How to Cut Concrete Blocks with a Circular Saw: Step-By-Step Guide

how to cut concrete blocks with a circular saw

Cinder blocks are rectangular-shaped hollow structures that are made up of coal and concrete cinders. They are lighter because of the portion of the total components. Hence, they are not strong and are usually avoided in most construction sites. 

If you catch yourself in a situation where you are using the cinder blocks to, let’s say, do a project or build a wall, for that purpose, concrete blocks may need to be cut in order to fit. Luckily, there are so many ways you can do it. One of the most effective ways includes using a circular saw to cut a tough/hard cinder block. And if you’re not really concerned about making an accurate or a clean-cut, you can also attempt splitting your block with a chisel or a hammer.

How to Cut Concrete Blocks with a Circular Saw 

Follow the steps given below in order to learn how to cut concrete blocks with a circular saw like a pro.


Safety is the most important thing when you’re using any machine or tool. A diamond blade is very sharp and is known for cutting the hardest of materials. So just imagine, if it touched your finger, what it is capable of doing to them. 

While using a circular saw, you are going to experience a lot of noise and dust particles going in your eyes and mouth. So do not forget to wear glasses and your respiratory masks for protection. Plus, the loud noise of the saw can also damage your ears. So, before getting started, grab all your safety gears and put them on. 


If you already have a blade in your circular saw, remove it instantly and attach the new blade – the diamond blade. This is not as intense as it sounds. First of all, ensure that the saw’s plug is unplugged. If you have a saw which is battery operated, pull the battery out and switch the saw off.

Then slide over the blade and be sure that the blade is locked firmly. You cannot pull out the blade if it’s moving around when you try to remove the screw.

Circular saws these days have a switch called ‘the blade release switch,’ which allows you to dislocate the blade. If your circular saw does not have that, you can use a wrench for loosening the bolt, which holds the blade in its place. Remove the washer and the blade, then take the blade out.


To attach the diamond blade, slide the cover of the blade backward, fix in the washer and the blade, then tighten all the screws. Fixing the jagged diamond blade is a bit different from fixing the regular blades. With the circular saw’s regular blades, you attach blades in the saw upwards with teeth angled. Whereas with a diamond blade, usually, the teeth are downwards angles 

Avoid the vibration and the moving of the block by putting it down on the surface. This way, you’ll be able to cut it easily.


You will be needing to plan the cut before engaging in it practically. So, in order to cut the block, neatly mark out the line that you want to cut, preferably with chalk. This step is an important one that decides the type of cutting result you will be getting after running the circular saw. 


Put the battery in if you’re using a saw that is battery-powered. And if you’re using a saw which is electric, make sure to plug in the saw. This will generate power for the saw. If you are using a diamond blade, keep in mind to use that saw which can apply water on that surface, or you can pour the water yourself when cutting. 


After completing all the steps mentioned above, set the diamond on the concrete block on the point marked. Hold the circular saw tightly with both of your hands, and then turn the saw on.


At the time when the diamond blade is placed on the point which was marked out, pull your trigger of the saw in order to start the cutting process. Push the saw’s blade while cutting to make sure that the blade cuts the block evenly. 


This step largely depends on what’s your purpose of cutting is. If you’re cutting the blocks for the purpose of trimming them to the required shape and size, you can hit that part of the brick slightly that you don’t need. And if you’re cutting the concrete blocks because you require both the sides of blocks, then hitting the brick will not be a good idea. 

Simply use the diamond blade, and the circular saw for cutting completely across the block.

Now that you are done with following all the steps successfully, pat yourself on the back because you did a great job! 

Tips To Follow To Get Great Cutting Results 

  • Make sure to use both your hands to support and hold the saw tightly into its place while you’re cutting.
  • Make sure that the diamond blade is fixed correctly before you start to cut.
  • Keep taking breaks in between. It is highly suggested to take a break for few seconds while cutting the blocks.

Final Words 

So, we guess now you may know how to cut a concrete block using a circular saw. Remember, cutting these concrete blocks is a pretty standard activity, and that is why investing in the correct blade should be your first priority. Don’t ever compromise on the quality of the blade. If you have a decent budget, you should consider going for the diamond blades. But if you don’t have enough budget, you can also go for a bit cheaper ones that are a bit lighter on the pocket.

Moreover, if you are a professional and an expert in this field, you must consider investing your money in long-lasting, high-quality diamond blades.

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