Best Jigsaw of 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Do you have a knack for DIY projects and want to expand your portfolio to home projects? Before you start out, make sure you have the best jigsaw in your backpack.

Also known as a saber saw, the jigsaw is your go-to tool for versatile projects. We know that creative projects need precision and accuracy. Whether you’re sawing metal, plastic, wood, gypsum boards, a jigsaw gets you the fine cuts that you need for your aesthetic. You already have a brilliantly creative design in your head, and all that’s missing is the tools.

Without a jigsaw, you will likely be unable to get your project off the ground because you need to cut material to lay your foundations. Of course, you’ll find circular saws to be a reliable option too, but they are only good for cutting straight lines. Lots of professional woodworkers debate on circular saws vs. jigsaws have come down to one conclusion.

jigsaws are better! Why? Because they are way more versatile. Now you just need to get yourself one. But wait, with all the variety in the market, how do you choose one that’s reliable and suits your needs best? There’s no fast and efficient formula to help users purchase a high-performance jigsaw, but with our guide, you can narrow down your options to a few select jigsaws that we guarantee will serve you best. It is a fact that a powerful tool with promising features can help finish a project quickly and with more accuracy.

So, what are you waiting for! Woodworking is an art form like any other, and if you don’t have the right tools, you’ll soon give up on your project, losing the enthusiasm you had at the start. A jigsaw will bring finesse to your projects, but when choosing one to buy, you can’t merely set eyes on the big fish with more style – there’s more to it than that.

If you are buying a jigsaw for the first time, then you should take baby steps. Here’s how you can buy an excellent quality jigsaw without being overwhelmed, forcing you to make a run for it.

Best Jigsaw

Our Top Picks

rewards for best overall

Bosch JS470E

bosch js470e

  • Amperage is 7.0 Amp
  • Easy Orbital settings.
  • Barrel Grip Design

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reward for premium choice

Dewalt DCS331B

dewalt jigsaw

  • 20V Li-Ion Battery
  • Blade Changing System
  • Weight is 5.4llbs

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Porter Cable PCE345

portar cable jigsaw

  • four orbital settings
  • T-Shank and U-Shank
  • LED light

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Best Jigsaws 2022

Your time and money are valuable. We have compiled expert’s advice and examined plenty of valuable customer reviews to present the top best jigsaws. We have also aimed to infer for you the usage and the guide. Also the aspects you must acknowledge before the transaction. After that, our important onlookers and consumers must not be disheartened. They must be convinced of their choice.

So, let’s begin with the list and see which is best for you.

Bosch JS470E
  • Powerful motor
  • premium experience
  • lightweight
Dewalt DCS331B 
  • 3- year warranty
  • Cordless
  • Dust blower
Black+Decker BDEJS600C
  • Powerful 5 amp motor
  • Keyless blade change
  • 2 year warranty
Porter-cable PCE345
  • LED light
  • 7 dial speed setting
  • powerful motor of 6 amp
Dewalt DW331K
  • Powerful motor
  • flush cutting system
  • good grip
Makita XVJ027 
  • Optimum charging
  • 18 V battery
  • Dust blower
Skil 4495-02
  • powerful motor
  • orbital setting
  • 1 year warranty
Tacklife PJS02A
  • powerful motor
  • LED light
  • Laser for precision
Bosch JS470EB 
  • Low vibration
  • Multi-directional blade
  • 7 amp powerful motor

1: Bosch JS470E Review – Best Corded Jigsaw:

bosch JS470E jigsaw, best corded jigsaw

Starting with Bosch JS470E. Which is a very reliable choice when it comes to smooth cutting. It has many features and settings to give you the desired results. Great for curved cutting because of it’s speed-variable controls. If you need a smooth cut and continuous performance without any hurdle, then corded Jigsaw is one of the options you can try.

The powerful motor which is of 7.0 amp will always keep it active and charged. Specifically, Sharp Blades and harmless ejection system for safety and quick blade change. Too many qualities for a premium experience. Everything for your convenience is provided below in detail.

 Let’s take a view on Motor 

The motor is the essence of a jigsaw. Bosch JS470E comes with evident power. Equipped with 7.0 amp motor with SMP with a maximum range of 3100 stokes. Due to such power, aluminum, steel, and wood can be smoothly trimmed. Constant response circuitry will ensure that your machine does not act sluggish.

Bosch JS470E also maintains power with precision. 45-degree bevel cut will increase your accuracy. Furthermore, the machined plunging system also catalyzes the exactness. Smooth or aggressive cut, you can easily decide with four orbital settings. Let’s sum up the motor traits!

  • Amperage is 7.0 AMP
  • Bevel angle up to 45-Degree
  • SMP range from 500-3100
  • 120V power
  • Machine Plunging System
  • Four in one Orbital Settings

 Cutting Capability Features 

An important feature that Bosch JS470E has is its blades and blade systems. Smooth cutting is a very essential factor. In fact, Bosch JS470E is equipped with blades that provide steady and sharp cutting. Compatible with a wide array of best blade types which include diamond and High-speed steel blades (HSS).

Including both T-shank and U-Shank mounting options. With the help of it’s a powerful motor and comfortable grip, you will not face any issue. Either It’s plywood or aluminum. Settings for orbital action increase its effects of cutting and precision too.

These are the blade related traits, made easy for you to understand.

  • Smooth blades for precise cutting
  • General Cutting capability 6-7 inches
  • Cutting capacity for softwood 7/8 inches
  • Mounting type; T-Shank
  • Excellent circuitry response
  • It can cut steel/mild up to 4/8 inches
  • Easy Orbital settings.
  • Blade ejection lever for safety.
  • Multidirectional Blade clamp.
  • drill down aluminum up to 7 inches

 An Appealing Design 

Bosch JS470E comes with a durable and comfortable design. Hence, which facilitates reliability, safety, and handling. The structure has many levers for maintaining performance. In addition, it is lightweight and has a Barrel grip design for firm holdness.

