5 Best Nail Guns for Fencing In 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Nail guns make it easier to drive a nail to the wooden fence properly. When you use a hammer to drive a nail you can miss the nail, you can bend the nail, you can hit the nail several times before the nail is driven completely into the board.

best nail gun for fencing

When you use a nail gun for fencing, to drive a nail you simply press the face of the nail gun firmly against the board and pull the trigger. The air pressure will cause the nail to shoot out of the gun and into the board. You save time and effort, and you save materials because there are fewer wasted nails.

There are a lot of different nail guns on the market. To determine the best nail gun for fencing, you will need to consider what features of the gun, the size nails the gun can shoot, and the size fencing materials you are putting up.

If you are looking for the best fencing nail gun, look no further. To help you find the best one, we have selected some of the top-rated nail guns available to consider for building a wooden fence.

Top 5 Best Nail Guns For Fencing Reviews In 2022

It is easy to put up a wooden fence in  your property with a hammer. But the job will become a lot easier and shorter, if it is done with the top nail gun for fences. Often, framing nailer is the best option for this fencing job as you can attach a large pieces of wood to each other. 

Let’s check out the top products:

1NuMax SFR2190 21 Degree Framing Nailer

best nail gun for fencing 2020

This nail gun is versatile, durable, dependable, and ready to work. It is a great tool for homeowners, handymen, contractors, and anyone who has different building projects to do from time to time.

It is a 21″ framing nailer. It requires an air compressor that has at least a 2.5 CFM and is capable of producing 90 PSI. The compressor also needs to have at least a three-gallon capacity.

This best nail gun for fencing has a soft rubber no-mar tip so your delicate wood projects will not be damaged. Under that soft tip is teeth that can be exposed and allowed to grip firmly onto the wood so your nail hits the exact spot it was meant to.

It has an air filter that you can easily remove and clean. The cleanable air filter means extended life for your tool. It also has an ergonomic grip that allows you to work longer with less stress.

It comes with dry fire protection. This means that when the gun is low on nails it will stop shooting. You simply load more nails into it and it will return to work. Dry firing can damage the internal components of the gun.

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2Freeman PCN65 Coil Siding Fencing Nailer

best nail gun for fencing

This nail gun is crafted from anodized aluminum parts. Anodized aluminum is strong, lightweight, durable, and it will not rust or corrode like many other metals. The internal working components of this air tool are crafted from heat treated, hardened steel.

This nail gun for fencing can be used on many different construction projects. If you are building a fence this is the gun to have. You also want this framing gun if you are building wooden boxes, tables, certain furniture, installing sub flooring, installing cedar shingles or hanging wall sheathing inside or outside of your home.

The O rings of this gun are made of the highest quality rubber so they do not wear out as quickly, become stretched out of shape, or deteriorate due to the weather.

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3BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer

best fencing nail gun 2020

This nail gun is perfect for the homeowner, but it is also appropriate for the professional carpenter and handymen who do work for hire. It is long lasting and tough; so it can withstand the heavy use that a professional carpenter would ask it to do.

This nail gun can drive nails between 1″ and 2″ in length. It only weighs 4.9 pounds so you can hold it longer and get more work done.

This pneumatic tool has an operating range of 70 to 120 PSI. It has an adjustable nail guide and you can dial up the amount of pressure you need so you can drive the nails into the depth that you need them to go.

This nail gun can be used on a wide variety of building materials for a wide variety of building purposes. You will have the power to work with materials ranging from soft woods to light gauge metals.

If you are working with soft wood then you will appreciate the soft rubber tip that prevents the gun from causing damage to the wood. This tip will also prevent the gun from scratching or damaging a metal surface.

This gun will work with virtually any air compressor. It has a tool free adjustable exhaust so the exhaust can always be directed away from you while you are working.

This Bostitch air tool has a depth control of 1″ to 2″. That means the gun can drive the nail as far as 3″ inches. This gun could be used when framing or using thicker building materials because of the depth with which it can drive the nails.

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4Freeman PFR2190 – 21 Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer

Best Nail Guns for Fencing

This nail gun has interchangeable triggers that will save you a lot of time and effort when you are building. Once you have tacked the materials together you can swap your trigger over to the quick fire trigger and rapidly shoot nails into the material at precise intervals to make sure it things are bonded together tightly.

This gun is lightweight and can be used as a framing gun, to install siding sheets, for sub-floor construction, when building fences, and more. It has a depth selection so you can adjust the nail depth according to the materials you are working with.

This nail gun operates at 70 to 115 PSI. It holds a magazine that contains 55 fasteners.

