Top 5 Best Palm Nailer of 2021 ( Reviews & Buying Guide )

You must be tired of your previous palm nailer that makes you feel bored the moment you think of using it. Are you looking forward to buying modern and best palm nailer that that will steam you up and love your job?

“You finally got the best guide that will enable you to purchase a best palm nailer that you will never regret using.”

best palm nailer 2021Just as the name suggests, A palm nailer is a miniature framing nail gun that nicely fits in the palm of your hand. These palm nailers are able to shoot nails that are comparable with the nails that a framing nail gun can shoot.

Always be careful when choosing the best palm nailer because some of them are mainly designed for small fasteners like brads, some can handle average nails, and some are designed for larger than average nails.

These machines can easily fit in your palm when you hold them making them more comfortable to use. These palm nailers are tiny yet powerful just like the larger ones. This guide is here just for your case. It will direct you to the top palm nailers in the market. The following are some of our best singled out palm nailers that will satisfy your needs.

Top 5 Palm Nailer Comparison chart

Freeman Pmpn Min Air Powered 1.4 Pounds
Hitachi Nh90ab N/A 1.3 Pounds
AeroPro Msn90 Air Powered 15.5 Ounces
Estwing Empn Air Powered 1.4 Pounds
Senco Pc1195 Mini Air Powered 15.2 Ounces

Top 5 Best Palm Nailers Reviews For 2021

Most palm nailers are basically pneumatic tools, which means they will be connected to an air compressor, which will give power to the tool. Here are our recommendations for the best palm nailers of 2020

Freeman PMPN Mini-Palm Nailer

best palm nailer for joist hangers

Looking for a small and powerful palm nailer? Here comes your choice. This palm nailer has a lightweight yet effective enough for nailing needs even more than some hammers. The Freeman is designed in a way that it is user- friendly. The tool has an inbuilt air filter for its proper functioning. It has an appropriate size of dimensions of 4.38″W x 2.75″H x 5.13″D. the tool is more suitable to use in narrow spaces.

The Freeman Palm Nailer is designed with strong and high-quality materials. This makes it function more steadily and with a great strength required. The high-quality materials also make it resistant to abrupt wear and tear hence giving it a great durability.

The tool is user-friendly. Freeman is designed in such a way that is more comfortable and more enjoyable to use. This can make you enjoy your job.

It can be used in narrow spaces. With Freeman, you will not be troubled in nailing some of the Narrow corners of your work since it can easily access narrow spaces.

It has wrenches and oil. This will enable you to possess the tools you need to begin operating the machine.

The Freeman has a lightweight. This will enable you to hold it and work with it for long many hours without being exhausted by its weight.


  • The palm nailer is lightweight
  • The tool is cheap.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Can be used even in narrow spaces.
  • It is small and powerful.


  • It may not be convenient for those who don’t have the skills it requires to operate.
  • It may not drive large nails than the ones for its size

Hitachi NH90AB Palm Nailer

best palm nailer for joist hangers

This is another best palm nailer for you. Just like Freeman, Hitachi palm nailer can also be used in fixing confined spaces. Its flexibility to access these spaces is enhanced by the 360 degrees swivel fitting. It is specially designed with the rubber handle that acts as a shock absorber and also increases comfortability thereby making it easier to control the tool when at work.

It fit for fixing metal junctions and even this palm nailer is also good for joist hangers. With this tool, you will easily fix your metals without stress.

The Hitachi has a 360 degrees swivel fitting. The swivel fitting enables the tool to achieve the maximum accessibility of the confined spaces.

This best palm nailer for joist hangers is lightweight not more than 1.3 lbs.  This convenient weight will enable you to use the machine for many hours thereby finishing your duties in a matter of minutes.

It has a magnetic nose. This helps you to the fastener as you direct it to the appropriate place, therefore, enhancing accuracy in the placement of the fasteners.

The palm nailer also comes with safety glasses. This ensures your safety during the work as it protects your eyes from injury. It is made with rubber grip. Increases comfortably as you carry on with your work since the rubber acts as a shock absorber.

The nailer also features exhaust situated at the front. This helps to direct the air away from you during your job hence making you more comfortable. It can drive nails of 2-1/2″ up to 3-1/2″ thereby making it more suitable for its work.


