7 Best Compact Circular Saws in 2022: Picked By Our Experts (Buying Guide)

Best Mini Circular Saw

Mini circular chain saw is a great tool to add to a toolkit if you are don’t find it comfortable to work with a full-sized one. If you like to take up small tasks around the home, having a mini circular chain saw might be a must, and it can make your task really simple. 

There are hundreds of options available when it comes to the best mini circular chain saw. You can easily get confused and pick an option that is not appropriate for them. Every model has some other unique functionality to offer, making them all different from each other. It is, therefore, useful to know about the best mini circular saws in the market and what to consider before purchasing them. 

Here is a detailed buyer’s guide that will cater to all your questions regarding the best mini circular saws. 

Top 7 Mini Circular Saws Reviewed in 2022

Below is a review of the best table saws using the latest technology and innovations to serve your needs without a glitch.

1 Makita SH02R1

best mini circular saws

Makita SH02R1 can be easily put on the top of the list when talking about the mini circular saw. This compact and cordless circular saw makes a perfect tool for a toolbox as it can be carried around with ease, anywhere you want.

Since it is a cordless model, it runs on a pair of 12V max CXT lithium-ion batteries. This allows the saw to run without a power source for a significant time. Power cords add a lot of weight to the machine. Being cordless also provides the added benefit of being a lightweight machine. It only weighs around 3.5 pounds, which quite less in comparison to any other circular saw you can find. 

There is a built-in dust blower in this circular saw for efficient functioning. If you are quite frequent with handy work, you must be aware that a power saw generates a low of dust. This dust can make its way inside the machine and cause a disruption in its functioning. To ensure that does not happen, the built-in blower keeps the dust away. 

This saw has a very ergonomic design with a soft-grip handle. This allows you to work with the saw for a longer duration without feeling tired or fatigu. This circular saw with 1500 RMP speed provides a very high functional speed for a cordless version. You can definitely find a faster, corded model, but for what it offers, it makes clean, precise cuts through every material you work with. 


  • Cordless 
  • Protection circuit to prevent overheating
  • Lightweight


  • Not as powerful as corded versions

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2 Rockwell RK 3440K 

top mini circular saws in 2022

If you are searching for the best mini circular chain saw that is highly versatile and accurate in its functioning, then you must have a look at Rockwell RK3440K. This saw is really powerful and strong and can be used to make cuts in any kind of material. 

You don’t have to restrict yourself with its usage. Be it wood, plastic, metal, or any other material you are working with, this mini saw will deliver an excellent performance. The versatility of this saw makes it a must-have for every handyman. 

It is an appropriate weight and size for your personal tool kit. It weighs only around 4 pounds with a compact body structure. This makes it easier to hold the saw for a longer duration without facing fatigue. It has a very stylish and ergonomic design with a soft and comfortable grip. This adds to the comfort of the entire working process. 

It comes with an additional laser cutting guide. This guide has no visible impact on the performance of the saw. But it does help in getting accurate cuts while working with it. It has a very powerful motor for a fine and efficient result. 

The 4-amp powerful motor of this machine produces 3500 RPM, making this machine a fast and powerful version on the market. It is strong enough to cut through any material of your liking. 


  • Powerful motor 
  • Faster speed
  • Lightweight 
  • Laser cutting guide
  • Adjustable cut depth


  • Double hand usage not comfortable

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3 Worx Worxsaw WX429L

best mini circular saw in 2022

The Worx Worxsaw WX429L is yet another great circular saw model with a compact size. It holds the ability to make 2X4 inch cuts in a single pass. The accuracy and finesse obtained from this worksaw are truly remarkable, and you would be drawn towards purchasing it. 

It has the option of angled cuts, something that is not offered in a lot of saws in a similar price range. You can adjust the cut angle anywhere between 0 to 45 degrees. This machine’s blade design is pretty unique as it allows you have a visible cutting line for more precise and accurate cuts. 

This saw comes with an integrated safety trigger which ensures better control, balance, and comfort of working. The blade is quite thin in thickness. This means it has a reduced tool strain and helps deliver a better cutting speed than other models in the market. 

This saw has a 4-amp motor that holds the ability to provide 3500 RPM of speed. It weighs only around 4.5 pounds. This makes it a heavier option than other models but still a good choice that is pretty lightweight. 

