Best Jigsaw for cutting metal in 2022 – Getbestjigsaw Review

best jigsaw for cutting metal

best jigsaw for cutting metal

A jigsaw is an efficient tool that can be used to cut a variety of materials. Further, If you are a professional who requires a machine that can cut harder stuff as well, for instance, metals. Then you should know that the conditions to achieve that task is relatively short, what you need will be the right best jigsaw for cutting metal and the proper blade.

Now, there are plenty of blades and Jigsaws available in the market. Therefore, it might be slightly challenging to decide which one will match your needs and personality. Moreover, through this article, our prime focus will be on the jigsaw, which is the most suitable for metal cutting.

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We have researched and analyzed the Jigsaws of all sorts, their power, durability, control, and design. After gathering all the data, we can confidently assist our valuable customers in cutting metals.

Let’s understand that a jigsaw is a tool that you use with your hands. It should be comfortable if you are looking forward to cutting metal. Moreover, there are distinct blades that can cut different materials, and some are even designed for the specific nature of the material, for example, wood or hardwood. Then comes metals, which can be 10mm steel and up to 30mm thickness on non-ferrous metals. Now we would undoubtedly require a robust jigsaw to cut them smoothly.

Important tips for Cutting Metals with Jigsaw

Before we head to the review of the best jigsaw for cutting metal, you must get to know these extra tips. These will ensure your safety and are great for professionalism.

  • Firstly, before you start cutting metals, don’t forget to wear PPE, for instance, eye protection and gloves.
  • Secondly, plan your design and improve your accuracy with cut lines.
  • Furthermore, clamp your workpiece. This will not only increase your precision but also will keep your hand stable as you cut the metal.
  • Select the proper blade and install it safely.
  • Apply cutting fluid as you cut, a few drops will do, this will significantly help in cutting the metal smoothly.

Keep in mind these useful tips, and you won’t have any issues while cutting metals. With that being said, let’s have a look at the Jigsaw machine that our team has selected after scrutinizing all these aspects.

Best Jigsaw for Cutting Metal in 2022

Dewalt DCS334B – Best Cordless Jigsaw for Metal

Dewalt DCS334B – Best Cordless Jigsaw for Metal

Dewalt DCS334B features a powerful motor and an extremely efficient runtime. The power of a jigsaw can be measured by its strokes per minute, and Dewalt DCS334B can deliver strong strokes up to 3,200 per minute.

Moreover, the Dewalt DCS334B is equipped with highly advanced features that are installed, keeping the ergonomic comfort in mind. It has orbital settings that are adaptable and adjustable that are recommended for metal cutting. Also, for cutting a variety of other components such as Plexiglas or Laminate sheets.

Plus, if you are more determined towards your projects or prefer working after the sunset. The Dewalt DCS334B also features LED beneficial lights, in case you are working in low light or in late hours. That overall improves your accuracy as well, the cut line will always be in your sight.

Other useful features include, for instance, an updated all-metal, lever-action keyless blade clamp is designed for quick and easy blade changes of T-shank jigsaw blades.

Shoe bevel that can enable you to adjust with detents at 0°, 15°, 30°, and, 45°. Plus, you will also have this desired feature of a removable shoe cover. Now, these all premium features combine to improve the quality of the product, as well as the accuracy and proficiency of your cutting. Especially when it comes to metals.

What else?  The Dewalt DCS334B includes a pre-installed dust blower to keep your workbench clean, boosting your enthusiasm and performance.

However, a minor drawback is that the battery and charger do not come with the box, but that’s not a deal-breaker. As this jigsaw offers a lot more than it’s competitors do in the same price range.

Furthermore, Dewalt DCS334B includes four unique cutting modes, and some of them are ideal for cutting metals. The three of those modes are focused on orbital settings. Nevertheless, one of them deals with straight cuts, and that’s the key feature that will allow you to cut hard metals with precision and without errors.

You will also be able to shuffle blades without any trouble with the help of a tool-free blade change feature. This comes in handy because often, the blades get immensely hot, particularly when they are used to cut metals.

As compared to the orbital cut, which is generally fast but delivers less smooth cuts. The straight cut, still, is the best for cutting metals.

The design of the jigsaw is ergonomic, and it weighs approximately 4.2 pounds that makes it lightweight, on the contrary, usually, other jigsaws that are meant to cut metals are heavier and a little difficult to handle.

In the end, all these exceptional and extra-ordinary features that Dewalt DCS334B jigsaw features are remarkable. The fact it functions on a battery which also, has a lot of positive reviews about its charging.

Features of Dewalt DCS334B Jigsaw

  • Brushless motor
  • Easy-grip
  • Bright LED light
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Easy T shank blade
  • Brushless motor for efficient performance
  • Tool-free bevel adjustment and blade changes that ensure safety and better performance
  • Competitive bare tool price that makes it affordable and budget-friendly
  • Excellent ergonomics that make it comfortable for cutting metals
  • Lower vibration for enhanced stability
  • Stroke rate is little lower
  • Missing attachment/port, lock-on button
“The Dewalt DCS334B has all the premium features that made it a considerable choice and so far the best jigsaw accessible in the market. This jigsaw is great for home-based use, and for professional outdoor projects, remember that its cordless that makes it easy to carry around, further, with the LED lights for more visual assistance to tool-free blade change mechanic and also the powerful motor and lasting battery. The Dewalt DCS334B is, without a doubt, a strong competitor of its rivals and indeed a winner when it comes to cutting metals.”



Wrapping it Up for You!

Cutting metals can be a tough job but with the proper tools that harness enough power it can be made easy, This DeWalt’s jigsaw features all those required traits that will ease cutting metals and designs that involve hard materials. This jigsaw is advanced and is genuinely a considerable selection.


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