Best Jigsaws Under $100 in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

best jigsaw under 100

Our Top Picks

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Black + Decker BDCJS20C 

black and decker jigsaw

  • Battery with charger.
  • Dust blower for cleaning.
  • T and U shank blades.

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Makita 4329K

makita jigsaw

  • Lightweight 1.9kg.
  • Brush for dust.
  • Orbital action 4

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Porter-Cable PCC650B

porter cable jigsaw

  • Three years warranty
  • 3200 SPM.
  • Tool-free change of blade.

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Jigsaws are excellent tools that are used for home-based and professional craftsmanship. However, the problem occurs when, for instance, a beginner decides to start a career or requires a machine for his project that meets the financial and economical criteria. So, is there any way we can get the best jigsaw under 100$?


Surprisingly, yes, you can. This is what we shall discuss today and shed some light upon it. On many occasions, high-end and advanced jigsaws are beyond the affordable range. 100$ Budget might sound little, but it’s still a lot. As per our team’s analysis, you can get nearly the same amount of quality and features as compared to any other high-end machine in that price.

Thus, we have spent time and sorted out the best Jigsaws you can buy under 100$ with features that will surely provide you results. You will get all the basic and additional features. Now you should know that taking an economical approach is nonetheless secure and wise. It doesn’t mean you are making a compromise.

Besides, you will gain experience without any pressure of spending a great fortune. Further, you will have a durable and reliable tool for almost half of the price. The price is not always a guarantee for what you need; therefore, we have attempted to bring you the best Jigsaws under 100 dollars available in the market in terms of function, power, design, and all-around Budget-friendly price. Hoping that this will assist you in the decision, Let’s start!


Best Jigsaw under $100 in 2022

Black+Decker BDCJS20C
  • 20V avg. power
  • 2-year warranty
  • Charger is available with tool
Makita 4329K
  • Soft grip handle
  • Tigger switch
  • Motor of 3.9 amp
Porter-Cable PCC650B 20V
  • Potent tool at low price
  • Dust blower
  • Tool-free blade
Black+Decker BDEJS600C
  • Cuts a variety of materials
  • Curve control
  • Reasonable budget
Porter-Cable PCE345
  • 3-years warranty
  • Customize settings
  • Easy blade change
Ryobi One+ P523
  • Light is bright
  • Favorite in beginners
  • Trigger lock
Tacklife Advanced
  • Cut any hard material
  • anti-skip handle
  • Six blades
Teccpo TAJS01P
  • Blow duster
  • Speed dial
  • Stable to use
Meterk 800W
  • Soft-grip
  • Changeable blades
  • Six variable speed

01. Black + Decker BDCJS20C – Best Cordless jigsaw under 100 dollars

Black + Decker BDCJS20C – Best Cordless jigsaw under 100 dollars

A versatile tool that can be used anywhere for cutting different materials with accuracy and perfection. It can be carried to any place as it is a cordless jigsaw providing a power of 20V that is the maximum power of any battery; the normal range is 18V.

If you are looking for an excellent result of cutting in a low-price, this is one of the best choices—a portable jigsaw with a stroke rate of 2500. The trigger of variable speed increases the rate of control on the tool. The battery of Lithium-ion is used, which is providing a power of twenty watts.

Blades can be changed easily as the tool provides an eject button, so you can easily change it without touching the hot blade. The device accepts both types of blade T and U shank blades. The bevel angle of 45 degrees on both sides helps you to cut diagonally.

The perfect tool for the straight, curved, circular cut. The thick material of this tool can be used for deep cutting without any hindrance. It also allows the plunge cut. For the precise cutting, there is a dust blower that helps clean the area where the cutting is done so that the path is clear—the wire-guard allows for the precise cut providing a line of sight.

The best thing about this tool is that it provides a two-year warranty, which is a significant benefit at such a low-cost.


