Best Jigsaw for Laminate Flooring in 2022

best jigsaw for laminate flooring

best jigsaw for laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most robust materials to cut, not because of their nature, perhaps, due to most users not knowing which tool to use. There are many tools available in the market that can cut Laminate. Still, not all of them are suitable and advantageous in that task.

It’s an old saying that  ‘a bad workman always blames his tools’; nonetheless, tools do affect your performance and your results.

Further, Laminate is actually a human-made material that is constructed of glue and resins. Standard saw blades may be insufficiently designed for cutting it accurately. Moreover, during over research for cutting Laminates, our team discovered that you should avoid using a circular saw for Laminate flooring. Unless you are using a high-end machine or a carbide-tipped Laminate cutting blade.

But wait, We Have a Solution!

A jigsaw is a tool that can help you cut Laminate without causing damage to your material as well as your entire project. Although Jigsaws are used for cutting a large variety of materials, that is because they are advanced and modern machines.

How is it better? Jigsaws are not only efficient in cutting straight but also can cut designs on numerous materials in a curved pattern. This can also be utilized for Laminates.

Besides, it will add a lot of ease in your project and also boost your efficiency. Imagine If you can cut not only conventional designs but also unique patterns that can surprise your clients. Now, you need not worry about finding the Best Jigsaw for Laminate flooring.

Our team has gathered, tested, and analyzed all the available options. The best tool available in the market in terms of performance, durability, control, and accuracy. Before we get to the review of the nominated Jigsaw, Here are a few quick tips that might help you in Laminate Flooring.

Tips for Laminate Flooring with Jigsaw

Wear a dust mask: It is advised that you wear a dust mask for your safety. That is because Laminates are made of chemicals that can be inhaled while you are cutting. You should be careful as they can damage your lungs, and even in the worst case can cause cancer.

Use Tape Measure: Every professional keeps a tape measure with himself, you should too. It will help you to deliver accurate cuts and enhance your accuracy.

Use a Tip-marker pen: You can also use a tip marker pen to draw lines in case if you want to deliver straight cuts. Plus, make sure it’s a non-permanent marker pen, you don’t want to leave tracks on your Laminate board.

Jigsaw and Laminate Cutting Blades: A great thing about jigsaws is that they are compatible with numerous types of blades that serve a particular purpose. You can use the Jigsaw that we are about to review with unique Laminate flooring blades for the best results.

Optional Laminate flooring Kit: This is optional; you can buy an excellent Laminate Flooring kit if you are aiming for a sophisticated and remarkably professional project. It will assist you in cutting and will help you in making an impression.

That’s all. Now, without further delay. Let’s have a look at the machine.

Best Jigsaw for Laminate Flooring

After thorough and meticulous research, our team has managed to bring you the most exceptional tool accessible in the market for Laminate flooring.

1. TACKLIFE TJS01A – Best Barrel Grip Jigsaw for Laminate Flooring

TACKLIFE TJS01A – Best Barrel Grip Jigsaw for Laminate Flooring

Tacklife TJS01A jigsaw is a modern tool with all the necessary advanced features for Laminate flooring. Besides cutting Laminate, this Jigsaw can cut a variety of other materials. For example, PVC, plywood, vinyl planks, solid hardwood, aluminium and, thin metal sheet, that makes this Jigsaw versatile.

Furthermore, this Jigsaw has plenty of cutting mechanics. That is vital when it comes to cutting curved patterns and especially Laminate boards. The Tacklife TJS01A can deliver curved, straight, bevel, or plunge cuts. When it comes to Laminate flooring, bevel cuts, and consecutive cuts, both can be used for projects that demand a professional touch.

Moreover, many other features can assist in cutting Laminate boards. For instance, the Jigsaw features constant response circuitry for precise, consistent performance. Plus, 5A pure copper motor is immensely powerful. It can deliver up to 3000 Strokes per minute, which, compared to other Jigsaws, is tremendously strong.

This power can further be controlled with “variable speed” settings, You will have 6-options of speed. Therefore, you will be able to cut accurately as per your requirement. This is so far one of the most advanced features of the Jigsaw and can be really helpful in Laminate Flooring.

Plus, the Tacklife TJS01A features an upfront rubber grip that has a low centre of gravity and is ergonomically designed. Making this Jigsaw very convenient and firm in the hold. Additionally, the all-around design aims for a user-friendly and professional outlook. The Jigsaw features a Low-vibration technology that is great for control.

As compared to its competitors, this Jigsaw is surprisingly lightweight. The best thing about Lightweight jigsaws is that they cause less fatigue. The Jigsaw weighs about 4.27lbs.

Usually, Jigsaws features an Iron base, that is slightly heavy. However, this Jigsaw features an aluminum base is more light and anti-deformation compared with the iron base. Moreover, another satisfying feature is the adjustable footplate. That can assist in making bevel cuts up to 45 degrees in both directions while the flexible shoe maintains cutting stability. Excellent for cutting curved patterns on Laminate boards.

Also, with this Jigsaw, you will be able to deliver fine aggressive cuts. That is because 0 to 3 customized orbital setting provides aggressive cutting to fit a different type of cuts and materials. These orbital settings are useful for cutting both hard and soft materials.

More? This Jigsaw tool features a tool-less blade change mechanic. That focuses on the safety measures and easiness of the user. You will be able to shuffle blades quickly without getting a burn. Further, a dust port can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to enhance the vision on the cutline for higher precision and accuracy.

All these features make this Jigsaw, a worthy selection as the best Jigsaw for laminate flooring.

Features of Tacklife TJS01A Jigsaw

  • Six position variable speed
  • Bevel cutting
  • Aluminum base
  • Comfortable grip
  • Tool-less blade
  • Clear cutting lines with perfect edges
  • Four-position orbital cutting for curved patterns
  • Quite a comfortable handle grip for more control
  • No need to have a tool for changing blades
  • Slightly Poor base plate
“Although Laminate flooring is a bit tricky job but with the Tacklife TJS01A, you can cut Laminate quite professionally and easily. The power and control both are useful for cutting precisely and accurately. Orbital settings and different cuts will provide you enough space and ground for planning your cuts. Lighweight and ergonomic grip will prevent fatigue and offer a firm grip. This Jigsaw has all the innovative and advanced features installed for cutting Laminates. Thus making it The Best Jigsaw for Laminate flooring that you can buy.”



Wrapping Up for You!

Our team has worked to bring you the tool that can fit all your needs, The Tacklife TJS01A is one of the best jigsaw for Laminate flooring you can buy. In all aspects, including durability, proficiency, and innovation.


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