  • It has safety glasses to protect you from injury.
  • Easy to use
  • The tool has a magnetic nose to hold the fasteners.
  • Its air is directed away by the front exhaust.
  • The Hitachi has 360 degrees swivel fitting to enhance its flexibility in accessing narrow spaces.
  • It can also be used in fixing metal connectors


  • It may not drive large nails than the ones for its size.
  • Not convenient for those who don’t have the skills it requires to operate.

AeroPro MSN90 Palm Nailer

best palm nailer 2021

Do you need another special palm nailer? Here is a good one for your choice. This palm nailer is light enough to enable you to work for hours. It is also small in size that makes it easy for nailing fasteners around narrow spaces. This tool is so special; it can drive nails as from 5d up to 70d. Other than this, this AeroPro palm nailer is also powerful with its great pressure that starts from 70 PSI up to 100 PSI. This makes it easy to drive the fasteners.

The AeroPro has a magnetic nose. This assists in holding and guiding the nails more easily and faster to the intended place.

The tool has a powerful pressure with which it pushes the fasteners. This makes it easier to drive the fasteners since you will not spend much of your energy pressing the fastener to fit in its place.

It has a wrench and oil bottle included. This makes it more ready to use as you can access the tools that you may need to operate the tool.

AeroPro has a controllable depth. The depth is adjustable which enhance a better sinking of the fasteners. You can adjust its depth depending on the depth with which you want the fastener to reach.

This best palm nailer can drive nails of 5 up to 70d.  This makes the tool more powerful and suitable for your job. As a result, it can also drive nails of 3-1/2″ length.

It is built with a semicircular bolt. The bolt is more helpful for your case as it will protect your hand during use hence promising better security.


  • Features a semicircular bolt to protect the hands of the user.
  • Has a powerful pressure for pushing the fastener.
  • It has an adjustable depth for proper nailing.
  • It can drive longer nails.
  • The tool can drive nails of 5 up to 70d.
  • The Aero Pro also has wrench and oil bottle


  • It may require some skills to operate.
  • It may not drive nail larger nails.

Estwing EMPN-Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer

best palm nailer 2021

Are you tired of the harmer that is inconveniencing you in accessing tight spaces of your work? All your worries are solved. The Estwing will make your work easy. This tool is specially made since it can maneuver up to the tight spaces that hammers cannot access.

This palm nailer can save you from holding the nail all the time you want to drive it. It has a magnetic nose that holds nail before driving it deep into the intended place. The tool is lightweight and even smaller to enable you to hold and work long hours. This also enables easy control of the depth of your nailing.

The Estwing is lightweight. This makes it more suitable to be used in accessing even the narrowest places. With its small size makes it appropriate for fencing and even for joist hangers.

This top rated palm nailer has a rubber grip. The rubber grip increases comfortability as it reduces vibrations that may make you uncomfortable during your job. In addition, it can also give you a firm grip on the tool.

The tool has a magnetic holder. This, to a better extent, saves you from more work or even hitting your fingers when you were to use a hammer. The magnetic holder assists in holding the nails for proper placement of the fasteners.

It can drive different types of nails. This is enhanced by the marvelous driving mechanisms that enable it to drive nails of different sizes. The palm nailer is made in such a way that it has a non-adjustable depth tool. This enables consistency in the depths of nailing hence uniformity in your work.

The Estwing is fit with a swivel that moves at 360 degrees. This increases the flexibility of the tool hence full access to the confined spaces.


  • It has a swivel fitting that moves at 360 degrees.
  • It can drive the different bulk of nails.
  • The tool is fixed with a magnetic tool holder.
  • It has no adjustable depth for uniformity in fixing the fasteners.
  • The is lightweight and small
  • It has a rubber grip for comfortability during the job


  • It may not be used where different depth fastening is required.
  • May require some skills to operate

Senco PC1195 Mini Palm Nailer

Best Palm Nailer 2021

Do you need the strongest and durable palm nailer? PC1195 is your choice that will satisfy your needs. The tool is lightweight and small making it more convenient to use for hours. It is also easy to use. It has a comfortable handle that will enable you to enjoy your job. The tool is also designed to work with a number of nail sizes. It has a magnetic nail holder that makes it perform the activities more quickly and with ease.