  • The powerful motor of 20V.
  • Dust blower for cleaning.
  • T and U shank blades.
  • Battery with charger.
  • The lightweight of 5.5lbs.
  • Wire-guard for precise cutting of material.
  • The high power battery of 20 V average power is 18V.
  • The charger is available with the tool.
  • Two years warranty.
  • Laser light is not present to be used in dim light.
In the end, there is a full pack of features at a low price that you can purchase for job work and even for the home practices. Everyone can handle it with ease as for cutting diagonally; it has an angle of 45 degrees that moves at both sides. Perfect choice for straight, curved, circular, and plunge cuts with a battery’s high power. Its charging doesn’t get finish quickly. The rating of this tool is 4.4 out of 5.



02. Makita 4329K – Best Top-Handle Jigsaw Under 100$

Whenever we ask for the best jigsaw at a reasonable price, this company gives you a perfect tool at an excellent price. Moreover, this company is well known for its unique products.

Makita top handle jigsaw is another good quality tool by this company that helps you in DIY projects. It is a perfect choice with many features.

When you buy some tools, you search for some things that fulfill your requirements that can be power, performance, durability, and functions. Makita top handle jigsaw has all these things in it.

It consumes 3.9 AMP motor power provides a stroke rate of 3100 SPM with a soft grip made up of rubber that makes you feel comfortable when using the tool either for a long time or for a short time. Its design is perfect, so your wrist doesn’t get restless.

A variable speed controller is present that helps you to control the velocity of the blade for cutting different materials entirely. It also has three orbital actions that make your stroke style adjustable.

The tool has a blade of aluminum and a bevel angle of 45 degrees at both sides so you can make diagonals cut, and at an angle of 90 degrees, there is a stop that helps you make the straight and stable cuts.

To reduce the tool’s vibration, it uses the counterweight for balancing it so you can make accurate cuts on the base plate of aluminum so you can also avoid the scratches on the material caused by the tool.

It has a trigger and a lock-on button if you have to cut the intricate and long cuts. A built-in dust blower is available that clear the path where the cutting is done for the precise cutting of the materials.


  • Lightweight 1.9kg.
  • Brush for dust.
  • Orbital action 4.
  • Speed dial.
  • The base of aluminum.
  • Soft grip handle that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Trigger switch and lock-on button for long cuts.
  • The powerful motor of 3.9 amp.
  • Dust blower to clean the path.
  • Speed controller
  • It requires a tool to change the blade.
In the end, it is the best tool for the home practical, and you can use it for many different purposes. It accepts the T shank blades and very useful. A soft rubber grip that is easy to hold. An instruction manual is present inside the tool case. It is an affordable machine at a meager price. Its rating is 4.8 out of 5.



03. Porter-Cable PCC650B 20V MAX – Best Jigsaw Under $100

Porter-Cable PCC650B 20V MAX Jigsaw

If you are looking for a best jigsaw under $100, then this is one of the best choices that fulfill your requirements. It provides good performance while you are doing your job.

This tool can be used for all types of cutting, either curved or straight. It also allows you to cut in bevel and even the plunge cutting of many materials like wood, aluminum, pipes, etc.

Many buyers think that they cannot get a powerful motor with good speed at a low price, but when this model was released, it was unbelievable that at such a reasonable price, you can get a rate of 2500 SPM that is incredible for effective cutting of materials.

Along with the excellent speed, it gives you a feature of 3 orbital action that helps to make intensive cuts in the materials.

This tool has a built-in dust blower with laser light to make the cut efficient. It increases your visibility, so all your concentration will be on precise cutting. It has a feature of bevel angle 45 degrees on both sides for bevel cutting.

The best part of this tool is it provides you a tool-free changing of a blade to change the edge without hurting your hand, and quickly this process can be done.

This tool has a seven adjustable speed that you can use to cut different materials; different rates are used to cut other materials. The speed dialer allows you to adjust the speed of how fast you need to cut the fabric.

On the front of the massive jigsaw, over-mold is present that is mainly used for user comfort. Along with all the features, this tool gives a warranty for three years, that is an incredible thing at such a low price.


