the advanced features. It is easy to carry around and is slightly light-weight as compared to other cordless Jigsaws. Also, it features a variable speed mechanic, which is a common trait in pretty much all premium Jigsaws. Thus, you can control the cutting pace as per your requirements.

Moreover, you have 3-orbit settings that enable you to deliver smooth, curved cuts and are great for coping joints. Further, the built-in dust blower shall ensure you stay on the cutline, and lastly, the tool-free blade change will keep your fingers safe from hot blades. In the end, making the Porter-Cable PCC650B a complete package at a friendly price.

  • Variable speed trigger for control
  • Great for making aggressive cuts
  • 3-orbital settings for diverse cuts
  • Built-in dust blower
  • No LED
  • Slightly tricky to manage with U-shank blades.
“The Porter-Cable PCC650B is an excellent tool for beginners, but that doesn’t mean it’s less professional. It is designed for convenience and efficiency. The tool has productive qualities and is well-manufactured for typical coping corners and joints. It has a comparatively long battery, and with the variable speed, you are ready to go.



06. Bosch JS470EB – Bosch Barrel-Grip Jigsaw

Bosch JS470EB – Bosch Barrel-Grip Jigsaw

Another Bosch tool on the list, the Bosch JS470EB. This Jigsaw is famous primarily because of its barrel-grip that provides tight hold on the Jigsaw. Besides, it has plenty much that you can utilize for cutting and dealing with more challenging projects, especially related to coping.

Now, if we look at the design of this Jigsaw, we will get to know that it’s a corded variant. That comes with a substantially strong 7.0 amp motor that can deliver up to 3,100  strokes per minute. That means more rigid materials can be cut smoothly and other stuff such as ceramics, tiles, and wood as well. That also with a variable speed dial.

Further, this Jigsaw has its own uniqueness. It features an Internal precision control with a precision-machined plunging system. That, too, makes the tool least vibrating. As a result, it is more stable and accurate. Plus, you will feel a bit more convenient with the tool-less blade change system. That eradicates the need of physically touching the hot blades.

Talking about the design again, you will realize that the tool is very comfortable. Well, that is because it is ergonomically designed. In the end, Bosch JS470EB also features a Constant Response circuitry provides soft-start launch, smooth operation, and maintained speed for consistent performance under heavy usage.

In case you are wondering about something extra? Then let us tell you, Bosch also provides a strong case to carry this tool around.

  • Comfortable barrel-grip design
  • 7.0 amp powerful motor that delivers 3,100 SPM
  • Variable speed dial function to control cutting speed
  • Smooth and accurate performance
  • NO LEDs
  • NO Dust blower
“The Bosch JS470EB has a firm barrel-grip that can be handy when it comes to working on a tight mitred joint or even on kitchen corners. The Jigsaw is truly powerful when you use it, though at the same time is lighter than its other variants. The Bosch JS470EB is undoubtedly one of the best Jigsaws for coping accessible in the market.



07. SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw

SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw

Last on the list, we have the SKIL 4495-02. That is not less than an honorary mention. This Jigsaw is compact but surprisingly powerful. Besides, after hearing all the features when you will check the price? You might get shocked to see how budget-friendly this tool is, after all. The SKIL 4495-02 features a 6.0 amp motor that delivers multiple types of cuts. For instance, curved and straight cuts,

Moreover, the Jigsaw has 4-position orbital settings that are excellent for coping. They deliver smooth cuts and can be proficient in cutting corners or curved designs. You can improve your over-all sawing experience with the Variable speed settings as well.

Furthermore, SKIL 4495-02 is a laser Jigsaw. That means you will have a built-in laser to guide you and ensure that you stay on the cutline. This drastically improves the precision and lessens the chances of making an error.

If we talk about the design in particular, then the tool is lighter than other competitors. Plus, The tool design is custom molded to prevent the blade from damaging material while your work is in progress. So, this was our final mention and is truly an excellent choice as per customer reviews.

  • Custom molded tool rest design to prevent blade damage
  • Variable speed for optimized cutting speed
  • Built-in Laser guide for accuracy
  • 4-position orbital settings
  • No dust blower
“The SKIL 4495-02 is an excellent tool for not only home-based projects but also for professional jobs. That includes coping, as well. The SKIL 4495-02 has a great power source, accurate laser guide and fine orbital settings. Making it a worthy mention on the list.



Best Jigsaw Blade for Coping

Here we have reviewed the top 2 best jigsaw blades for coping after a comprehensive analysis and usage.

01. TAROSE 30-Piece T101AO Jigsaw Blades

TAROSE 30-Piece T101AO Jigsaw Blades

The TAROSE 30-Piece T101AO Jigsaw blades are one of our suggested blades for coping. These blades come in 30-pieces. That’s a lot of variety when it comes to models. With these blades, you can work efficiently with wood, metal or ceramic tiles.

