Best Nail Guns of 2022 ( Types of Nail Guns & Their Uses )

Best Nail Gun 2022

Nail guns are mainly designed to drive nails into various materials such as wood.

Although they are quite simple machines, they are usually powerful for driving nails more efficiently.

However, purchasing nail guns for the first time can be a challenging task and therefore having adequate knowledge about them is important.

Additionally, there are various types of nail guns in the market, and each of them has a different use which may confuse.

How to pick the best nail gun for your needs?

Well, there are numerous questions concerning how to pick the best nail gun for woodworking, especially if it is your first time purchasing a nail gun. However, a nail gun is a must-have tool for every woodworker looking forward to an efficient home improvement tool. Unlike a hammer or a shovel, a nail gun is more efficient, thus saving you time and energy.

Below Is The List of the Best Nail Guns For 2020

Framing nailer.

Best Framing Nailer

These nail guns are not only suitable for heavy duty nailing project but also the most efficient for large projects.

They are ideal for heavy wood framing construction jobs or a large frame building projects.

Most Framing nailer comes with interchangeable tips in addition to a free-depth drive adjusting tool. These nail guns can drive nails up to 3-1/2 which are used for joining the two by four inches.

Such nails are suitable for construction of rooms, decks, wood sheathing, fences and wood siding. These nail guns are more powerful hence capable for large projects or industrial uses.

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Flooring nailers.

Best Flooring Nail Gun

These nailers have a unique appearance as opposed to conventional nail guns and less popular to many people. They are designed for making it easier to lie the groves and tongue floorboards.

They have their nailer handle at the board edge, where the plunger is hit using a nylon mallet. This ensures that nails are driven at the right angle and depth at every shot.

Flooring nailers are available in two types, namely the manual and pneumatic. Although they are used in the same way, the pneumatic flooring nailers use pressure and hence require less effort to insert nails. These guns, however, can only be used in the laying of floorboards.

Checkout Best Flooring Nail Guns

Palm nailer.

Best Palm Nail Gun

As its name suggests, you can easily hold it in your palms. It is the lightest among all the other gun nailers, thus making it comfortable to operate.

It is also, the fastest since it uses compressed air to drive nails. It can drive nails ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 inches but not suitable for larger nails such as 4 to 6-inch nails unless the unique models. They are best for driving nails at edges, corners, and ceilings.

Due to their small sizes, these nailers are exceptionally accurate and therefore best for smaller projects such as joist hangers, and joining tight spots. They are inexpensive and usually come at no cost if you but the more massive nail guns.

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Roofing nailer.

best roofing nailer 2020

These nailers are mainly designed to drive in nails in a new roofing project. Using these machines, you can nail down the asphalt shingles but remember to control the shingles since this roofing nail gun shuts nails powerfully, thus achieving the required depth –drive efficiently.

Roofing nails have a large flat heat to control the force impact, which would otherwise cause the pin to pull out. One advantage of these nailing guns is that they have a coil in contrast to straight clips which enables them to carry more nails at any given time. They are only suitable for large professional roofers.

Types of Roofing Nail Gun.

Spring-loaded Roofing Nail Gun.

These guns are quite simple and use springs to drive out the nails from their chamber.

Pneumatic Roofing Nail Gun.

Uses an air compressor to drive out nails and they are the most popular among many people

Solenoid Roofing Nail Gun.

Uses an electromagnetic split mechanism to push out nails from the chambers.

Checkout Best Roofing Nail Guns

Siding nailer.

Best Siding Nailers

They are potent nailers designed for joining thinner wood pieces or other synthetic materials into a wooden mount.

They are however suited for a large project. Only shorter nails are used in a siding nailer.

And most of the siding nailer are ranging from 1-1/4 – 2-1/2 inches but with relatively more large heads. Modern siding nailers are compatible with aluminum nails.

Checkout Best Siding Nail Guns

Pin nailer.

Best Pin Nail Gun

The pin nailer is particularity meant only for small works. Although a relatively small sized machine, it is quite a powerful nailer, thus making it suitable for small woodworking projects.

They usually have 22 to 23 nail gauges which may have or without ahead. Some of its uses include finishing carpentry work, joining delicate trim pieces, crown molding and well as small furniture trimming.

Checkout Best Pin Nail Guns

Brad nailer.

Best Brad Nailer

The brad nail gun is quite multipurpose hence suitable for various woodworking projects especially those involving lightweight trim work.