  • The powerful motor of 120V
  • 3200 SPM.
  • Tool-free change of blade.
  • Seven adjustable speed.
  • The bevel angle of 45 degrees.
  • Three years warranty.
  • It is a potent tool at a low price.
  • Different features like a trigger, dust blower, tool-free blade, and many more.
  • Accepts the blade of shape T and U.
  • No battery and charger are available with the tool.
“To conclude, it is a handy tool at such a low price with many features like the trigger, dust blower, laser light, tool-free blade, and many other features. If you are looking for a tool that you can use in a home, then it is the best choice that accepts the T and U shank blades that work at an angle of 45 degrees. Beside all these features it also provides the warranty for three years that is incredible. Its rating is 4.7 out of 5. From rating, it is understood that it is one of the favorite tools among people.



04. BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Jigsaw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp

BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Jigsaw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp

There are many models available at different prices according to their features in the market, but the black and decker have designed this model with a variety of features that are sold at low-cost.

The black and decker BDEJS600C is a potent tool with a motor of 5 amp that generates the speed up-to 3000 SPM that is the demand of the professionals. It is also suitable for hard materials and cut them accurately.

This brand always releases a model that gives surprise to its user. The BDEJS600C, in the same way, is an efficient tool with bundles of features in a lower price.

While using the jigsaw, you may need different things like dust blower, variable speed, comfortable base, etc. The BDEJS600C gives you all these features.

You can make the bevel cuts as its rotation angle if 45 degrees are at both sides, along with the 90-degree angle stop that helps you make the straight cut. It also has a trigger.

As you all may know that different speed is required for cutting other materials accurately so, this model has a speed dialer on its side to adjust the speed so may have full control on it.

The technology of curve control allows you to cut the material from one to four orbital action. All settings are customized, so according to your requirements, you can adjust the tool.

The tool-free feature allows you to change the blade easily and quickly. It accepts the T and U shank blades. This is designed to protect the user, and the wire guard helps to give a line of sight while cutting.

This tool is becoming popular among homeowners and people who do DIY projects because of its multiple features.


  • Warranty for two years.
  • The motor of 5 AMP.
  • Four-speed controller.
  • Blade change tool free
  • Built-in blower.
  • Cuts a variety of materials.
  • Curve control adjusts the tool for the desired cut.
  • Reasonable budget.
  • It is noisier than other tools.
“To conclude, at a meager price, it is a very efficient model that gives us a variety of features within one box like bevel angle, tool-free blade change, wire guard, and many more. Due to its all parts, this tool is excellent and becoming a favorite tool for many homeowners and people that their task.



05. Porter-Cable PCE345 – Best Orbital Jigsaw under 100 dollars

Porter-Cable PCE345 – Best Orbital Jigsaw under 100 dollars

When you search for a reasonable price tool, then the Porter cable model with many features within one model at an affordable price.

The Porter cable gives many features under $100 that gives you a comfortable grip, four-level of orbital action, speed dial that has seven levels. We will discuss all these features in detail.

The powerful motor of 6 amp that gives you 3200 SPM. When you purchase any tool, the motor is an essential factor, and almost 6.5 amp or 7 amp motors are available in standard tools, so it is a great thing that you get powerful at a low price engine.

The tool has a lock-on button that allows you to use the machine for prolonging. A comfortable handle is present on the top of the device that reduces your fatigue.

This powerful tool has seven variable speeds that you can adjust according to your requirements and the materials’ type. Because of this feature, we can say that PCE345 is the best jigsaw under $100.

The Porter-Cable has four orbital actions that allow you to cut the wide variety of materials with different thicknesses. This allows the custom setting so you can adjust according to your requirements.

This model comes up with a warranty for three years. As all the features are available in this model, there is no need to go for a costly product. This model is good enough for your use.


  • Seven adjustable speed controller.
  • Three years warranty.
  • 45-degree bevel angle.
  • The powerful motor of 6 amp.
  • Speed up-to 3200 SMP.
  • Easy blade change.
  • You can make customize settings.
  • It doesn’t have the key for ejecting the blade, but it is an easy task.
  • It doesn’t come with the dust bag
“To conclude, at a meager price, it is a very efficient model that gives us a variety of features within one box like bevel angle, tool-free blade change, wire guard, and many more. Due to its all parts, this tool is excellent and becoming a favorite tool for many homeowners and people that their task.