It is also suitable for a left-handed grip and will be entirely easy to operate. Thus, it has Die-cast Aluminum Footplate which lets you cruise fast. Protection is nice, with a bevel wrench for keeping everything safe. 120v with a 10ft cord makes it feasible to move.

The design is helpful for all types of jobs from countertop installation to any DYI project. It is equipped with numerous levers to suit your requirements. Blade ejection lever will keep your prevent you from a hot blade. Plus, the dust-blower lever will keep your workspace clean by blowing dust.

We can list features of design for your ease!

  • Weight 3.3 lbs
  • Barrel Grip Design
  • Die-cast aluminum footplate
  • Bevel wrench
  • 10ft cord
  • Blade ejection lever
  • Sawdust blower lever
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Hard plastic cover
  • Speed variables for controlling the speed
  • Lightweight

 A Glimpse of the box 

Bosch JS470E comes with plenty of components for use. The tool is inside a case made of hard plastic, which gives it a decent look.

When you will open the box you will get;

  • One Blade
  • One Anti-Splinter Insert
  • One Plastic Overshoe
  • One Bevel Wrench
[su_panel background=”#e9c46a” color=”#000000″ border=”4px groove #cccccc” shadow=”5px 5px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”9″]”This is no doubt a premium product. The power, design and smooth cutting. Features are indeed compelling.”

 Trust-Based Brand 

Bosch is a leading brand across the globe. It is popular for its highly efficient tools. Truly, premium quality with satisfying technology. Founded in North America, 2003. Bosch remains a symbol of reliability and a trusted source of professional appliances.

  • powerful motor for smooth performance
  • many levers for a premium experience
  • Dust blower for tidiness
  • Speed variable brings more control
  • Lightweight makes it easy to carry
  • Corded difficult to move
  • Slightly expensive as per budget

2: DEWALT DCS331B Review – Best Cordless Jigsaw

Dewalt DCS331B, best cordless jigsaw

Next on our list is Dewalt DCS331B, which is packed with multiple features and qualities. It is unique and very comfortable. Readied with 20V Max Li-ion battery for power and efficient cutting. It has no power cord, the battery is long-lasting and comfortable to maneuver.

The blade remains solid and cuts intense. Of course, this is certainly a package that will benefit you with satisfaction. It comes with the metric measurement system for keeping check. All the information you need is explained!

 Motor Checklist Before you Buy 

DeWalt DCS331B receives all the required energy from its powerful 20V Li-ion battery. Which ensures that the motor runs without any power delay. Whereas, the stroke length is up to 1 inch and strokes per minute can be up to 3000 SPM.

Due to high Stroke per minute, it can be used for cutting various materials and covering different DYI projects. Not only that but the platform sharing system will allow you to use batteries for other tools, afterward, it is a great method of saving extra expenses.

Batteries make sure your work is uninterrupted as far as power is concerned. However, you will have to purchase batteries separately.

For your nicety we can break down the motor features for you!

  • 20V Li-Ion Battery
  • Maximum 3000 strokes per minute
  • Voltage 20V
  • Wattage 20 watts
  • Battery Platform Sharing system

 Cutting Capability Features 

The blade systems and blade comparability that Dewalt DCS331B has is also great. Accordingly, It will successfully fulfill all the motives. It has a keyless blade change system that will help you change blades quickly.

The blade change system also makes it safer. Additionally, it has a quick responsive blade stop feature which will keep you in control. Mounting type is for T-Shank jigsaw blades which can pierce materials deeply.

We can sum up the blade features as follows!

  • Keyless Blade Change System
  • Prompt response blade stop mechanism
  • Mounting type for T-Shank blades
  • Blade cutting capability good for all materials
  • Stroke length 1 inch 

 An Appealing Design 

The design of Dewalt DCS331B is professional and offers many perks. The handle is made up of over-molded rubber. Certainly, this makes its handle not just comfortable but anti-slip in nature. This feature will save you from losing balance while at work. The weight of the tool is 5.4lbs which makes it slightly heavy as compared to other models.

This jigsaw is all metal and has 4 detents from 0° to 45° which makes bevel cutting manageable. In fact, the levers and controls on this jigsaw will speed your work. They include dust blower lever, variable speed settings, 4 orbital action mechanics. Meanwhile, the dust blower will keep your workbench clean and tidy.

The design is the backbone of this jigsaw and to sum up, these are to ground features!

  • Product dimension is 11.2×11×3.9 inches
  • Color is yellow
  • Material is metal
  • Weight is 5.4llbs
  • Anti-slip handle made of over-molded rubber
  • All metal with four detents 0° to 45°
  • Dust blower lever
  • Variable speed
  • Orbital action settings up to 4

 A Glimpse of the Box 

The DeWalt DCS331B comes with the main machine in the box. Furthermore, it has a 3-year warranty which shows how durable the device is for usage. The box includes:

  • One DCS331B 20V max Jigsaw
  • Two blades
[su_panel background=”#e9c46a” color=”#000000″ border=”4px groove #cccccc” shadow=”5px 5px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”9″]”Cordless design makes it easy to move with a powerful battery work twice the time, you regularly do, with this efficient tool.”


DeWalt is famous for its exceptional services. Therefore, their long chain of reliable and productive tools is worth noticing. It was founded in 1922, by Raymond Dewalt and since then is a symbol of excellence.