This best palm nailer for joist hangers has a magnetic holder. This, to a better extent, saves you from more work or even hitting your fingers when you were to use a hammer. The magnetic holder assists in holding the nails for a proper placement of the fasteners.

Its handle is made of leather. This provides a better grip and also reduces fatigue from the vibration as t function. This makes it more comfortable.

This best palm nailer can be used on joist hangers, metal fixing and even assembling the pole barn. This is enhanced by the powerful strength of its materials.

PC1195 can work with a variety of nail sizes. This feature is what makes it the best tool for joint hangers, metal fixing and assembling the pole barns.

Its lightweight and size make it convenient to be used for jobs that take many hours hence enabling you to handle your jobs just within an hour. The tool is made of high-quality materials thereby making it more durable to serve for years.


  • It is made of strong materials hence durable.
  • It has magnetic nail holder for easy fastening of nails.
  • It is able to work with a number of nail sizes.
  • Lightweight tool for easy handling
  • It can be used on joist hangers, metal fixing and even assembling the pole barn.
  • It has a leather grip to reduce fatigue.


  • It may require extra skills to operate.
  • The leather grip may wear off when handled carelessly.

How to Choose the Palm Nailer

Do you face difficulties in choosing the right palm nailer for your job? Do not worry all your questions are properly answered here. It is not advisable to just jump to the market and pick a tool just because of its name to its outlook. Rather, you are advised to put into considerations some factors that will guide you through your selection. These factors may include the following.

Design and Weight

Being that a palm nailer is meant to be carried by one hand only; the tool must be designed with materials that make it light enough for one hand to support. This will enable you to reduce and even avoid the straining of the hand muscles hence making your wrist more comfortable during the work. Then as the name suggests, palm nailer, it should comfortably rest in your palm. This will be the best pick for you.

The Variety of Nails That the Palm Nailer Can Drive

It is important to know that the palm nailers can drive nails of different lengths so you will not just pick any palm nailer and carry it with you hoping that it will serve your needs. It is important that you have the knowledge of the length of the nails it can drive. With this factor considered, I assure you will walk away with the palm nailer.

How The Palm Nailer Is Operated

This factor is what typically differentiates between a conventional nail gun and a palm nailer. As the nail gun requires a trigger to fire, the palm nailer only require a little pressure applied and it will automatically take action upon sensing the pressure at its nose. You will consider the palm nailer of this operational behavior. This will enable you to fire upon getting ready thereby having good management of the nail depth.

The Source of Power

The palm nailers are of different types. There those that are pneumatic and others are electrically powered. The choice of going for either will remain with your preference. It is true that the electrically powered palm nailers are more portable and convenient but may be difficult for maintenance and even expensive to purchase depending on the depth of your pocket.

For the pneumatic ones, you will have to consider the availability of the operating pressure. This will ensure that it comfortably operate with the air compressor at your disposal.

Safety Measures of the Tool

You have to have in mind that every tool that we buy has got side effects on our health. You should know that just before buying any tool, palm nailer, check some of the safety measures that are provided about it. Some of the safety measures that you will consider include; rubber grip. This will absorb the shock from the vibration hence reducing fatigue.

Check also if it has a magnetic nose which will assist in holding the nails for proper nailing. Without this, it will lead you to hold the nail with using your fingers which may lead to injuries. The exhaust should be facing away from you hence limiting the arms.

The Brand of the Palm Nailer

This is a factor that has been severally assumed by many consumers basing their argument on sticking to the past brands that they have been using preferring to the qualities that they have been enjoying. You should listen to what other consumers are saying about the new brands and make a try.

Final Words

It is needless to stick to the old. You need not confine yourself to what makes you feel uncomfortable. Get the tools that will make you devote yourself to your work even if you never wanted.

This guide will make you get the best palm nailer you have never imagined. In the guide, we have made our top selection of the palm nailers that I know forever smile when using. Whenever you face a difficulty in selecting a palm nailer of your choice, just refer to this guide for help.


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