As a woodworker beginner, a brad nailer is the best choice since it offers a reliable joining power. Unlike the finish nailer, its nail rail is not angled, and nail lengths usually vary from ½ to 2 inches and an 18 gauge nails.

Cordless brad nail configuration is quite portable; hence you can move with them to any work site. Brad nailers are suitable for baseboard, trim work as well as crown molding.

Checkout Best Brad Nail Guns

Finish Nailer.

Best Finish Nail Gun

These nailers are the most efficient for relatively lighter projects. These nailers have a lighter and a shorter gauge and a short length as well.

They use nails that are 1″ to 2 ½” long. Finish nailers are suitable for; Crown molding, Paneling, Trim work, Interior molding as well as furniture building.

They are perfectly compatible with the 15 to 16-gauge finish nails which are more significant than those of a brad nail.

Checkout Best Finish Nail Guns

Staple Gun.

Best Staple Guns

Staple guns are the most common furniture building nails gun. It makes the most significant holes on the wood as well as leaving the materials intact.

Additionally, it does not require oil for splattering, and the gun leaves no noticeable marks on the wood surface. It is suitable for, upholstery that involves joining fabric pieces, carpeting, construction and carpentry.

Although staple nailer gun is not the most powerful tool for your projects, it plays a crucial at your home and work.

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Nail Gun Power Type

Cordless nail gun

Best Cordless Framing Nailer

Cordless nail guns are more advantageous, mainly due to their ability to perform a wide variety of applications. For instance, they can be applied in interior trim carpentry, punch lists, among others.

They are quite efficient hence can save much of your time, energy and other resources. Most woodworkers like this cordless nail gun than any other nailer since it is more portable and powerful to handle various projects.

Checkout Best Cordless Nail Guns

Pneumatic nail gun:

Pneumatic nail gun

These nail guns use a piston-like cylinder that induces air into the gun shooting chamber.

There is a separate gas driven air compressor that produces compressed air at a higher pressure than at which is drawn from the atmosphere.  This makes the pneumatic nail gum the best for shooting thick nails or hand metals into the wood.

However, remember you have to draw substantial air into the air compressor to provide much power required to drive in nails into the wood. Both the pneumatic and solenoid nailer uses a hammer of the same type and a long blade for driving in nails.

Checkout Best Pneumatic Nail Guns

Electric nail gun:

Electric nail gun

An electric nail gun is relatively less bulky as compared to pneumatic nail guns. For this reason, it makes it less tiresome to operate.

Many people find it easier to handle it, particularly those using it for the first time.

It is also less noisy; hence you can comfortably use it in a residential area, unlike other nail guns.

Again, electric nail guns are quite affordable since they cost 25% as compared to pneumatic nail guns, and it doesn’t require oiling for rusting prevention.

Checkout Best Electric Nail Guns

Air nail gun:

Air nail gun

Air nail guns use the same principle of compressed air. It can drive around forty to sixty nails per minute.

Most carpenters prefer this nail gun due to its ability to drive nails even into the hardest surfaces efficiently.

The difference between the air nail gun and the pneumatic nail gun is that the air nail gun has to be refilled with air regularly rather than drawing air from the atmosphere.

However, they are quite cheap and less cumbersome to carry around with you.

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Battery nail gun:

Battery nail gun

Battery-powered nail guns are comparable to air-powered nailers.

However, with a battery nail gun, you will not be worrying about compressor and hose problems since they have an inbuilt compressor.

They are more powerful, less expensive, cordless nature thus making them highly portable. You can use them to apply nails on both hardwood and softwood comfortably.

Checkout Best Battery Nail Guns

Trim nail gun:

Trim nail gun

Trim nail guns are quite efficient for installing hardwoods. You can imagine working with wood without necessarily predrilling. These nail guns help you to hold molds on the spot, particularly when nailing precisely.

This small size trim nail guns will not only help you complete your project more quickly but also efficiently handle fragile moldings more securely.

Checkout Best Trim Nail Guns

Coil nail gun:

Coil nail gun

The coil nail gun uses a unique drum for holding nails together. It uses the same principle as the machine gun bullets to load the nails; hence it can keep over 100 nails at once.

The coils nail gun is perfect for installing framing nails together with framing nail guns.

It holds adequate nails in its chamber, and this means you can complete a small project without reloading now and then.

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Conclusion on Nail Gun

A better understanding of various types of nailers available in the market can not only help you select the best nail gun for you but also at the fair price. For instance, the name of the nailer gives a clue about the technology it uses and the type of project it can handle correctly. It also helps you avoid the confusion about which nailer is best for your project.

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