  • Comes with three years warranty.
  • Cordless makes it feasible.
  • An anti-slip handle enhances your grip.
  • Dust blower to keep your desk clean.
  • Variable speed increases efficiency.
  • It is Slightly heavy
  • Batteries are not included

3: BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Review – Budget Jigsaw

black+decker BDEJS60, best jigsaw for the money

This jigsaw comes with a lot of specifications & one of the best electric jigsaw on the market. That is to say, it can be used for a variety of projects. Most importantly, it is provided with a powerful 5 Amp motor. For steady and smooth cutting.

This jigsaw has many technical advances. For instance, with improved wire gauge that gives you the precision to speed variables. This jigsaw holds the potential to be the best jigsaw tool in terms of the budget also. Though, it may not be for megaprojects but is great for household works.

 Guide for Motor 

The motor equipped in the Black and Decker Jigsaw is remarkably powerful. Thus, 5 Amp motor with variable speed mechanics to provide you control. Further, with a range that can reach up to 3000 strokes per minute. 3/4 inch stroke length which will fulfill your necessities. To sum up, these are the direct features of the motor:

  • 5 amp motor
  • Variable speed mechanics
  • Maximum 3000 SPM cutting intensity
  • Electrically powered power source
  • 120V voltage

 Cutting Capability Features 

The blades are vital parts of any jigsaw. In addition, The Black and decker have interesting blade systems and blade compatibility. Nearby, with making a bevel cut to 45° which will help you cut any material precisely with the curve.

Furthermore, the cutting accuracy increases with curve control technology. Which comes with 1 to 4 settings that help to cut orbitally. However, the blade and its system can be summarized for your ease!

  • Keyless blade clamp for easy blade change
  • Bevel cut up to 45°
  • Curve control technology
  • New wire guard for a precise cut
  • Mounting type; T-Shank
  • works normally with all materials, for instance (plywood, ceramics, metal, and steel).
  • Stroke length 3/5 inch

 About the design 

The design plays a pivotal role in the efficiency of the tool. The Black and Decker, therefore, comes with a productive design. Furthermore, with several levers and maintenance features. Created with plastic material and weighs 5.9lbs which is a little heavy.

However, the upgraded wire guard will multiply your accuracy and sight. The dust blower feature will blow the chips and give you a neat experience. In conclusion, the design traits can be summed as below!

  • Material is Plastic
  • weight is 5.9lbs
  • The product dimensions 11.75× 4.38× 9.25 inches
  • Upgraded wire guard
  • adjustable shoe for stability
  • color is black

 A Glimpse of the box 

A great benefit of Black and Decker is their 2-year warranty. Which is a sigh of relief and a promise of excellence. Meanwhile, the box involves the following items!

  • One Jigsaw machine
  • One blade
[su_panel background=”#e9c46a” color=”#000000″ border=”4px groove #cccccc” shadow=”5px 5px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”9″]”Equipped with the latest technology, features good for you, to begin with, power and security of a warranty.”


Black+decker is a popular appliance manufacturing company. Moreover, Black and decker have covered wide list tools for professional and household usage. They have a good reputation before its customers. Either, commercial or home-based project, this jigsaw company always makes sure to cover every factor.

  • Powerful 5 amp motor for constant strength
  • Keyless blade change system for safety
  • 2-year warranty provides assurance
  • Wire gauge improves precision
  • Slightly heavy,
  • No LED for late hours,
  • No dust blower

4: PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Review:


A jigsaw is popular for its precision and accuracy. Especially, when it comes to tight circles and arcs. This tool is packed with a powerful motor which is 6Amp. Indeed, this not only boosts the performance of your tool but will also save your time.

Furthermore, the stroke per minute rate as compared to other jigsaws is high. Which assists in smooth and straight cutting. Due to high SPM, it has many applications. For instance, with have plenty of power it can be helpful for laminate flooring. It can be helpful for straight and scroll cuts in wood and metal, bevel cuts in wood, sink cutouts, cutting PVC pipe, cutting copper pipe,

Full of many features that are so useful that this jigsaw is part of the list.

 Motor system 

The nicest aspect of the Porter-Cable PCE345 is an excellently powerful motor.  So, having an amperage of 6.0 which increases its strokes per minute to a new level. And elevated stroke length of 13/16 inch which will help you pierce deep and smooth. with 3,200 SPM this jigsaw is a powerhouse.

In addition, with 4 orbital settings, you will be ensured that you are in charge. To sum up! These are the motor-related traits.

  • 6.0 Amp Motor
  • Voltage is 120v
  • 0- 3,200 Stroke per minute
  • Stroke length 13/16
  • four orbital settings
  • Power tool type corded

 Cutting Capability Features 

The Porter-Cable PCE345 is furnished with a keyless blade clamp. It is indeed a bonus element. The tool-less blade exchange and tool-less bevel adjustment are brought jointly for your comfort. And the presence of a speed dial will calibrate the movement as per your will.

The blade types can be both T- Shank and U-shank with a stroke length of 13/16 inches. This will allow you to maintain steadiness and exactness. Truly, Blade exchange made easy and with a variety of both blades. There will be nothing between you and your aim.

In order to sum up, these are the blade related traits!

  • Tool-less blade exchange system
  • Bevel adjustment also tool-less
  • Mounting type; T-Shank and U-Shank
  • Stroke llength 13/16
  • Speed dial of 7 for more control
  • Max cut depth of 4″

 Let’s look on Design 

Beautifully constructed keeping tab of all your needs. Porter-Cable PCE345 has multiple qualities that help it perform as per the expectations of the user. Besides, It has speed dial locks up to 7, Orbital settings up to 4, bevel adjustment, a corded power source and much more.

The soft-grip handle will keep it firmly in your hands, which will increase the quality of your work. Additionally, the LED light will ensure that you cut every masterpiece straight. Weighs almost six pounds which may be heavy but it’s still worth it!.

