How to Unjam a Nail Gun: 5 Easy Steps To Follow

Nail guns like the brad nailer, finish nailer, and framing nailer is excellent tools. They take the work out of driving nails. They allow you to nail up more boards because your arm and shoulder do not get as tired as when you hammer in nails.

how to Unjam a nail gun The nail gun is not a perfect item. There is a chance when you are using a siding nail gun or framing nailer, or any other type of nail gun, that you will experience a nail jam.

When the gun gets jammed it is frustrating, and it can slow you down. You must remember to stay calm and follow the proper procedures to unjam the gun. Remember that in instances like this safety is the most important thing.

Here Is How You Can Unjam A Nail Gun

Put on the Proper Safety Gear

If you do not already have safety gear on, then you need to put on the proper safety gear before you address the jam.

Eye Goggles

The nail can pop up when it is coming out of the gun and hit you in the eye. Eye injuries are serious business. We know that goggles are not the most comfortable items to wear, and most people think they are unattractive, but for your eye safety put on a pair.

Hand Gloves

There is a risk of you sustaining a hand injury while you are getting the nail gun unjammed. You can cut your hand pretty severely when doing this, so go ahead and don a pair of heavy-duty gloves and reduce the risk.

If you do not wear the gloves you are likely to wind up with stitches.

The Basics of Unjamming Your Nail Gun

Now that you are properly protected from accidents you need to:

Step 1: Disconnect the nail gun from the power source

Turning the nail gun power source off is the first step. You want to go ahead and disconnect the air hose or remove the batteries from a battery-powered nail gun to be certain that the gun cannot accidentally be activated. Even though the gun has been disconnected from the power source be sure that it is pointed away from you while you work.

You also need to make sure that no other worker, animal, or breakable object, is in the direct line of fire. If the nail gun suddenly kicks the nail out you do not want to injure anyone else. Tell everyone that you are working on a jammed gun and ask them to stay out of harm?s way.

Step 2: Clean Under the Gun

Take a clean cloth and clean beneath the nail gun. You want the area beneath the gun clean so you can see the nail when it gets ejected.

You want the nail gun to be positioned on a flat surface that is stable and does not rock. Do not try to unjam the gun while you hold the gun in your hand or balance the tool on your knee.

Step 3: Open Up the Gun

Look to see if the gun has a release lever. You will need to open the barrel of the nail gun to find this lever. If it does have one this lever will help you to eject the jammed nail. This lever is not on every gun.

If you do not see a release lever then look closely and find the nail or nails that are out of line, or positioned improperly.

Step 4: Pull the Nail Out

You need to get a pair of needle-nose pliers to help you grab onto the jammed nail. Grip the nail firmly and try to pull it out with the pliers. You will more than likely have to work at this for several minutes. Stay calm, remain as patient as possible and just keep trying to work the nail loose.

Step 5: Refill the gun

After you have removed any nail that is not in the proper position you are ready to reload your nail gun. Make sure that you put the new rack of nails into the gun precisely as they should go.

You are now ready to restore the power to the tool and go back to work.

Final Thought

A jammed nail gun is frustrating, and it can cost you valuable time on the job. You must remember that these tools can be dangerous, and take your time when you are unjamming them. It is far better to lose a little time than to lose an eye or be severely injured.

The best way to prevent nail jams from happening is to keep the nail gun properly oiled and maintained. When you finish your job do not store the gun without taking the nails out and properly oiling the tool. The few minutes you spend doing that may save you from doing hours of nail removal when the gun gets jammed.


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