Best Jigsaw for DIY in 2022 – Top models for DIY Projects

best jigsaw for DIY

Our Top Picks

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Bosch JS470E

bosch js470e jigsaw macine

  • lightweight
  • swift performance
  • orbital speed change

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Porter-cable PCE345

porter cable jigsaw machine

  • Budget-friendly price
  • Powerful motor 6-amp
  • Tool-free blade change

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Bosch JS470EB

  • motor with 3,100 SPM
  • circuitry regulates torque
  • Variable speed

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A jigsaw is one of the most efficient tools for DIY projects. That is because a best Jigsaw for DIY can deliver a variety of cuts, and it’s advanced features enable users to cut in every direction. Yes! You will be able to cut on curved patterns as well.

Thus, it becomes feasible to be creative with a Jigsaw as compared to other saws. As a matter of fact, DIY is all about being creative, and what else can be encouraging that you can have a tool that can be extremely friendly.

Further, there are a few qualities that make Jigsaw considerable for such projects. For instance, being lightweight and powerful at the same time. However, DIY projects require a lot of precision and patience, as well. The thing about Jigsaws is that they are incredibly versatile.

They can be used cut to wood, metals, Plexiglass, and other materials. So, how can we know which one is the right one for your next DIY project? Which ones are the best Jigsaws for DIY projects?


Our team put a lot of effort into sorting out the best options accessible in the market. We have gathered and analyzed the most flexible and stable jigsaws that can easily be used for artistic projects. As a result, our team has minimized the long list.

Solely, to save the valuable time of our users. Below you will find the detailed reviews of all those nominated tools. Plus, in the end, we have also provided a guide that will assist you in the task of cutting and understanding the process of DIY projects with the Jigsaw machine.

best jigsaw for DIY

Best Jigsaw for DIY in 2022

The following are the most considerable Jigsaws available in the market which are better in terms of durability—performance, speed, power, and price as compared to other saws. Making them possibly the best jigsaws for DIY projects.

Bosch JS470E
  • Lightweight
  • Swift performance
  • Adjustable dust blower
Teccpo TAJS01P
  • Laser cut advice
  • 120V 6.5 amp motor
  • Dust blower for neatness
Bosch JS470EB
  • 3100 SPM
  • Circuitry regulates torque
  • Ergonomic design
Porter-Cable PCE345
  • Budget-friendly
  • Motor 6 amp
  • Tool-free blade change
Craftsman CMES610
  • Variable speed trigger
  • 4 orbital settings
  • A versa track
Milwaukee MLW273720 M18
  • Built-in dust blower
  • Deliver 3500 SPM
  • LED lights
Ryobi One P5231
  • Portable and convenient
  • Budget-friendly
  • Tool-less blade change

01. Bosch JS470E – Best Jigsaw for DIY Projects

Bosch JS470E – Best Jigsaw for DIY Projects

Let go of the worries of handling heavy machinery with a Bosch jigsaw machine as along with being a powerful tool. It comes with the ease of lightweight handling, which gives the consumer the comfort of working long hours without putting in much effort. Weighing just 10.1lbs its top cover provides the consumer with a firm grip, required stability, and reduced burnout.

This Bosch tool has an exceptional feature; a keyless blade change lever through which you don’t have to touch or change the blades. Along with built-in precision control. It’s machine’s plunging system improves accuracy and remarkably smooth cutting.

It also has a lock-on button for long cuts and for the comfort of the user. Indeed, it has no built-in dust blower to keep the cutting clean and precise, and also contains a sturdy foot of steel.

The excellent power rating of bosch power jigsaw is one of a kind, it effortlessly cuts through 7/8th inch of wood and steel, making it a top choice for consumers who require a fast and steady performance.

  • lightweight and easy to use
  • steady and swift performance
  • great orbital speed change system
  • non-touch/tool-less blade change system
  • Soft grip handle with increased ergonomics.
  • adjustable dust blower
  • Struggles with thick steel and aluminum sheets
  • Possible burnout.
In short, This Jigsaw has a powerful motor, keyless blade change, Ergonomic handle for perfect grip. Bosch JS470E is excellent in its features as well as in performance. You can work efficiently while having this Jigsaw because it contains a long cord of almost 13 inches and also has larger shoe and chuck, which will help you out in doing your work precisely.



02. TECCPO TAJS01P – Best Jigsaw for straight cuts

TECCPO TAJS01P – Best Jigsaw for straight cuts

TECCPO JIGSAW is ideal for woodworking, straight cuts, remodeling, and metal processing for carpenters, builders, general contractors, and homeowners.

Plus, With 3000SPM power and high-speed rotation, the TECCPO jigsaw is extraordinary with its working. It comes with 6 different speed change settings, excellent for efficient and variable cuts.