So, to conclude, these are the design qualities.

  • 4 stroke orbital settings
  • 7 dial speed settings
  • LED light
  • Oversized, overmolded on front
  • Soft-Grip handle
  • Cord length 6 ft
  • Weigh almost 6 pounds
  • Lock-on button for easiness
  • Product dimension 9.5 × 3.2 × 8.5 inches

 A Glimpse of the box 

One minor disadvantage here is the lack of storage. However, the box still has to offer much to the customers. It includes:

  • One PCE345
  • One wood cutting blade
  • One wrench
  • 3 year limited warranty
[su_panel background=”#e9c46a” color=”#000000″ border=”4px groove #cccccc” shadow=”5px 5px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”9″]”LED to help you work in the dark with precision and powerful motor to cut deep. 3 year limited warrant to assure your investment.”

 About the Company 

Porter-cable is well-known for its positive reviews like few included on this list. They have provided their customers with every solution that they demand. In addition, Premium and professional tools for promising results. Since its beginning in 1906 till today, Porter-cable aims to satisfy their valuable customers.

  • LED lights for late-night projects
  • 7-Dial speed settings for versatility
  • The powerful motor of 6.0amp
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Corded makes it less feasible
  • No dust blower to keep space clean

5: DEWALT DW331k Jigsaw Review:

dewalth DW331K

Next, on the list is the impressive DeWalt DW331k, which features many designs and power qualities. All jam-packed into one machine. Even, It is actually a top handle jigsaw driven with the huge power of 6.5 Amp. Still, which enhances the motor to yield powerful cuts, that will bring better results even in case the material is tough.

Powerful but with style. The design features are also worth your attention. Equally important, easy blade change with a gear case as a bonus. Better ability and durability.

Not many will offer so much care and support for their customers, right?

 Let’s have a look on Motor 

The motor receives 6.5 Amp of considerable energy. This boosts the device’s power to function and harvest guaranteeing impacts. Thus, with variable speed with 500-3100 strokes per minute. In addition, the 4-setting orbital settings are the cherry on top.

To sum up, these are the immediate features!

  • 5Amp powered
  • 500-3100 strokes per min
  • Variable speed
  • 4-position Orbital settings
  • Corded
  • Stroke length 1”
  • Voltage 230
  • Wattage 701

 Cutting Capability Features 

The strength of the jigsaw depends on the quality of blades and the system of cutting. So, The DW331k doesn’t disappoint in that regard too. Keyless blade clamp for quick blade shuffling. Besides, the flush-cutting system will permit you to flush cut without up cutting.

To conclude, these are the finalized blade and cutting mechanics features!

  • Keyless lever-action blade clamp
  • Flush cutting system
  • Bevel detents 0° to 45°
  • Mounting type T-Shank

 An Appealing Design 

After the power and precision, we come to the structure. Indeed, this is directly connected with the durability of your tool. Moreover, the design can feature additional traits that can multiply your proficiency.

It can make the tool comfortable and more user friendly. For instance, the latest counter-balance mechanics, which reduces vibration and increases handling. Furthermore, No-marring plastic shoe which will protect your material from damage. Especially soft and glossy ones.

To sum up, these are the features which make DW331K’s design special.

  • Extra-Large rubber grip
  • Counterbalance mechanics
  • Duster blower for keeping clean
  • A no-Marring plastic shoe for protecting your soft materials.
  • Product dimensions 13.5×14.5×4.5
  • The power source is corded electric

 A Glimpse in the box 

The box is equipped with all the essentials. It may not have too much but enough for your satisfaction.

The box includes the following!

  • One DeWalt DW33K1 variable-speed top-handle jigsaw
  • One tool kit with case
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 year of Service contract
  • 3-year Limited Warranty
[su_panel background=”#e9c46a” color=”#000000″ border=”4px groove #cccccc” shadow=”5px 5px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”9″]”A great choice for sensitive and artistic projects. Power and precision both are present.”

 About the company 

As this is the second product of DeWalt on the list, which has the ability to be a reliable choice. DeWalt has the determination to provide the best for their buyers. They have earned a good reputation through many customer’s reviews on their jigsaws.

  • Powerful motor,
  • Flush cutting system
  • Counterbalance mechanism
  • Good grip
  • Draw heavy electricity
  • No LEDs
  • Corded

6: MAKITA XVJ027 Review:


The Makita XVJ027 jigsaw has its own reputation in the market. Comes with great design features and an 18v  power drive. You will not get frustrated from it easily because with exceptional traits that it has, it will prove it’s worth it.

Heavy gauge precision base is affixed to make sure you cut on the line. Equipped with the latest technology which lessens noise and easy to handle. Grips made for professional usage and household work. That you may feel that it is attached firmly with your hand.

The power proficiency of Makita XVJ02Z is also worth paying attention to, because of its powerful 18v LTX battery. With variable speed dial to enhance your precision. Furthermore, it has computerized protective controls to prevent overheating and overloading.

We have concluded and covered all that you need to know!

 Motor System 

The major element of any tool is its power and efficiency. Which is derived from its motor and mechanics. This jigsaw so far achieves all the goals necessary for a satisfying experience. Considering the fact, that it is best cordless jigsaw which removes all sorts of power hurdles. However, it does lack a variable speed dial but its fine 3-orbital settings compensate that element. By providing the accuracy you seek.

It does have a large-two finger variable speed trigger instead of a dial. The protective computer controls to prevent the appliance from overheating, overloading, and over-discharging. This has proven to be beneficial for many customers because handling power is more important. Rapid optimum charging technology to keep you going.

With so much to cover, let’s wrap this up for you.