Not only you will be able to cut without any hurdle, but choosing from a wide variety will increase your knowledge about the nature of materials.

These blades can cut wood swiftly and also features High Carbon Steel body for long life.

Moreover, T-shank design for maximum grip and stability, which fits 90% of all current jigsaw makes and models.  Plus, Pointed teeth design of these blades efficiently reduce splintering.

Besides, if we further elaborate the materials these blades can cut, we would be glad to brief. That these blades can cut double-sided laminates, laminated substrates, MDF, hard and softwoods, and plywood without any troubles. You can also clean curved cuts the blades feature 20 TPI pointed tooth profile and narrow blade body.

  • Variety of blades for multi-purpose cutting
  • Great for Coping
  • Fine build quality with warranty
  • Little expensive
“The TAROSE 30-Piece T101AO is undoubtedly one of the finest blade series on the market. They are premium built, strong and versatile. The steel blades and all other blades are durable and specifically designed for cutting diverse materials.”



02. Bosch T244D 4-Inch 6TPI Jigsaw Blades

Bosch T244D 4-Inch 6TPI Jigsaw Blades

In case you want a slightly affordable option as compared to the previous blade set. Than the Bosch T244D-Inch 6TPI blades are also available. These blades are cheaper but without any compromise on the quality and strength of the blades.

These blades feature High carbon steel construction for long life—T-shank design for maximum stability which fits most of all current Jigsaws. The Bosch T244D-Inch 6TPI blades can smoothly cut wood, hardwood and light metals. These fierce blades can cut many other materials as well. Thus, coping corners and projects similar to that generally fits their nature.

Moreover, these blades are also used for delivering specific cuts—for example, straight cuts, notching and workarounds. These blades are very swift and professional when it comes to curved, rough cutting—precisely the kind of nature required for coping jobs.

These 6-tooth Jigsaw blades can cut hardwood, softwood and particleboard faster than any other blade. The Bosch T244D-Inch 6TPI blades arrive in the 5-piece pack, and their length is suitable as per need.

  • Strong and Durable blades
  • Budget-friendly blades
  • High-performance & high-precision design
  • Slightly demanding to manage without a blade storage case
“The Bosch T244D-Inch 6TPI blades are strong, durable, fierce and are meticulously designed by Bosch for optimum performance. These blades, with all those features mentioned above, are still worth the price. That is significantly lesser than other blades. Thus, making them the best blades for coping in value.”



How to Use Jigsaw for Coping?

If you have experience in carpeting or trim carpeting. You must be aware of coped and mitered joints. However, before we actually discuss how to use Jigsaw for coping. We must understand that mitered joints generally are less tighter than coped joints. Therefore, you might need to do a couple of things before you start cutting the copes with a Jigsaw.

According to our research and experts, Mitered joints can be less tight in the case of non-square walls. Thus, you can use the following technique to set the pace. Firstly, try coping with the available baseboard. You can also gradually cope with chair rail and crown molding inside comers. After that, cut the copes with a jigsaw.

There can be a few issues that you might face with coping. Usually, if you try to cut coped joints with Jigsaw, It can be a trouble to keep track of the cutline. This is being reported by many users. The other thing is Jigsaw is often slightly tricky to hold, it bounces. As a result, delivering a back-cut might slash or scar the surface.


You can solve this problem by using your Jigsaw in a creative manner. You can try cutting upside down. The Jigsaw has fine-tooth blades that can cut curve patterns faster and accurately as compared to circular blades.

A faster way to cope. Nonetheless, try starting your cut from the bottom, place the material you want to cut on the Jigsaw’s shoe. Carefully, deliver back-cuts and remember to use the Jigsaw’s speed variable settings for precision.

Your Jigsaw will now be below the material, thus enabling you to clearly keep track of your cut line. You can use both your left and right hands for more accuracy and control. For instance, you can grab the material with your single hand and the Jigsaw with the other. Providing you a better view and angle of coping.

Because the saw is facing upwards, it will be cutting on the downstroke. Another thing to remember is that fine-tooth blades are great, but you can also use stagger-tooth blades. They can cut materials easily, plus, will leave an edge at the molding. For deeper cuts, you can use a short blade for the chair rail and a 4-in—blade for crown moldings.

Pro tip? The longer the blade, the deeper and better the cuts. Moreover, more precision in cutting curvy designs using the technique mentioned above.

We hope that by using this technique, you will be able to cope with jigsaws without any trouble.

Wrapping Up

As I have explained, the best jigsaw for coping above that is quite affordable for everyone. A cordless jigsaw is so comfy and easy to use to cut the wood or any material in a curved shape.

The dome shape helps a lot in curve shape cutting. Anyhow, the coping foot is mostly used for back beveling irregular lines.

I hope that the above post has helped you a lot. Still, if you get any query regarding the Jigsaw machine, you can ask in the comment section below.

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