The tool has an ergonomic grip that will be more comfortable in your hands than many other tools of the same type.

The gun has a no-mar tip to protect delicate pieces of material from being damaged by the nose of the gun. You can also remove that no-mar tip and expose teeth that are capable of gripping wood and driving the nail into the exact location you want it in.

The gun has been designed to stop firing nails if the number of nails inside the gun gets too low. This is to prevent dry firing which can cause internal damages. When the gun stops firing you simply reload and continue.

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5BOSTITCH Framing Nailer, Round Head

best nail gun for fencing and framing

The depth that you want the nails to be driven is selected by a simple push button control.

The tool is a multi-purpose air powered tool. It comes with 2 nose pieces so it can be used as a framing gun or it can be used to do metal connector applications.

This framing gun weighs only 8.1 pounds. That lightweight is partially due to the lightweight magnesium housing it has.

The tool has rubber skid pads and a rubber grip. The rubber grip will keep the tool from slipping even if your hands get sweaty.

There is an adjustable rafter hook so you can hang the tool on rafters or joists while you are working. You will be able to hang the framing gun onto the rafter and then use both of your hands to help position the next rafter.

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Buying Consideration: Best Nail Guns for Fencing

If you have never owned a nail gun, and are considering purchasing one of these tools to use when you build your privacy fence, then there are a few things you should consider before you buy.

Type of Guns

Nail guns come in different varieties. The main differences in nail guns are the size of the nails, or the type of nails that they can dispense.

A framing gun can shoot nails that are between 1 inch long and 3 inch long. They can be used to nail together 2 x 4?s that create frameworks, and they can be used to nail the siding boards to the fence.

A brad nailer shoots a brad not a nail. A brad has a smaller diameter than a nail and the head of a brad is smaller than the head of a nail. Brad nailers are used when you are putting up trim or small boards. You would not want to try to assemble fence components using one of these guns.

A palm nailer is a miniature framing nail gun that fits in the palm of your hand. These palm nailers can shoot nails that are comparable with the nails a framing nail gun can shoot. Be careful when selecting your palm nailer because some of them are designed for small fasteners like brads, some can handle average nails, and some are designed for larger than average nails.

Gun Weight and Style

Nail guns can have a long nose that is straight. They can also have an angled nose. The nail gun with the angled nose will be more adept at shooting nails into tight spaces. If you do not have plenty of maneuvering room then choose an angled gun.

You also want to choose the lightest gun you can find. Some of these tools weigh almost 9 pounds and some of them weight less than 5 pounds. Those four pounds can make a big difference if you are lifting that tool for several hours.

Nail Gun Materials

You have to give some consideration to the materials you are going to be using. Materials come in different thicknesses. You want to buy a nail gun that will be able to shoot a nail through the thick materials and also be able to hang thinner materials as well.

The Air Compressor requirements

When you buy a pneumatic tool you are going to need an air compressor to power that tool. On the package of the nail gun it will tell you what size air compressor the gun requires. The manufacturer will list the CFM required, and possibly the PSI required. It may even tell you what size air tank the compressor must have.


What nails should I use for fencing?

When you are putting up a fence you want to have ring shank nails to shoot into the lumber. A    ring shank nail is not easily pulled out of the wood by exposure to the sun. These nails get a firm grip and they hold the board securely in position for many years.

You will likely want to buy some 16 d nails. The 16 d is about 3″ in length so they are perfect for holding larger board components together.

Galvanized nails do not rust so make sure you get galvanized nails.

Can I use a brad nailer for fencing?

You can use a brad nailer if you are building a delicate picket fence that is meant more as a decoration than a division of property. The brad nailer shoots brads not nails. Brads do not have the same diameter or length that nails do. A brad cannot be used to hold thick boards like 2 x 4?s in position.

You need a palm nailer or a framing gun to install a fence. These guns can shoot nails that are up to 3 inch in length.

Can I use a framing nailer for fencing?

The framing nailer is probably the best choice if you are building a fence. The framing nailer will be able to shoot nails that are up to 3 inch long so you can use it to hold the rails and supports of the fence in position.

The framing nailer can also shoot shorter nails so you can use it to hang the fence boards. Most framing nailers have a trigger that will fire in rapid succession. Once you get all of the boards of the fence in place you can switch to this trigger and quickly shoot in the nails you need to make sure the boards do not move.

Final Notes

If you are building a fence then you definitely want to have a nail gun to drive the nails with. You can build a fence with a traditional hammer; but hammering nails is hard to do and takes a lot longer than driving nails with a pneumatic nail gun.

The framing gun will be the best nail gun for this type of construction. You can also use the framing nailer to do many other construction projects.

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