Moreover, Its powerful high-speed capacity along with laser switch makes it a top-notch jigsaw for efficient and swift curved wood and steel cutting. It can do up to 3000 strokes per minute without getting heat up while working.

Are you Looking for a Jigsaw which can help you on home based projects, then we’ve covered a detailed Review for you! 

This Jigsaw offers 3-4 inch stroke length with flawless, impressive cutting. It contains a lock-on button that allows you to have a specific speed without holding it consistently; it keeps your body comfortable and also reduces fatigue while doing cutting work so long—the Built-in laser with a ruler scale that ensures the correctness for users.

Further, Its laser-cut feature is not the only feature that ensures stability.

  • integrated Laser-cut advice for precise cuts
  • powerful 120V 6.5Amp motor
  • dust blower for neatness
  • Base adjusts up to 45 degrees
  • durable and reduced fatigue
  • 6-speed change system
  • the exceptional quality of blades and motor
  • Possible chances of requiring replacements.
“TECCPO jigsaw is a top choice for first-time users and DIY junkies due to its big and improved model. Its modern design enables consumers to handle it without a problem, the built-in dust blower ensures correctness and precision.”



03. Bosch JS470EB – Best Barrel-Grip Jigsaw for DIY

Bosch JS470EB – Best Barrel-Grip Jigsaw for DIY

The Bosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jigsaw is designed by Bosch. That is a prominent industry famous for it’s premium and reliable tools. The Bosch JS470EB is exceptionally efficient because of its smooth operation system. Besides, it also features a powerful motor that works with 7.0-amp.

The good thing about powerful motor is that it can deliver strong cuts that can allow you to cut various metals and hard materials smoothly. The motor delivers 3,100 strokes per minute.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about handling this much power because the Jigsaw features an excellent ergonomic design. The barrel-grip will enable you to hold the Jigsaw firmly without letting it misplace. Now, this feature dramatically improves the stability of your performance, and as a result, you get more precision.

Further, a much innovative feature is a variable-speed dial. The variable speed technology will allow you to maintain your cutting speed. This feature provides a lot of unseen benefits. For example, you will be able to cut different materials according to their nature without causing damage. Also, you will be able to cut on curved patterns without errors. That is certainly is a brilliant feature for DIY projects.

Furthermore, other great features include tool-less blade ejection, for instance. That ensures your safety and saves your time. You won’t need to handle the hot blade and also will be able to switch them promptly. Even if we look at the design more carefully, these additional features make this tool more premium.

The Die-cast aluminum footplate includes a steel insert and on-board bevel wrench, for bevel cuts to 45°. Besides, the Plunging system reduces the Jigsaw’s vibration, which indeed is an advanced technology.

Last but not least, the Jigsaw features Four Orbital-action settings that provide different blade strokes. Best for delivering smooth and aggressive cuts. What else? You will be delighted to see a built-in Dust blower as well to keep your workstation clean.

  • Heavy motor with 3,100 strokes per minute
  • Response circuitry regulates torque for balanced function
  • Variable speed for more control and accuracy
  • Ergonomic design with a firm grip, suitable for DIY
  • NO LED LIGHTS for low-light work
  • Limited bevel-cut angles.
All these features are nonetheless perfect for DIY projects. All the factors that can assist you in a beautiful crafting project are present in this Jigsaw. It is not a surprise that this Jigsaw is on the list of the best in the market. Thus, making it a reliable option. The balance between power and design is plausible. The strokes per minute and regulatory mechanics will give you the best cutting results.



04. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Jigsaw


The PORTER-CABLE PCE345 is a jigsaw widely known for its overwhelming strength. The Jigsaw features a 6-amp motor that can deliver 3,200 strokes per minute. That’s truly powerful, which means that it won’t be a trouble anymore to cut hard components—for instance, metals or hardwood.

Following, the Jigsaw’s signature attribute is its 4-orbital settings. The benefit of this feature is highly admired by DIYers, that is because this enables them to cut a variety of materials. That also according to the creative design. Numerous other features make this Jigsaw unique. For instance, 7-position Speed Dial, that is integrated into the trigger. Speed-dials are genuinely beneficial; it dramatically assists in improving stability, the precision of your cuts, and all-around accuracy. Besides, gives the user additional feeling of control.

Furthermore, other features include a Lock-on button for more extended and convenient usage. This feature prevents you from feeling fatigued, it adds more comfort. So that you can work for longer and put more effort into satisfying results.  In the end, with the quick and easy Blade change mechanics, you will get rid of extra tools and save more time, with ensured safety.

