Crown Stapler Vs Brad Nailer – Here’s the Difference

The crown stapler and the brad nailer are both tools that help you fasten things together. When you are putting up trim boards or doing carpentry work that requires a small fastener then you might think that you could use either a crown stapler or a brad nailer to do the work.

crown stapler vs brad nailer

Both of these types of tools apply smaller fasteners, but the work they do really is not interchangeable. The crown stapler and the brad nailer apply distinct types of fasteners that are perfect for specific applications.

To determine whether you should use a brad nailer or a crown stapler you must consider the capabilities of each tool.

Difference Between Crown Stapler VS Brad Nailer

The Crown Stapler

  • The main purpose of a crown stapler is to adhere the material to the wooden frames of furniture. They are basically an upholstery tool designed to hold the fabric in place.
  • These staple guns can also be used when you are building cabinets and drawers. Staples do not cause as much strain on the thin decorative boards used on these items so they do not cause the boards to split when they are nailed into them.
  • The crown stapler can be used to fasten the pieces of a picture frame together. The boards that make up a picture frame are often delicate and the staples can be positioned so they grab two boards at one time.

These staples can come in different thicknesses according to what materials you are attaching them to. The staples often appear rounded and they hold firmly because of the two prongs that drive evenly into the framework or board they are being attached to.

Crown Stapler Uses

  • When applying upholstery to furniture.
  • When attaching boards at mitered corners like on the back of picture frames.
  • To provide a means of holding the glass in a picture frame.
  • When attaching a drawer bottom to a cabinet drawer.
  • When nailing cabinet pieces or drawer pieces together.
  • When attaching screen wire to a window screen frame.
  • When applying insulation in a home.

When NOT to use a crown stapler

  • When nailing the baseboards up around a room.
  • When attaching window casings and trim.
  • To attach furniture legs to furniture.

The Brad Nailer

The brad nailer is a powerful nail gun that drives brads into boards to hold the boards in place. A brad is a type of nail. A brad is designed so that it is not capable of being pulled out of a board or removed like a typical nail is.

The brad nailer is used when you are working on furniture, or when you are putting trim up inside your home. The brad is driven into the board with force from air so that all you see once it is nailed into the board is a very small hole. The small hole can then be filled with wood putty prior to painting or staining the board and when the board is painted you cannot tell where the brad is at.

Brads are small gauge nails and they can be used to assemble thin strips of wood without damaging the wood. Their heads are almost nonexistent so that you would have a very difficult time trying to grab them and pull them free.

Brad Nailer Uses

  • When applying baseboards or trim boards inside your home.
  • When building jewelry boxes or ornamental wooden objects.
  • To adhere trim boards on the face of cabinets.
  • When hanging paneling in a home.

When NOT to use a Brad Nailer

  • When you are attaching fabric to furniture. The brads will pull through the fabric.
  • When attaching screen wire to a window screen.
  • When hanging pictures on walls.
  • When hanging insulation in a home.

Final Thought

So the brad nailer and the crown stapler are useful tools, but they really are not interchangeable. The stapler has two prongs that grab hold of the surface they are nailed into, and the brad is a single small gauge nail that has almost no head so it is very difficult to remove once it has been driven into a board.

Both the brad nailer and the crown stapler are considered to be finish tools. They are designed to apply the aesthetically pleasing elements and the items that are made with intricate details.


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