On this offside, this saw might get a little problematic when it comes to longer cuts. You might see a loss of finish for the same. 


  • Powerful motor that delivers 3500 RPM
  • Visible blade design 
  • Angled cuts 
  • Lightweight 


  • Bogging observed in long cuts

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The TACKLIFE TCS115A is a powerful and strong machine that delivers great performance at a very reasonable price. This tool is a great example of owning a great machine without burning a hole in your pocket.

This mini saw has a great motor power of 5.8 Amp that can deliver up to 3500 RPM. With such a strong and powerful motor, you can cut through wood, plastic, tile, pr any other similar material with ease. This mini circular saw comes with the option of angle cuts. 

The angel cut option can be adjusted anywhere between 0 to 45 degrees, offering you a wide range to function in. you can also go from 45 to 90-degree depth in cuts with this machine. A rip fence option allows you to make straight and parallel cuts with accuracy and precision. 

Unlike any other model, this mini saw has a metallic handle. This helps in reducing strain and fatigue while you work with it. There is a level-cutting guide that helps in achieving even more accuracy in cuts. This saw is a perfect model for those beginning to work their way with a mini circular saw for the first time. 


  • The powerful motor of 5.8 Amp
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable working with 
  • Laser-cut guide
  • Rip fence


  • Heavier than other saws

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5 Genesis GCS545C

best mini circular saw

The Genesis is a very powerful circular saw that can cut through any type of material you are working with. Be it hardwood, softwood, or some other similar type of material. The Genesis GCS545C is the perfect choice for you. 

It comes with a strong and powerful 5.8 Amp motor which helps in delivering 3500 RPM. You can also adjust the depth and the level of this circular saw for a better working experience. It also has a rip fence that allows you to make straight cuts. You can make 2X material cuts only with a single pass. 

This circular saw comes with a vacuum dust port. You can connect this port with the circular saw and get rid of any dust produced while working on a project. The blade might not be as efficient as other mini saws that you get in the market. It can be a bit tricky to work big and deep cuts with this model. In such a situation, you might feel a need to upgrade it. 


  • Powerful
  • Fast
  • Adjustable
  • Vacuum Adapter for a dust clearance
  • Easy cutting through 2X materials


  • The blade can be improved

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6 Dremel SM20 – 02 Saw Max Kit

DEWALT DCS391B 20V MAX Circular Saw

The Dremel SM20 – 02 is yet another versatile compact circular saw that provides the user with a  variety of cutting options. It is designed to perfection to ease your work regarding a project that requires multiple cuts. 

It has a powerful motor that of 6 amp. It helps in running the blade at 0.9 horsepower. As a result, you can cut through the plastic: metal, tiles, or any other material with ease. An essential function of this mini saw is its ability to do a flush cut.  Apart from straight and plunge cut, this machine can also deliver a flush cut with ease through materials like plastic and wood. 

This is one of the high-rated saws that come with four blades. These include a carbide-tipped blade, a tile diamond wheel, a metal cut-off wheel, and the flush cut cartridge wheel. It also comes with a cutting guide, a hard-wearing storage case, and a dust port to get rid of dust accumulation while working. 

In all, this a great machine to invest in if you take up a lot of different handy jobs at a time. 


  • A complete accessory kit
  • Designed for cutting through various materials
  • Dust extraction port included


  • Corded
  • No bevel cuts offered

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7 Black and Decker 5.5 Inch saw

DEWALT DCS391B 20V MAX Circular Saw

If you are looking for a mini circular saw with a slightly bigger frame than the usual, then the Black and Decker 5.5 inch saw is the perfect choice for you. This is a cordless mini circular saw that comes with a blade of 5.5-inch diameter. 

This saw design is pretty much similar to a regular circular saw, but it is still smaller to be included in the regular saw category. It has a great balance and style that helps you work with ease. 

This saw helps you get a tool-free cutting depth along with bevel adjustments. The blade thickness of 5.5 inches makes it pretty easier to achieve a variety of cuts with the help of its high power and high torque motor. 

This saw does not come with the additional accessories that complete the saw. You will have to purchase all the additional things that you require to complete the entire set. 


