Table Saw vs Miter Saw

Table Saw vs Miter Saws We all agree that enthusiast woodwork will at least look forward to owning either or both Table saw and a Miter saw. Although they are both cutting tools, there is a remarkable difference in functionality, cost, maintenance, and efficiency, among other variations.

Having the right gears for your woodwork is the surest way of doing work that you are proud of in high quality and efficiency. In the article below, we will discuss the differences between a miter saw and a table saw.

What are the similarities in both a miter saw and a table saw?

The main similarity in both the table saw and a miter saw is that they are both ideals for high repetitive woodwork cutting tasks that demand high accuracy.

Table saw features.

Table Saw

  • Performs multi-purpose cutting tool such as crosscuts, ripping, and angular cuts
  • Has a fixed blade position with a moving stock and good cut accuracy.
  • Appropriate for cutting Rip plywood, build furniture and cabinets
  • Highly useful for woodworkers with repetitive cutting tasks
  • Accident-prone in case of poor handling.

Miter saw features.

Miter Saws

  • A unique tool for angular cuts and trimming.
  • Performs miter, bevel, crosscuts, and compound cuts.
  • Has a moving blade with a fixed stock with an exact accuracy
  • Highly suitable for trim work, framing crown, and base molding hence a precise tool for carpenters.
  • Relatively safe but must also be used with due diligence.

So what are the main difference between a miter saw and a table saw?

It is important to note that cutting gears’ critical difference lies in their accuracy, functioning, and portability.

The difference in terms of uses.

As stated above, table saws are mainly for performing general cutting purposes. This implies that the table saw does a wide variety of cuts but not very precise cuts. The ability of the table saw to make crosscuts, and long rip-cuts is where it truly outsmarts the miter saws. On the other hand, a miter saw is mainly a power saw designed to cut accurate crosscuts. For instance, an average miter saw can complete about 6’ to 8’ cross-cuts, although this varies according to the model. In most cases, the variety of cuts a miter saw cuts perform is relatively smaller than a table saw. Although the miter saw has limited cut variety, it makes pure execution of the tasks.

Table Saw vs Miter Saw

The difference in the working principle.

A typical table saw has a fixed position of its rotating blade such that the user has to move the wood stock against a rotating blade when making cuts. In contrast, the user has to fix the stock being cut on a table and bring forward the blade against the wood when cutting in the miter saw. Using a sliding compound miter saw, the user can move the miter’s blade across the wood being worked upon.

Accuracy differences.

Without a doubt, a miter saw is the ideal woodcutting gear, especially for anyone looking forward to making wood bevel cuts or other material such as plastic. Although a table saw can perform a similar cut to those made by the miter saw, the only difference is that making mistakes when using a table saw is relatively higher. Besides, you may end up spending more time to make accurate compound cuts when using a table saw than a miter saw. You will need additional accessories such as the sled and the miter gauge that has an extension when making precise miter and crosscuts using a table saw.

Portability differences.

It is important to note that most miter saws are relatively easier to move to various places. This means that you can move with it from one worksite to another location. Although some table saws are movable, they are relatively cumbersome and heavier to drive than the miter saws. For instance, a rolling miter saw stand makes it even easier to move a miter saw, making it very handy for woodwork enthusiasts.

The difference in terms of pricing.

Generally, a miter saw and a table saw price wouldn’t vary significantly, especially when they are both from reputable brands. In simple terms, price isn’t of significant concern. However, the price may differ from one online retailer to another or even in specific hardware where they have different prices for table saws and miter saws.

When to purchase a table saw.

Table Saw vs Miter Saw

If your woodwork involves mostly general-purpose cutting, such as cutting a large wood board, then the best option will be the table saw. Besides, a best table saw makes the most accurate long-rip cuts since it has the power to cut through big wood pieces quickly, and this can save much of your precise time. Moreover, if you need to cut crosscuts of a relatively shorter wood piece or cut up on a smaller wooden stake, a table saw will be the best choice for your work.

When to purchase a miter saw.

Does your woodwork require precise bevel and miter cuts? Then your most valuable investment would be a miter saw. Wood items such as frames, edging, and furniture rails require much accuracy, hence placing a miter saw in a better position to trust its operations on your work. Besides, if you consider initiating a complex woodwork project such as building cardboard, then a miter saw is inevitable.

Woodworking vs. Carpentry.

Although the two terms involve working with wood products, there is a massive difference between them. For instance, carpentry mostly involves making door frames, trimming, building windows, and molding, among other tasks, furniture tasks. Contrary, woodwork involves cutting large wood pieces to a smaller size, ripping plywood for making cabinets, among others.

While a table saw is suitable for woodworking purposes, a miter saw is ideal for carpentry works.

So which type of saw should you buy?

If you are a novice in woodworks and looking forward to owning your power saw, then the most critical bit to consider is the purpose of the saw you would purchase. These two gears are equally crucial for anyone willing to learn both complex and straightforward carpentry and woodworking.


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