  • Makita 18v Li-ion battery for power
  • Maximum 0-2600 strokes per minute
  • Fast optimum charging
  • Length of stroke 1”
  • Protective Computer Controls to keep strength in control
  • Large two-finger variable speed trigger.
  • Brushless Motor Technology by Makita

 Cutting Capability Features 

The cutting mechanics and blade features are also available in a variety in Makita XVJ02Z. Foremost, is the tool-less blade change system. This system allows the consumer to shuffle blades quickly and comfortably.

Along with 3-Orbital cutting settings, there exists an option for straight cutting as well for precise and errorless work. Base bevels permitting to cut from 0° to 45°. Mounting type compatible for T-Shank and other blades, as per convenience.

Let’s sum this up!

  • Length of stroke 1”
  • Blade type T tang/ T shank
  • Tool-less blade change system
  • Can cut wood at 90°, up to 5.16”
  • For aluminum, on 90° can cut 26/32”
  • For steel cutting ability can range from 3/8”

 An Appealing Design 

Makita XVJ02Z is packed with many technical features. That is due to its design which has been carefully constructed for promising results. This is one of the reasons why users admire Makita products. Stands out to be the least in weight as compared to its competition. Installed with low-vibration and low-noise technology.

Ergonomic design for utmost comfort and leniency. Moreover, it has a user-friendly grip that won’t tire you as you perform different tasks. Plus, to achieve exact results it has heavy-gauge along with the precision base. There are plenty of other perks that led Makita XVJ02Z to this top jigsaw list.

To conclude for your ease!

  • Low vibration and low noise tech.
  • Comfortable grip
  • Heavy-gauge precision base
  • Weighs 6.4lbs
  • Product size 3×4×11”
  • Built-in LED light
  • Dust blower lever

 A Glimpse in the box 

The box disappoints a little because it doesn’t come with batteries and charges. However, the box has the components which if compared with features are great to go!.

The box includes the following.


  • One Makita XVJ02Z
  • One blade 4/8” 9TPi jigsaw blade.
  • Cover plate.
  • 3-year limited warranty
[su_panel background=”#e9c46a” color=”#000000″ border=”4px groove #cccccc” shadow=”5px 5px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”9″]”Easy grip with quality and lots of components to boost your working pleasure. ”


Founded in 1915, Makita is one of the renowned companies when it comes to delivering fine tools. They have achieved many milestones throughout history and earned the trust of their customers. Makita has the objective of making convenient products without risking on quality.

  • Optimum charging for saving time
  • 18v battery for long usage
  • Dust blower for cleanliness
  • Led light for more vision
  • The only tool included in the box
  • No batteries and charger with the box
  • Slightly heavy to pick

7: SKIL 4495-02 Review – Best Orbital Jigsaw:

SKIL 4495-02

On the list is now Skil 4495-02. This jigsaw has well repute when it comes to preciseness and accuracy. Laser to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. Orbital settings and other abilities. Which will make your projects feasible.

The foothold for better traction. Above all, it comes with a great power motor supplied with 6.0 amperage.

The emphasis of this product was to get the most out of its structure. For instance, the custom moulded tool rest tech will save your material from getting damaged.

Moreover, we shall discuss each and every aspect of this tool.

 Motor System 

Skil 4495-02 gets all the power it needs from its strong 6.0Amp motor. Which compared to its most competitors is more powerful. Along with variable speed adjustment you can reach SPM up to 3,200.

This will enable you to cut deeply and aggressively, as per your desire. It is corded which will allow a continuous flow of electricity without delay. Furthermore, the stroke length is also worth considering, 0.75”.

There are many other details which are summed up here for your convenience!

  • 6.0 Amp motor
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Stroke per minute range is 800-3,200
  • Stroke length of 0.75”
  • 4-position orbital settings

 Cutting Capability Features 

A blade is equally important as the motor. The Skil 4495-02 has a fine blade and cutting system. Firstly, comes the custom molded tool rest design. Which assures the safety of your project by preventing the blade from causing damage. Here also, the variable speed control and 4-position orbital cutting play its role. These two components boost the efficiency of your cutting.

The other factor which improves the cutting of your material is the bevel cutting mechanism. 22.5° to 45° degree bevel cutting ability immensely enhances the ability of the machine. Tool-less blade changing system allows both T-shank and U-shank blades to be utilized. Plus, On-tool blade storage can be used to store blades for later.

To sum up, for your ease!

  • Tool-less blade changing system
  • Mounting type; T-Shank and U-Shank
  • On-tool blade storage
  • Bevel cutting from 22.5 to 45°
  • Variable speed
  • 4-position orbital cutting
  • Woodcutting ability 2.2”

 Design Configuration  

The design of Skil 4495-02 has numerous beneficial specs. Those specifications eventually benefit directly and indirectly. Customers find the design easy to handle and control. The structure has a big ergonomic handle that fits the hand and strengthens the grip.

Furthermore, the much-needed laser guide feature which helps a lot. Especially when you are trying to make linear cuts. Likewise, another great feature is the dust blower, which will blow all the unnecessary chips away.

Nonetheless, to conclude this, for an overview!

  • Ergonomic handle for better grip
  • Laser guide for straight cutting
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Product dimension 12.2×3.5×9.8
  • It is corded
  • Weighs 5lbs
  • Colour finish is red/black
  • Dust blower
  • Material; high-density plastic
  • Lock-on switch for more control

 A glimpse of the box 

The package comes with all which is desired. The machine which is important and plus small accessories. A few users might find this disappointing but whatever is inside is more than promising.

  • One Skil 4495-02 Jigsaw
  • Two U-Shank blades
  • One Multi-purpose U-Shank blade
  • One scrolling U-Shank blade
  • 1- year Warranty
[su_panel background=”#e9c46a” color=”#000000″ border=”4px groove #cccccc” shadow=”5px 5px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”9″]”Corded but lightweight and easy to control. Surely worth a try.”