06. Ryobi One+ P523 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Orbital Jigsaw 

Ryobi One+ P523 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Orbital Jigsaw

Ryobi is one of the eye-catching cordless best jigsaws under 100 dollars. It is light in weight, but it works in a relatively efficient way. It is faster and comfortable to use the tool.

The LED light helps the user to look clearly at the cutting area, especially in the night time when the light is dim.

Its orbital actions help cut the material differently; it has a total of 4 orbital steps that can be adjusted by the user. The max level at which you can make a diagonal cut is 45 degrees at both sides.

This tool has five stops for bevel cutting two for 30 degrees two for 45 degrees on both sides and 90 degrees for the straight cut.

The lock trigger helps the user to use the tool for a long time, and it is also for user protection. So whenever users have too long cut of straight-line, the user can lock it to avoid fatigue.

It has a powerful motor that can work for 3000 SPM. It only accepts the T shank blade, and within the case, you can store the blades.


  • Four bevel level
  • Four orbital option
  • Trigger lock.
  • 3000 SPM.
  • Blade store in a case.
  • Light is bright.
  • Favorite in beginners.
  • Battery consumption is high
“To conclude, this model is rated high in beginners. And it allows all the features that are required for the beginners. This model has a bright light that is very helpful in dim light. It only accepts the T shank blade, and the case has blade storage. Variable speed is present along with the four orbital actions.



07. TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7Amp Variable Speed Jigsaw with Laser & LED

TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7Amp Variable Speed Jigsaw with Laser & LED

The TACKLIFE is the best brand that manufactures these tools, and customers have full confidence in them. This model of TACKLIFE is the most powerful as it has a powerful battery of 6.7 AMP that is made up of copper. Its speed range is from 800 to 3000 SPM that is efficient in cutting any materials.

It has a variable speed dial that helps the user keep the tool’s speed according to its requirement along with the type of the material. It has almost six-speed. In this way, you can cut the wood or any other material accurately to tackle the application efficiently.

The dial is located far away from your reach, on the device that is opposing it. It has a laser light guide along with the dust port that increases the visibility of the user.  A lock button is present, so when you use the tool for straight cutting or for a long time, it is useful.

Like other tools, it has four-step orbital action that helps to cut in any direction. The bevel level is 45 degrees for circular-cut, and at 90 degrees, it has a stopping point for the straight cutting. Within the toolbox, it has six blades for different materials. For wood, there are four blades, and for metal and aluminum, there are two blades. The design is attractive, and the tool-free system allows the user to change the blades with ease.


  • Designed for clean and stable cutting of materials.
  • Six-speed option along with cutting angles.
  • The copper motor of 6.7 AMP.
  • Dust port.
  • The bevel angle of 45 on both sides.
  • Six number of blades.
  • This jigsaw can be used to cut any hard material.
  • An anti-skip handle helps to be used for a long time.
  • Six blades in which four are for wood and 2 for metal or aluminum.
  • No warranty for the machine.
In the end, this machine is beneficial for home use as it has many facilities. The most important thing is, it has a copper motor of 6.7 AMP that makes it exceptional from all other models. It has six blades that are enclosed in the case. Different speed options are used for different materials.



08. TECCPO, TAJS01P 3000 SPM Jigsaw with Laser

TECCPO, TAJS01P 3000 SPM Jigsaw with Laser-min

TECCPO is the best choice for the woodworkers as it provides an efficient and accurate cutting of the materials. It is easy to use that anyone, whether he is a carpenter or a homeowner, can use it easily. Its weight is about 5.51 pounds. It has its box, which gives it the feature of portability, and in this way, it can be easily stored.

It has a bevel angle of 45 degrees on the right and left so you can cut in diagonal, in a circular form, and even in a straight line. The max capacity for wood is two ¾ inches, and for the metal, the max capacity is ¼ inch. The ruler gives you an advantage: you can cut the material in a straight or circular form with ease.

