5 Best Roofing Nailer of 2021 ( Reviews & Buyer’s Guide )

Getting the best roofing nailer can be a tough job. But we have made your work simpler after spending several hours researching, testing and analyzing the top brand on the market.

best roofing nailer 2021After going through my roofing nailer reviews, I believe you will find it easy to pick the right product that will help you carry roofing projects fast and accurately.

I have covered top quality nailers that will suit the requirements of different users. They are great for first-time users as well as experienced users. Check out detailed reviews for top rated roofing nailers today.

Comparison of Top 5 Best Roofing Nailers In 2021

Max Cn445R3 Air-powered 5.2 lbs
Dewalt Dwfp12658 Air-powered 6.2 lbs
Duo-Fast Df175-CN Air-powered 8.24 lbs
3Plus Hcn45SP Air-powered 7.6 lbs
Freeman Pcn450 Air-powered 5.46 lbs

Top 5 Best Roofing Nailer of 2021 Reviews

Max CN445R3 Supper Roofing Nailer

Best Roofing Nailer

This nailer?s depth can be controlled depending on the level of which you want the nailing to reach. It also reduces the maintenance cost as it has a cap filter that does not require maintenance.

Amazingly, no need for an extra cost to consider the source of power, this nailer is air powered. It also has a lightweight that will never exhaust your hand while at work.

The nailer’s nailing depth can be controlled. This will enable you to have a controlled nailing hold the roofing materials hence make your work look uniform and smart.

It has a cap filter that is maintenance free. This will help you save and spend the money that you could have used to service the filter. The tool also has a magnetic nose hold. With this, you will not even struggle to hold the nails with your fingers as you nail, the magnetic nose will do it for you. This will save your fingers from any injury during the nailing.

It also has a swivel plug that is free, not tangled. This will enable you to stretch the tool to the angle that you need during nailing depending open how hidden or open that place to be nailed is.

The tool is lightweight hence will not exhaust your hand during the work. You can use it for several hours without tiring your hands.

The nailer is air powered this will help you save on the cost that you could have used to purchase the source of power.


  • Its depth can be controlled.
  • Air powered.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Has a swivel plug that is free.
  • It has a magnetic nose.
  • Has a cap filter that is maintenance free


  • May require some skills to operate

DEWALT DWFP12658 – Best Roofing Nail Gun

Best Roofing Nailer 2021

Do you need a compact body nailer that has got a better balance? Here you have got it. This tool has a set depth that for drive that enables it to avoid damage. The tool is resistant to skidding and the guards that provide safety when using it.

Its shingle guide can be adjusted for a better placement of the shingles. Its triggers are also select able for easy change of the functioning modes. It is designed with a good grip handle for a better management and to and comfort.

The tool has pads that are resistance to skidding. This ensures a better protection of the tool DEWALT DWFP12658 nailer is designed with a compact body. This ensures a proper balance of the tool during the job. As a result, it becomes more comfortable as you fire the nails right to where they should be.

Its handle is designed in such a way it provides a firm grip on the tool as you use it. This ensures your safety, a better control and even comfort as the handle absorbs the vibrations produced.

The trigger is adjustable making it prone to quick change of the driving depth. This enables you to manage the depth of which you want the nails to reach.

The shingle guide can easily be adjusted. This ensures a better placement of the shingles during the nailing process.


  • Does not require a battery to operate.
  • It is designed with a compact body.
  • Its trigger is adjustable.
  • The shingle guide can also be adjusted.
  • Its handle is designed with a firm grip.
  • Its pads are resistant to skidding


  • It may nail the nails that it is not meant for

Duo-Fast DF175-CN Roofing Coil Cap Nailer

best roofing nailer gun

Do you need a nailer for installation of the synthetic roofing materials? Are you in need of a nailer that provides a tight seal for the moisture to penetrate? The Duo-Fast does all these. This too has a marvelous holding power of the nails hence provides a better-secured roofing.

The tool also has a balanced body which ensures a stable driving of the nails. It has a 240cap loading capacity. It is a synthetic roofing installation tool. For the laying of the synthetic roofing materials, it is recommended because of its consistency in driving the fasteners.

Its depth drive can be adjusted. This is to enable you to control the depth at which fire the nailing hence a good balancing in nailing as different place need different depths of nailing. Its drive performance is consistent which enhances uniformity in the roofing. This makes your work more descent.

The tool also has a quick button that makes it easy and quick change of the nailing operations when firing the fasteners. This makes your work a bit faster hence time-saving.

The nailer is designed in-line to achieve the required body balance hence giving a better, stable and quick nail fastening of the nails.