  • Budget-friendly price range for maximum affordability
  • Powerful motor 6-amp that delivers 3,200 SPM
  • Tool-free blade change for quick-blade change
  • 7-dial speed control & 4-stroke orbital settings great for DIY jobs
  • No Blade storage for storing blades
  • No Dust-blower
“In short, PORTER-CABLE PCE345 is a complete package of all the modern and advanced features. The control attributes, for instance, the speed-dial and firm-grip design in particular. These are great for DIY projects. Besides, the primary factor that makes this Jigsaw exceptional; is its affordable price. This Jigsaw, as compared to its competitors, is undoubtedly budget-friendly. Bonus? It also comes with a rock-solid warranty—truly worthy nominee of the best jigsaws for the DIY project list.”



05. Craftsman CMES610 – Best Jigsaw for Hardwood

Craftsman CMES610 – Best Jigsaw for Hardwood

Next on the list, we have CRAFTSMAN (CMES610), which is, as compared to other Jigsaws on the list is cheaper. However, that does not mean it offers less. This Jigsaw is portable and productive at the same time. It has a long list of features that you can count on and are certainly up to the mark for DIY projects.

Firstly, this Jigsaw, despite being portable, has a powerful motor of 5-amp that can deliver up to 3,000 strokes per minute. That means there is no compromise on power. You will easily be able to cut the DIY materials in all shapes that you desire.

Additionally, this Jigsaw is also compatible with T-shank blades and U-shank blades. Therefore, the tool is versatile, as well. Moreover, if we take a closer look at the design of this Jigsaw, we will see a Contoured over-molded handle. That means better grip and anti-fatigue design, thus more comfort.

Also, it features a versa-track wall organization system. That you won’t find in any other Jigsaw, especially ones that are this much affordable. A minor drawback, according to this feature, is that the hooks and extra-accessories may not be included.

However, that’s certainly not a deal-breaker, if you glance at the innovative features this Jigsaw provides. With that being said, you should also be aware that this Jigsaw has 4-Orbital settings to adjust cut aggressiveness for various materials and applications.

In the end, the manufacturers provide a 3-year solid warranty for this user-friendly and affordable Jigsaw. That is easy-to-handle, and with 3,000 SPM, you will comfortably cut and create awesome DIY crafts. Almost forgot to mention the Variable speed trigger, which means more precision and control.

  • Variable Speed Trigger for more accurate cuts and control
  • 4-orbital settings for diverse cutting techniques
  • A versa-track wall organization system
  • A powerful 5-amp motor that delivers 3,000 SPM
  • No LED lights for late-night work.
  • No dust-blower
This Jigsaw is affordable and portable. The shape is quite comfortable to move around, and it has all the essential and necessary features for DIY jobs. If you look at the use and the scope of creativity? Then this tool is no doubt the best Jigsaw for DIY projects in that price and size.



06. Milwaukee MLW273720 M18 Jigsaw

Milwaukee MLW273720 M18 Jigsaw

Last on the list is Milwaukee (MLW273720) M18, which is a genuinely efficient tool. Especially when it comes to cutting delicate objects and curved cutting. What makes this Jigsaw different from others mentioned on the list is the fact that it is cordless.

Also, contrary to other cordless Jigsaws, the Milwaukee (MLW273720) ‘s battery has proved significantly long-lasting. It has 65-inch torque that shows its power. Besides, an essential attribute that it may sound like that this Jigsaw may be huge but its 5-pounds only. Making it noticeably lightweight.

Further, if we explore other features of this Jigsaw, we assure you that you won’t be disappointed. It features a Power state Brushless motor. That improves over-all strokes and will come in handy if you are planning to cut slightly harder materials than regular. Improved strokes can also improve your performance in DIY jobs, which means smooth cutting, and that’s an essential factor for a professional DIY craftsman.

Moreover, coming back to the battery, the Jigsaw uses Redlithium Battery Technology. As the name suggests, this technology is advanced and innovative. What it does is that it delivers more work per charge and more work over pack life than any battery on the market.

Also, another modern and technologically advanced system that this Jigsaw has is the Redlink Plus Intelligence. That provides optimized performance and overload protection using total system communication between tool, battery, and charger.

Plus, now we shall explore some additional features of the Milwaukee (MLW273720) M18. Foremost is the Variable speed settings, which means you will be able to adjust from 0-3500 SPM. That is a lot of strokes per minute, making this tool immensely powerful.

Besides that, a Toolless shoe bevel with accurate shoe adjustment with detents at 0-degree, 15-degree, 30-degree, and 45-degree. Lastly, you can an integrated on/off Dust-blower to keep your workplace clean and cut-line insight. Oh, it also features a LED Light for late hours.