The dial is given from 1 to 6 points so that you can easily change the speed of the jigsaw. The hard enough the rate should be from 1 to 3, and when the material is not hard, then the speed should be 4 to 6 is enough. The best feature is that it gives you the two types of different blades based on the hardness of the material: high hardness material and other for low hardness material.

It uses the pendulum actions of four-stage. It doesn’t use the battery; instead, it uses the electric supply. The laser light is used for accuracy, and the dust blower is used to clean the material’s surface. It also gives a warranty of 2 years.


  • Six blades.
  • Laser light.
  • Blow duster.
  • Speed dial
  • Stable to use
  • Easy blade installation.
  • Orbital action of four stage
  • Lock for straight cutting.
  • The laser light used when used at night or a place where the light is low.
  • The duster blower will remove the dust from the cutting area on moving switch forward and release the dust move the button backward.
  • Blades can be replaced easily, like within some seconds.
  • The dial is available to adjust the speed according to the material’s hardness, from 1 to 6.
  • Six types of blades are available for different materials like steel, aluminum, and metal or wood.
  • Rules are used for accurate straight cutting.
  • When straight cutting is long, then a lock is available.
  • The battery is not used.
“To conclude, TECCPO is an efficient tool that has a bundle of features to work with. Even a person who is not expert in cutting can easily cut the materials by adjusting the speed using the dial and the ruler for straight cutting. 



09. Meterk, upgraded 800W 6.7 Amp, 3000SPM Jigsaw

Meterk, upgraded 800W 6.7 Amp, 3000SPM Jigsaw

The newly design best cheap Meterk jigsaw that has a built-in LED light to perform an accurate task. It gives you ensure visibility to make the straight cuts. A guide ruler is also present; using it, you can make a precise straight cut without any difficulty. Along with the ruler, the LED light helps you make cuts even in a dark place.

The speed of the machine is also adjustable depending on the type of material. 6-speed options are present to make a slight cut depending on the material’s thickness—a powerful motor of 800W that gives you a speed of 3000 SPM with six variable rates.

Variable speed gives you full control over cutting and also for the accuracy of cutting. Because different materials require different cutting; moreover, it has a thermal fan that helps to reduce the heat so that the motor can be used for a long time.

A model with the bevel angle of 45 degree that helps to cut in a diagonal shape. This jigsaw is used for both straight cutting and curved cutting. It consists of four orbital actions that help make your work fast, save your time, and energy. Scratchless positions can be obtained by using the pad on the workplace.

Dust remove system is present in this model that removes the dust from the working area for accurate working. A safe tool to use. A soft grip that does not slip while holding for a long time. The lock button allows you to work continuously without any fatigue.

It contains four replaceable blades that can be changed without any harm T shaped blade. This can be the right choice of low- cost with lots of features.


  • Soft grip.
  • Changeable blades.
  • Speed 3000 SPM.
  • Six variable speed.
  • Base plate for scratch less work.
  • LED light for accurate cutting.
  • 4 T-shape blade that is easily changeable.
  • Dust blower to clean the area for accurate cutting.
  • The base plate for no scratches on the material is being used.
  • Thermal fan present inside the tool to avoid overheating and increase the durability of the device.
  • Battery not within the box case.
To conclude, it is the right choice in low-price if you look for a best jigsaw under 100$ with different features. This may help you in the job area and even in-home practices. Its features are handy at reasonable prices to make life easy. Its rating is 4.6 out of 5.



Buying Guide for Best Jigsaw Under $100

You may feel inconvenient if any furniture in your home is broken and you don’t have enough time to call up an expert so he can have a look at it. Meanwhile, you want to fix it but not have the equipment to use.

So we make it easy,

We will show you some best budget jigsaw that is affordable, and it will be easy for you whenever you want to fix any material or are free and want to do any task related to woodcutting. The woodcutters can also consider it.

Many companies are providing an efficient jigsaw with many useful features under $100. Hence it doesn’t disturb your budget. It is a helpful tool that can be used frequently. Before going to know about the features of the jigsaw, let us know what jigsaw is.

What is Jigsaw?

A jigsaw is a portable machine usually used for cutting the woods, steel, aluminum, and many stainless materials. This tool can be used for cutting the material either in a curved shape or straight line.