  • Large 5.5-inch diameter blade
  • Cordless
  • Easy to cut deep
  • Bevel adjustments


  • No additional accessory along with saw
  • Larger than other mini circular saws

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Buyer’s Guide To Find The Best Mini Circular Saws in 2022

Even though every model has some unique feature to offer, there are a few common things to consider before buying a compact circular saw. Defining the purpose for which you need the saw will help you know what type of saw works best for you. 

Based on your need and the type of usage you want to assign to the saw, you can easily narrow down the options. Here are a few characteristics that you can consider before making a final purchase to avoid any unexpected results. 


The motor of a circular saw is quite an essential feature of it. Being a compact model, you cannot expect a mini circular saw to have a powerful and strong motor as a full-sized version. The power of the motor should be in the range of 3 to 5 ampere for a mini circular saw. 

This much power is enough to make the strong machine running and deliver deep, precise, and accurate cuts. 

Corded or cordless

Opting for a corded or cordless model is a pretty personal choice. Both the models have their own advantages and disadvantage.

A cordless version will run on a battery. This means you don’t need a fixed power source for this saw to run. The lack of a power cord also makes a cordless saw pretty lightweight and easy to carry around. The disadvantage of having a battery-operated saw is that it will have less power and battery life. You will always be on the lookout for battery life while working. 

A corded saw will have a heavy-weight wire hanging around with it, but it offers more power in comparison. There is no need to worry about the battery draining out. However, you don’t have the freedom to roam to move with this saw. Your workstation will be restricted to a place that is near a power source. 

Depending on what you find yourself comfortable with, you can choose a corded or cordless model. 

Cut depth

When you are going for a saw, you are definitely looking for a great cut depth. It refers to the depth of the cut the blade can make in the material. Depending on your need and the type of work you plan to use the saw for, you will be required to determine the cut depth. 

Typically, a mini circular saw offers a cut depth of 1 to 2 inches. You might find some models offering a slightly deeper cut, but it will be more or less in the same category. 

You might get the option of bevel cut with some mini saws. These models allow you to make angled cuts at the edges of the wood. This feature adds versatility to the overall functioning of the saw. You can use one model for a lot of different types of projects. 

Other saws that do not offer bevel cuts are restricted to straight cuts. You can only make straight rip, cross, or miter cuts. 

The blade thickness also determines the depth of the cut. A 4-to-5-inch blade will work perfectly to deliver the exact depth of the cut you wish for. 

Ease of use, safety, and functionality

A combination of multiple factors determines the ease of use for a circular saw. The weight, positioning of the power button, size, handle design, and other such variables determine how convenient it is to work with the saw. 

When opting for a compact saw, you are really looking for a lightweight, ergonomic design. If it is heavy and bulky, the entire purpose of buying a compact saw gets defeated. It should be of sufficiently big size that ns in your hands comfortably and provides you flexibility in function. 

When it comes to safety features, every model has its own. No model in the market will provide you 100% safety from any accident. There will always be a need to stay careful around powerful machinery. 

Blade replacement 

You cannot function with the same blade for the entire lifetime of the saw. Therefore, the process of blade replacement should be an easy one. Usually, changing the blade of a mini circular saw only requires 2 to 3 minutes and two people to make a switch. 

This can be troublesome, especially when you have to change the blade multiple times in between a task. Therefore, having a blade that can be switched easily should be kept into consideration.

Laser cutting light 

This might sound a little less important, but having a laser cutting light can be very useful for the user. A laser cutting light shines a straight light on the cutting material. This helps in running the saw in a straight line. As a result, you will be able to get accurate cuts with the least effort. 

LED Light and Case

A lot of manufacturers provide an LED light addition to the circular saw. This LED light helps in working in darker places with ease. You can also use the same to navigate your way through a dim-lit workshop. 

A carrying case can also be a great addition to your overall saw kit. The case does not have any impact on the functionality of the machine. But having one can allow you to have better storage and carrying options for your saw. It can be stored safely and kept neatly in one place. 

To sum it up

A mini circular saw can be a great addition to your tool kit. Depending on the type of chores you do, or a specific project you are taking up, you can opt for a tailor-made saw for your suiting. 

A lightweight, powerful mini saw can help you in a lot of projects. This is one great investment you can make to add a valuable tool to your workshop. 

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