  • Built-in dust blower
  • A powerful motor that delivers 3,500 SPM
  • Variable speed dial for adjusting the cutting speed
  • LED lights for more visibility
  • Maybe too professional for DIY jobs
The Milwaukee (MLW273720) M18 is so far the most potent DIY Jigsaw on the list. With all the advanced and modern features, the Milwaukee M18 is not only well-designed but is highly adjustable. Therefore, you can calibrate the speed and pace of cutting as per requirement. The LED lights and dust blower makes the job smooth and clean. Thus, making it one of the best jigsaws for DIY projects.



07. Ryobi One P5231 – Best Cordless Jigsaw for DIY

Ryobi One P5231 – Best Cordless Jigsaw for DIY

Last on the list, we have the Ryobi One P5231 that is cordless. That makes it directly advantageous in terms of movement. You can easily carry it around from one spot to another. Also, in the workplace, you can use it from multiple angles without worrying about the cord interfering.

The next great feature is Ryobi’s 18V battery, which is long-lasting and stable. Besides, It has a powerful orbiting motor that can work up to 3,000 strokes per minute. That means with utmost convenience, the Ryobi One P5231 also ensures that it delivers powerful cuts.

Further, with the adjustable switch and trigger lock function, you will be able to have more control over the Jigsaw. These two functions are to provide comfort and lessen the fatigue while you work on longer projects.

Speaking of design, you will also observe that there are graphical guides all over Jigsaw’s body. They are to let you see what the four-speed settings are ideal for your DIY projects. Moreover, one of the necessary features for DIY projects is the orbital setting.

The Ryobi One P5231 has 4 unique Orbital settings. Thus, you will be able to deliver straight cuts into lumber, with lower settings for making curves or cutting into metal or boards that are for delicate projects.

Additionally, you will also be able to enjoy these extra features. For instance, the Dust blower and LED lights, that are exceptionally useful. LED will assist you in late-night projects, and simultaneously the dust-blower will blow away the chips for you to have a clear view of the cutline.

Plus, one of the core features of the Jigsaw is it’s Blade saving base. This feature is rarely found in other Jigsaws; it lets you store blades and allows you to access them by just drop the base of the tool. Hence, saving your time and making the process feasible.

  • It is portable and convenient to carry
  • Quite Budget-friendly
  • Powerful motor for detailed cuts
  • Tool-less blade change
  • Built-in Dust blower and LED
  • No laser guide for more precision
“We will end our review list with the Ryobi One P5231. That is not only a budget-friendly option but comes with a lot of essential features. Great for free-movement because it is cordless, and the battery is long-lasting. A powerful motor that will assist you in your DIY projects. Additional technological features, for example, LED light and Dust blower. These two truly make it a reliable tool for DIYers. Thus, you will be getting a lot with this DIY Jigsaw.



Next, we shall be going through a quick guide to assist you in using your Jigsaw for those tricky DIY projects.

How to Use Jigsaw for DIY Project

The reason why our team has preferred Jigsaws over other saws is straightforward. Contrary to other saws such as linear or circular, Jigsaws is quite versatile. Not only that, but a Jigsaw is also innovative and intuitive enough that it can be used for both professional and home-based chores.

DIY projects are often creative and require tricky curved cuts for crafting various shapes. Ordinary saws can’t achieve that without disfiguring the artifact, therefore this is where the orbital action and controlled saw movement of Jigsaw get the job done.

tools we need for diy projects

Before we get to the point, we would inform our users that if children are using Jigsaw for their projects, they should only be allowed under adult supervision.

Firstly, the foremost task is choosing the proper blade for the right material. The next thing is to clean up your workplace, so you won’t have trouble getting the view. Thirdly, it doesn’t matter you are an adult or a teenager. Safety first, don’t forget to wear safety goggles and gloves.

Now that you are prepared to draw a cutting line, either straight or curved, on your pine board. Pine board can be smoothly cut with a Jigsaw. That makes it a considerable material for DIY crafts. Though laminates and metals can also be used, you would need specific blades for those boards.

So, the moment you start cutting, ensure that saw shoe is flat and steadily placed on the board or cutting material. Keeping your fingers safe, and keep all the important stuff at aside as you may not end up causing damage.

That’s pretty much all, as DIY is a creative activity, it’s simple to cut and craft with a Jigsaw. You will get used to cut it in case you are a beginner. Good luck with your projects!


Let’s sum up, Jigsaws are so far the finest tools in the market for DIYers. They are affordable, powerful, more controllable, comfortable, and portable. The following qualities are great for meticulous work and craftsmanship. Just imagine? People are building incredibly adorable and artistic projects.

Moreover, even kids under the supervision of their parents and the safety measures ensured, are doing their projects. Furthermore, the above mentioned best jigsaws for DIY are nominated after in-depth scrutiny of all the factors necessary—notably, the ones that are important for DIY work.

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