Its blade work like a swinging machine rushing in a vertical position. It is mainly designed to provide comfort to the professional woodcutters or amateur.

Under $100, there is much variety of jigsaw available in markets with useful features.

What Varieties you’ll get in jigsaw under $100

There are varieties of jigsaw available in the market under $100, and it is quite a fair price in which you can get many features. Under the price tag $100, you can get a machine with five to seven amp of motor power. It has three orbital actions, and some models may have four orbital steps. It also accepts the T and U shaped blade.

In the market, some jigsaws are under $50, but their speed is low that is not efficiently used for cutting the hard material.

Types of jigsaw

There are two main types of a jigsaw that are available in market names are according to their functionality.

  • Cordless jigsaw

At this age, everyone wants ease of using anything. So modern people may prefer the machine with no big wires and can be taken to any place smoothly without any inconvenience.

So, the cordless jigsaw is widely used because there are no big wires and people can use it without the tension of the socket and the wires.

It can be taken to a place where no socket is available and can be used until its battery is fully charged. Sometimes the user has to stop in the middle of the work if the battery is low. It is weighted then corded jigsaw as it has batteries inside it.

Hence, this type of jigsaw uses the battery, and some models may not provide the battery in the jigsaw pack. It is sold separately.

Corded jigsaw uses electricity while being used. It is connected to the socket along with the long wire. These features don’t stop the work of the user as there is no need for charging it.

Despite the long wires, it is lightweight than a cordless jigsaw as there is no weight of batteries.

It is a favorite tool for indoor workers as they don’t create any interruption while working for an extended period.

Jigsaw features available in under $100

The jigsaw has a variety of features, and these are also available in under 100. The features you may check before purchasing the jigsaw are listed below:

  • Power

This is one of the main features that are the primary concern of any machine. The strength indicates the speed of cutting any material with the jigsaw.

Higher the power higher the ability to cut the thick materials.

Some DIY prefer the power of 300W to 700W, but for professionals, the maximum capacity should be from 1000 to 1500 watts.

  • Speed

Power and speed are the most critical factor in any machine. The greater the power, the more significant the rate. So the jigsaw has a feature of variable speed so that speed can be adjustable according to cutting requirements. Although many models have a fixed rate of 2500 strokes per min, it will be useful for you to select the model that provides you variable speed from 0 to 3500 strokes per min.

  • Reduction of vibration

While cutting any material using jigsaw may cause vibration that results in inaccuracy. Your hand also gets tired if you use it for a long time. Many companies use different methods to reduce vibration. So have to check that which thing is used for vibration reduction according to your requirement.

  • Grip

In a jigsaw, there are two types of clasps barrel handle and top or D shape handle.

The barrel grip is at the back of the jigsaw that requires a little effort of the user to push the machine while working. The user cannot use it for a long time as the pain is started in the wrist.

The D-shape or top grip is at the top of the jigsaw, and it does not require any user effort for cutting. It is made up of a rubber that is convenient for the user to grip it. Hence the user can use it for a long time without any fatigue.

  • Baseplate

The base plate is present in the jigsaw so that you can easily place the machine on the material to make adequate and accurate cuts. Hence it is essential to see which material the base plate is made up of to not make any scratch on the material it is placed on.

All companies make the base plate a little different from other companies, but the main thing you have to check is which material it is made of, so it doesn’t spoil your object. Many companies provide a plastic sheet so you can place that sheet on the base.

  • Blade change

Many new jigsaws come up with the feature of changeable blades. The machine efficiently changes the blade. Many models have a button so you can press it to eject the blade and change it with others, without touching the hot blade.

Some additional features

  • Laser Light may provide you an advantage to cut accurately if you are working in an area where a light source is less.
  • Blower allows you to remove the dust from the area where you are working to feel comfortable while cutting.
  • Lock of the trigger allows you not to press it for a long time if you set the jigsaw’s speed. You can lock the trigger and cut the material.
  • Storage of blades allows you to use different blades enclosed in the plastic case of the jigsaw.
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