 About the company 

Founded in 1924, Skilsaw is a prominent company well known for its tools and products. They deliver finely designed hand tools for their valued customers. Skil has produced a wide array of appliances for their buyers and their requirements.

  • Powerful motor to boost performance
  • The orbital setting for smooth cutting
  • 1- year warranty for the security
  • little bit heavy
  • Whole-body isn’t metal designed

8: TACKLIFE PJS02A Jigsaw Review:


This is one of the technologically enhanced and equipped jigsaw on the market. It comes with a variety of blade options, LEDs, powerful motor and you name it. It is also budget-friendly as compared to other jigsaws. This jigsaw has the ability and style altogether.

The Tacklife Advanced is multifunctional which according to many users is immensely convenient. This will save you from extra expenditures. It can easily cut plywood, PVC, vinyl planks, solid hardwood. Furthermore, it can also quite feasibly cut aluminum and thin metal sheets, etc as well.

In short, it has very much positive jigsaw reviews and due to the fact, this is budget-friendly. Many buyers found it valuable to purchase.

Nonetheless, what brought it on our list was its uniqueness and specifications.

 Motor Specification 

Carries power within, of 6.7 Amp which is great for cutting intensely. This strength generates 0-3000 strokes per minute. The amount of energy can be detected by measuring the watts, which are 800 in this jigsaw’s case. The point worth mentioning is that, this jigsaw has assorted ways of managing this ample energy as well. Which is the speed dial for maintaining momentum. The maximum stroke length ranges from 7/8”.

To sum up, all the traits related to power are mentioned below for you to acknowledge.

  • 7 Amp power motor
  • 800 watts energy
  • Constant response circuitry
  • 6-variable speed dials always-on function.
  • Strokes per minute of 3000
  • Stroke length of 7.8”

 Cutting Capability Features 

The most intriguing thing about the Tacklife advanced jigsaw is its variety of blades. These blades are included with the box which is a good bonus. The cutting functions and systems add further charm to the tool. There is blade storage provided to keep your precious blades safe.

It was necessary because it comes with 6 blades in total. Among them, two are for metal and aluminum, whereas the other 4 are for woods and plastic.  Furthermore, the company provides a case for improved user feasibility. At the same time, the cutting is further improved with bevel adjustment. This is one of the important aspects if one wants smooth cutting. The bevel adjustment can range from 0° to 45°. Plus, the adjustable shoe also adds stability.

We have assimilated all the data you need to know regarding this for your relief!

  • Comes with 6 blades
  • 2 for Metal and aluminium
  • 4 for wood and plastic
  • Blade storage provided
  • 45° degree bevel adjustment
  • Adjustable shoe for accuracy
  • Maximum depth of cutting, wood 3.94”
  • Can be used on PVC, vinyl planks, hardwood, aluminum, and thin metal sheets

 An Appealing Design 

Components of the design are what made this jigsaw so famous. It’ stylish and looks like a tool from the future. Laser and LED both are available with this model. Which is great for multiplying the precision of your work. The upgraded aluminum base doesn’t deform easily which makes the machine stable. The tool gives you enough space to move with a 10ft cord.

Besides, the ergonomic handle is made of anti-slip material. Which decreases the chances of unevenness. The laser lights come with plenty of options as well. There are 4 switchable laser light choices for valuable users on this jigsaw. Plus, the dust removal pipeline will ensure that your machine remains brand new. It approximately weighs 5.3 pounds which makes it compact and easy to carry.

Let’s conclude this for you!

  • 4 switchable laser options
  • LED light
  • Aluminium base
  • 10ft cord
  • Ergonomic anti-slip handle
  • Dust removal pipeline
  • Weighs 5.3 pounds
  • Tool’s dimension 9×8.7×3.5 inches

 A Glimpse of the Box 

Tacklife Advanced has the most offering box so far. A lot of accessories and a 24-month warranty. Let’s hop on and see what’s in the box!

  • One Tacklife Laser Jigsaw
  • 1 carrying case
  • 6 Jigsaw blades
  • One Metal Guide
  • One Ruler
  • A Dust exhaust pipe
  • A Ruler
  • Allen wrench
  • A User Manual.
  • Warranty card
[su_panel background=”#e9c46a” color=”#000000″ border=”4px groove #cccccc” shadow=”5px 5px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”9″]”A combination of great features in one machine. Power, LED and much more.”


Tacklife is one of the well-known tool producers in the market. They have produced many value-based appliances for numerous construction directed projects. The tools Tacklife manufacture is unique, carefully designed and updated with the latest technology.

  • Powerful motor for improved cutting
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • LED for night projects
  • Laser for precision
  • Corded blades can drop out of storage
  • A beginner can’t handle

9: BOSCH JS470EB Jigsaw Review:

BOSCH JS470EB jigsaw

The Bosch JS470EB barrel-grip Jigsaw is portable but the best in its own category.  It is not only compact but very potent. It is recommended for carpentry, bath installation, and kitchen projects. 7.0 Amp powered motor with variable speed controls makes this jigsaw not just durable but the best jigsaw for cutting curves.

The cut line is important to track for artistic projects. To help you achieve that task this jigsaw is also equipped with a dust blower.

Well, we have brought you all its detailed specifications, below!

 Motor Specification 

Bosch JS470EB comes with a powerful motor running with 7.0Amp. The stroke per minute range from 500- 31,00. Which along with speed variable control will multiply preciseness and efficiency. Furthermore, it features constant response circuitry which enables you to cut without hurdles. These features are the reason which makes this tool so powerful. There are other tiny details as well. For instance, 4-Orbital settings, these all catalyze its power when function combined.

Nevertheless, the following are the motor and power features made easy for you!

