What Is A Palm Nailer Used For: 5 Use Cases

What Is A Palm Nailer Used For Nail guns are tools that make it easier to place fasteners like nails, brads, or staples, into materials. Nail guns save you time and energy when you are constructing something.

Sometimes a nail gun is almost impossible to position. This is especially true if you are doing remodeling work, or working on cabinetry.

Most people have seen a nail gun and when they hear the term used they automatically picture one of the 9 to 10 pound tools.  Working with a nail gun for several hours will cause some muscle strain.

The answer to those two main nail gun problems is the palm nailer. If you want to know what is a palm nailer used for – read our whole article.

What is a palm nailer

What Is A Palm Nailer Used For

A palm nailer is a full power nail gun that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The palm nailer connects to an air compressor via an air hose, just like the big nail guns do.

The best palm nailer shoots nails in faster than you can hammer them in, and the palm nailer is so small that you can reach places a big nailer simply would not reach.

These nail guns are as powerful as the larger guns, and they provide you with more accuracy, and less strain.

Below You Will See What Is A Palm Nailer Used For:

1. A Palm Nailer is Light Weight and Effective

A palm nailer drives a nail into position with more precision and accuracy than a larger nail gun can.

A palm nailer is much smaller than the typical nail gun so it is naturally lighter. You experience far less muscle strain while using a palm nailer.

2. Palm Nailers are Versatile

The typical palm nailer can shoot nails that are anywhere from 1.5″ long and 3.5″ long. You can buy specialty palm nailers that are capable of driving nails that are 2″ long to 6″ long. This versatility makes it possible for you to work on any project you are doing using one of these small nail guns.

3. The Nails

The palm nailer does drive nails with the force of air provided from an air compressor. One of the major advantages of these tools, besides their small size, is the types of nails they drive.

The palm nailer does not shoot the classic nails that are fastened together like the ordinary nail gun shoot. The palm nailer shoots regular nails like the ones you would drive in with a hammer.

4. Nail Driving

A pneumatic palm nailer uses the force of air to drive the nails. The tool has a sliding piston that drives home a blade. The air pressure located above the piston is driven higher than the pressure below the piston to force the piston to move in a downward manner.

When you depress the trigger it causes air to flow through the air hose and into the tool. The air is distributed above and below the piston, and a spring is engaged to help push the piston down so the nail is struck squarely on the head and forced into the material you are nailing.

How to use a palm nailer

You use the palm nailer slightly differently than you would use the common nail gun.

Strap the Tool in Place

The palm nailer is designed to fit into the palm of your hand. It has a strap that wraps around your hand to hold the tool in position while you use it. The tool rests in either your left or right hand.

Load the Nail Gun

The palm nailer has a collar that you place the nail into. The collar is magnet and will hold the nail in position until you are ready to drive the nail.

You place the nail in the collar then position the tool in the proper place, at the proper angle to drive the nail. Take your time and get your position accurate before you drive the nail.

Driving the Nail

There is a go button on the nailer that you can depress to make the tool drive the nail. You can also push firmly on the nailer and cause the hammer to be activated and the nail to be driven into the wood.

You do not need to hit the nailer against the wood. A simple force will activate the shooting mechanism. It is best if you learn to use the go button to activate the shooting sequence. Then you are less likely to injure your hand, the gun, or the building material.

Final Thought

A palm nailer lets you nail guns using the force of air, in places where a traditional nail gun, or even a hammer, is either hard to use, or impossible to use.

If you are doing remodeling work the palm nailer lets you get into nooks and cranny’s that you would never have reached using a regular nailer.

The palm nailer is easier to use than a hammer. It drives the nail precisely, it rarely bends a nail, and it saves your shoulder from all of the swinging motions. Now you know what is a palm nailer used for.


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