The Duo-Fast is very simple to load. This makes it the best time-saving nailer recommended for use where time is limited. The nailer does not require a battery to operate. This means that you will save more that you could have used to buy the source of power.


  • Does not require battery to operate
  • Designed in-line for a better balance
  • It provides a fine synthetic roofing material.
  • Simple to load.
  • Its drive performance is consistency.
  • Its depth drive can be adjusted.


  • It may require trained personnel to operate it.

3PLUS HCN45SP Coil Roofing Nailer

best roofing nailer brands

Do you need a roofing nailer that you can work with for many hours without getting exhausted? The 3PLUS roofing nailer best fit your needs. The nailer has a lightweight for many hours work. The nailer has a marvelous contractor that enables it fire nails of 1-3/4 inches and 3/4inches. This makes it capable of working with a wide range of nails.

The tool is made of the aluminum case which makes it suitable for the nailing of the fiberglass. It has a skid-resistant pad that stops it from skidding down the roof when not being used. It can drive full head nails of 1-3/4 inches and 3/4 inches. This gives the nailer a wide range of nails that it can drive.

The nailer features skid free pads that stop it from sliding down the roof when it is not being used. This makes you a free man on the roof since you will not carry the nailer every time with you.

It has air exhaust that is tool-free and can move at 360 degrees. This enables you to turn the exhaust wherever you want it to face.? Its depth drive is adjustable. This ensures consistency of the nailing and even a better control of the nails to fit into the right place.

Its abrupt firing is prevented by the contact element. This ensures safety to you as you work on the roof. The tool is lightweight which enables you to do your roofing job as many hours as you want without exhausting up.


  • Capable of driving a variety of nails.
  • Have skid free pads.
  • Its depth drive is adjustable.
  • It has a contact element that stops it from abrupt firing.
  • The tool is lightweight


  • May not be fit for fiber roofing

Freeman Pneumatics PCN450 Coil Roofing Nailer

best roofing nailer 2020

If you need the most powerful roofing nailer then grab this for your needs. This tool has a fast driving of the fasteners making it suitable to be used in wood fencing, cedar shingles installation and even sheathing of the wall. The tool is made with strong materials such as aluminum and a perfect quality rubber rings. This ensures the durability of the tool. The tool has a lightweight body baking it suitable for many hours of work.

It has a magnetic nose holder. This helps you to hold the nails during nailing hence protecting you from the injuries that you may undergo especially when you hold the nails with your fingers during firing.

It has a shingle guide that is adjustable. This ensures that nailing is done at an equal interval of spacing. This adds uniformity to your work.

The tool is made of strong materials hence durable enough to serve you for long. This will also save you from the constant maintenance. It also has a lightweight body that enables you to work many hours without tiring up.

The tool is designed with a safety locking that helps you to control the firing of the fasteners to avoid accidents during work.


  • Has a magnetic holder to hold the nails.
  • Its shingle guide is adjustable.
  • It has a safety locking.
  • The tool is lightweight.
  • It is durable


  • May need maintenance for a better functionality
  • May require some skills to operate.

What To Look Before Buying Roofing Nailer

Do you find it difficult to single out the roofing nailer? Here is the guide that will take you through to get the roofing nailer you need.

The trigger

The best roof nailers are made with the triggers that do not cause fatigue when you use it. To reduce fatigue, the trigger must be able to accommodate at least two fingers. Avoid it if it cannot.

Depth-setting mechanisms

A good roofing nailer is designed with mechanisms with which you can set the depth of your choice during nailing. Without this, it may not be a good one.

Tool size

You have to identify the size of the roofing nailer that you need. Select an appropriate size that you think you can work with best.

The tool weight distribution

This is very important. Check how well the weight has been distributed to the tool. Carry it and feel its weight. It should be light enough to support a many hours work.

The speed of nailing

Bear in mind that tools differ in power and speed. In this case, check if the tool is faster and powerful enough to enable you to manage your work.

Safety lock

This is a very important feature to look for. Check whether it has the safety lock to enable which is not just important for the tool but also for your health. The safety lock stops the tool from firing when there is no need to.

Grip of the handle

The handle should be over-molded enough to provide a firm grip. This will also make you comfortable as you work with the tool.


Other than the weight and the size, the tool should be equitably balanced. This will ensure a consistent nailing.

Exhaust pipe

The tool should have an exhaust pipe facing away from your hands. The pumped can at times be irritating during work.

Final Words

It is advisable to have all your time before buying a roofing nailer. You will be using the tools from time to time, why rush to buy something that makes you strain at work? I hope this article will be of a good help to you. We have researched and came up with the five roofing nailer reviews and ways in which you can identify the best roofing nailer in the tool shop. Your troubles are no more. Just go through the article for guidance.


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