  • 7.0 Amp motor
  • Stroke per minute 500-31,00
  • Constant response circuitry
  • 4-state orbital settings
  • Stroke length 1”
  • 60 Hertz

 Cutting Capability Features 

The cutting mechanics and blades capacity of this jigsaw can be used in a variety of projects. Foremost, it has a multidirectional blade clamp which is highly compatible for holding T-Shanking. Sadly, it cannot mount U-Shank blades. It has a traditional blade ejection lever, which can assure your safety from heated blades.

It can easily cut softwood, aluminum, metal with different cutting intensity. Moving on, it has a bevel cut and angle range 45° which shall allow the user to comfortably cut on curved lines.

In order to conclude everything for you, these are traits you need to know!

  • Multidirectional blade clamp
  • Mounting type: T-Shank
  • Blade ejection lever
  • Bevel angle 45°
  • Cuts softwood to 5-7/8”
  • The cutting ability for aluminum 0.875”
  • Can cut Mild steel 0.375”
  • Tool-less blood change system

 An Appealing Design 

The distinctive barrel grip design of Bosch JS470EB brings a bunch of advantages with it. Firstly, which includes its ergonomic body with soft-grip handle. This allows the user to cut straight on line without shaking or missing.

The low vibration plunging design enhances the working experience with more comfort. Moreover, the aluminum gearbox also increases the professional impression of the tool.

Furthermore, it also has a die-cast aluminum footplate along with the special no-mar plastic overshoe. These two together upswing the precision. Weighing 5.9lbs a little heavy compared to other jigsaws but without compromising the quality.

These are the traits you must remember about the design!

  • Ergonomic body
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Low vibration plunging design
  • Aluminium gearbox with an insulated cover
  • Die-cast Aluminium footplate
  • No-Mar plastic overshoe
  • Dust blower with on/off button
  • Colour; Blue
  • Cord length 10ft

 A Glimpse in the box 

The box of Bosch JS470EB comes with necessary accessories, without further delay let’s have a glance!

  • One Jigsaw blade
  • One Anti-Splinter Insert
  • One Plastic OverShoe
  • One Bevel wrench
  • One carrying case
[su_panel background=”#e9c46a” color=”#000000″ border=”4px groove #cccccc” shadow=”5px 5px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”9″]”7.0 Amp power, remarkable design with quality.”

 About the Company 

Traditionally Bosch has always attempted to provide something new. The company is famous in the market for it’s durable and professional tools. Its products are widely sold and have noticeable support from its customers.

  • Low-Vibration Plunging design
  • Multi-directional blade clamp
  • 7.0amp powerful motor
  • slightly expenses as per budget

Best Jigsaw Buying Guide For 2022

A jigsaw is a versatile, hand-held power tool commonly used for cutting non-ferrous metals, composite materials, and wood into curvy or straight cuts. Therefore, it is crucial for both professional and personal use. There are many things to know about a jigsaw, especially when you are going to buy one. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about jigsaws, including how you can buy the right one for your projects.

What is a Jigsaw?

It is an accessible, lightweight, handy power tool used for cutting materials. It is especially suited for designing straighter and curvy cuts at 90-degree or 45-degree. Many use it for clean and sharp cutting of thin surfaces. A jigsaw is an easy to handle tool, plus it delivers a depth cut of 45 – 100 mm.

It is best recommended to use a jigsaw on thinner materials with its horizontal and vertical blade movements. The majority of jigsaws are cordless while the rest are corded. Moreover, a jigsaw is not suitable to use on thicker boards.

why should you buy best jigsaw

A General Clue of Jigsaw Prices

If you have a limited budget, and the overwhelming prices are wrinkling your brain, then calm yourself because jigsaws are easily affordable. On the flip side, if you prioritize a long list of specifications, expect yourself to pay a lot of money. Besides that, it is better to consider the project requirements before you prey on a highly-specified jigsaw.

The lowest price is $20, which is not bad. If you are planning to buy a high-performance jigsaw, that’ll cost you between $450-$500. Still, there’s no limit because factors like laser LED guide, exhaust ports, blades, etc. come into consideration when buying.

Types of Jigsaws for Different Users

  • Usual Users

If you’re planning to buy a jigsaw for completing regular projects such as renovating a kitchen, installing wardrobes, or laying parquet flooring, consider a 700-watt jigsaw. Make sure it has a 30 mm cut in non-ferrous surfaces, 10 mm in sheet metal, and 90 mm in wood.

Pendulum or orbital action, a jigsaw with variable speed settings, and a 45-degree blade setting would be best. Moreover, you can also choose a model with a laser or metal cutting guide and a vacuum attachment.

Lastly, it would be best if you prefer a mid-range model with a reliable warranty package.

  • Pro Users

If you are a professional jigsaw user searching for an off-the-rack tool, pick a jigsaw with a power range of 700 W, an extraction system, and ergonomic handles for exceptional comfort. High-quality tools offer great pendulum or orbital action, a constant stroke rate, a 45-degree blade setting, and an impressive cutting capacity for every jigsaw-appropriate material.

Make sure you pick a model from a reputable brand that offers a two-year warranty.

  • Occasional Users

If you love doing DIY projects and the only project you’ll be doing with a jigsaw involves a 12 mm metal sheet, pick a 500-watt jigsaw. Its depth has to be 60 mm. Other than that, if you need a tool to fulfill a one-off job, an entry-level or traditional jigsaw model will go you right.

Moreover, don’t forget to consider the warranty; it must be for one year.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Jigsaw

  • Blades

A jigsaw is used for cutting various platforms, which demand splinter-free and flawless finishes. The standard jigsaw blade comes 1/32-inch thick and ¼-inch wide. With the double-edged sword, you can make curved cuts without destroying the blade. You can secure the blade on one end and let the other end float freely.

