How to Use a Jigsaw in 2022? the Simplest GUIDE for Beginners

how to use a jigsaw

how to use a jigsaw

Did you buy a Jigsaw? and don’t know how to use a jigsaw? then Fear Not! We’ve solved your problem.

When it comes to creative projects and primarily DIY jobs. The Jigsaw becomes a must-have tool for professionals and craftsmen. You might be thinking, why?. Well, because a Jigsaw has plenty of advanced and innovative features that are usually not available in other saws. Thus, Jigsaw stands out to be reliable and user-friendly.


Further, you should know that there are several reasons why you need a Jigsaw. In case you are looking for something extraordinary—for instance, portability or precision. There can be other things that you may desire power, stability, versatility, and detailed cuts.

Then Jigsaw is precisely the tool that you need. It has all the essential elements that can assist you in several usages. Below are a couple of reasons that you should look at.

  • Jigsaw is for multipurpose use:

The good thing about Jigsaw is that it is not limited to be used in painting or furniture projects. Modern furniture is not simple, like the old days. Imagine if you have a project where you need to create a table like the ones in the renaissance period? You surely will have to put extra efforts if you attempt to do it with a regular saw. But with a Jigsaw, you can easily cut different materials with a single tool and save a lot of your effort and time.

  • You can cut numerous materials:

Unlike any other saw, with a Jigsaw, you can cut wood, plastic, metal, laminate, Plexiglass, and much more. Jigsaw can adjust according to the material. It can deliver cuts and that also with speed required. Making Jigsaws adaptable and productive.

  • More Cutting ability:

You will be able to cut curved patterns, delicate designs, and beautiful DIY shapes. Jigsaw has a variety of cuts and settings that are far better than any circular or regular saw. Now, the next thing is, How to use it? So, below you will find all that is needed to know for using a Jigsaw like a pro.

How to Use A Jigsaw?

This is a thorough guide that will explain to you all the vital tips, tricks, and things you need for using a Jigsaw.

Things that You Need

Here are the things that you should need for using a Jigsaw. Note, not all of them are necessary, but you can keep them; they are undoubtedly useful, though.

Firstly, get your safety equipment, glasses and gloves and anything that makes you feel comfortable. Secondly, put on hearing protection in case you have sensitive ears. Next, grab an extension cord and your Jigsaw. Lastly, fetch the sawhorses and clamps.

A few Important things to learn about Jigsaw

Before you head on for action, you should learn how to change the blades and why the saw shoe matters? And a couple of other things. Therefore, first things first, let’s learn the blade change process.

So, to change your Jigsaw blades is easy, in both cases. For instance, if you are trying to install a new one or changing it for cutting a different material. Due to Jigsaw’s innovative design, you can do it in a few steps. First, push the spring-loaded clamp towards the blade guide, slide the blade in, and release the clamp/lock. Give the blade a tug and more sure it’s in there correctly. That’s all you are done.

Also, you should understand that in a blade, “tooth per inch” matters. This affects your cutting. Simply remember, the fewer teeth a blade has, the rougher and faster cut it makes. The more teeth a blade has, the smoother and more excellent and slower cut you get

Next, do make sure that you draw the cutline with a non-permanent marker. It will really help you to be precise and deliver accurate cuts. As a result, you will have elegant shapes without any rough ends or disfigured parts.

Cutting With Jigsaw

Start by learning to put the saw shoe in the right place, the right way. Hold it firmly on the workpiece with the blade away from the edge. Following, turn on your Jigsaw and start cutting on your cutting line. You can move from curves to inside corners.

Remember to move the saw in a forward direction and adjust the speed using the variable speed dial. To prevent the Jigsaw from deflecting or slowing down. Lastly, use relief cuts on tight curves; thus, it will save your blade from binding.

On hard materials like Tiles, do use lubricants for smoother saw cuts. Besides, Jigsaws that have a movable scrolling head work best to move the blade through tight curves. Therefore, in projects like these, be patient and hold your Jigsaw firmly. Again, with a little patience, right blade, and relief cuts, you can conquer any tight turn coming your way.

Last but not least, clamping material is essential. The clamps hold your boards, plywood, and any other sheet firmly. They will reduce any chances of errors and enable you to have a clear view of your cutline. So, do use them whenever you think it’s convenient.

Now we shall discuss a few vital features of Jigsaw and how to use them?

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The Jigsaw has many features, but these three are widely available in all variants. In short, they are the most essential features that you might need in every project.

Firstly, Orbital action settings. This function has dialed settings that change the pitch of the blade from straight up and down for cutting numerous materials. Such as metal cutting to angled forward for aggressively cutting wood.

Secondly, Try using a Jigsaw that has 1 inch long blade stroke. This length can boost your cutting as compared to other blade lengths.

Thirdly, the variable speed settings. This feature allows you to customize each cut and to slow down. Especially if you are aiming to cut delicate materials or a curvy cut. You can adjust the speed accordingly on the dial and then use the Jigsaw. That’s pretty much all that you need to know about how to use a Jigsaw.


Jigsaw is a great tool and is very simple to use. You can always come back to this guide and rehearse on extra boards for practice until you are confident. However, if you are a professional, you can simply start from the beginning steps that we have mentioned. Use the features for different cuts and DIY projects. Further, keep changing your blades also take care of them for better performance. Remember to grab your goggles and enjoy it!


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