There are other advanced blades available as well, which are mainly designed to decrease friction. The hallmark of the right quality blade is that its teeth face the blade while it cuts on the upstroke. Also, the reverse tooth blade’s teeth face the opposite direction and dissect on the downstroke.

Furthermore, every jigsaw user needs to learn which type of shank is needed for their jigsaw. Some models are compatible with unique types of shanks, while others fit only one.

  • Motor

Without a doubt, the motor is the most delicate and central point of the jigsaw. It operates the machine, so you must check the battery and the motor to determine the power output.

In most cases, motors have special cutting features for all types of materials, such as hardwood, steel, softwood, aluminum, and more. The key to never malfunctioning your jigsaw is to use it according to its cutting capacity, so you’ll be able to handle multiple sheets of platforms effortlessly.

To check the quality of your motor, follow this tip:

    • Cordless models work best with a motor with an 18V lithium battery.
    • Corded models are good to use with a 5Amp motor.
  • Comfort of Usage

The comfort levels of a jigsaw typically depend on how you intend to use your machine. Consider a jigsaw with the following features that will make your experience even better:

    • Make sure your jigsaw has a dust extraction system
    • It is comfortable to use a jigsaw with a barrel grip handle or a top handle
    • An LED light is necessary to highlight the cutting area for more convenience
    • A rigid, smooth, lightweight steel or alloy baseplate
    • A tool-less blade change system with offer ease when mounting the blade
    • Parallel laser guide or cutting guide for enhancing the operation
    • Make sure the jigsaw you choose has a tilting base plate to deliver the best cutting angles
    • Ensure the presence of a chip guard that will surround the blade and reduce chipping
  • Speed Adjustments

The speed adjustment part is the most critical feature of any jigsaw model. The variable speed control adjusts well with the frequent response circuitry, so you have other options to work with.

Find a jigsaw that lets you adjust speeds with ease, and use your thumb to operate the speed lever.

  • Vibration Reduction

It is a must for every jigsaw buyer to make sure their purchase features vibration reduction, otherwise known as anti-vibration.

While creating soft cuts on hard materials, vibrations are bound to occur. These vibrations can create distractions, reduce focus, and may even cause fatigue to the person using. That said, pick a jigsaw that features anti-vibration to soothe maneuver for more extended periods.

  • Safety Features

When working with sharp tools, safety should be your first concern. However, jigsaws are safe to use due to zero kickbacks. Still, that does not imply you can’t get hurt while working with a jigsaw.

One trustworthy feature of jigsaws in terms of safety is that they do not operate with rotational force like the other saws, and that is why they are safer to use. Still, make sure your preferred jigsaw comes with an auto-stop function.

  • Storage Options

Some high-end jigsaws are available with storage cases. Most jigsaws that are used on worksites come with storage cases since they offer convenience.

So, if you like to take your jigsaw to work, then consider one with a carrying case so you won’t have to hold the machine in your hands while you reach your destination.

  • Instant Blade Change

All advanced and high-performance jigsaws feature tool-less chucks, which enable you to replace/move from one blade to another with ease. It can often be tricky to replace the blade with an Allen key, so make sure you have tool-less chucks.

Other than that, find a jigsaw that comes with a lever, so you can remove a steamy blade without touching it and harming yourself. Moreover, check whether the blade is securely attached in place or not.

This one is truly one of the best features you will find on any jigsaw because it takes the weight of using hectic strategies to replace the blade.

Best Jigsaw For 2022 FAQs

1: What is the difference between a jigsaw and orbital jigsaw?

The Normal Jigsaw machine cuts in linear motion, hence, which is often related to straight cuts on steep line. On the contrary, Orbital Jigsaws are more versatile, they can assist in curved cutting. Therefore, for your ease, we have compiled a precise research-based specific type of Jigsaws.

2: How do I choose Jigsaw?

Choosing, A jigsaw requires the buyer to acknowledge a few important parts and features of the machine. The motor which gives power and its amperage, blades, design, and durability.

3: What can you cut with a jigsaw?

Plywood, thick-wood, soft-wood, Aluminum, metal sheets, plexiglass, and much more, depending on your project.

4: What can a corded jigsaw do for me?

Corded jigsaws operate with an electric supply. So, as the name suggests, corded jigsaws feature cords, allowing you to attach the cord to any power supply.

5: What is TPI?

TPI refers to the Teeth Per Inch metric; it is used for describing the teeth of your jigsaw blades. Most blades feature bigger teeth, while others are available with small ones.

If you are planning to use a jigsaw for materials like wood or paper, it would be best to use TPI blades with a 20-30 range. Moreover, higher blades are suitable for cutting harder materials, such as ceramic, metal, and steel.

6: Which brand is best for jigsaws?

Many brands manufacture high-quality and performance jigsaws; some of them are:

    • Hitachi
    • Makita
    • Bosch
    • Porter-Cable
    • DeWalt
    • Black & Decker

7: Which jigsaw is best: cordless or corded?

It depends on why you need a jigsaw. If you are going to use your jigsaw in a worksite, then it’s best to go for a cordless one. But, if you want to use your machine for longer periods and with an effortless operation, a corded jigsaw would be best.

[su_panel background=”#e9c46a” color=”#000000″ border=”4px groove #cccccc” shadow=”5px 5px 0px #eeeeee” radius=”9″]Final Thoughts

Buying the right kind of best jigsaw will only get you so far that you’ll never want to reconsider your profession. The miracles of using a high-quality jigsaw are exceptional, which is why we emphasize using the kind of machine that complements your projects and fits your requirements Take help from our buying guide, learn what a jigsaw can do, and buy yourself the best kind!

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